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Kuwait and our Environment

Pre-Covid we weren’t known for taking care of our environment and now during Covid with everyone staying here things have gotten worse. People here have a terrible habit of littering be it at the beach or in the middle of the desert and with the increase of kashtas, its become even more apparent. So the EPA launched an awareness campaign in the hopes of making people more aware of the garbage they’re leaving behind.

It’s a great short animation with humor which I think works since more people will end up sharing it. But, it’s in Arabic so not all my readers will get it. @EPA_kw

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Its really sad to see how people DO NOT CARE about the sh*t they leave behind. Washing off their hands stating its NOT THEIR JOB to keep the beaches or other places clean.

We’re an outdoor loving family, and every time we head to the beach, we make sure to walk down the stretch and pick up at least the plastic wastes casually thrown around. And since we go early morning, you can actually see the tremendous amount of litter people leave behind only from their last night entertainment.

Is it so difficult to keep a bag with you to put your garbage in and take it along with you just to the parking lot which are very well equipped with the garbage canisters almost every 100 meters????!!!!

On the other hand, I’m also glad to see few like minded people like us, doing their bit and helping the environment stay clean. Kuwait is a lovely place with beautiful beaches and deserts. If we don’t take care of it, who will?

At the risk of getting heaps of abuse from your readers, I think the majority of litterers are Arabic speakers


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