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New Photos: Gulf Road Bicycle & Walk Paths

Back in September, I shared a photo of how the new Gulf Road facelift was going to look, and since then, they’ve been really busy working on the transformation.

The 9.7-kilometre-long project involves facelifting the waterfront while also offering essential amenities for people which includes a dedicated bicycle and jogging path among other things.

The project is divided into two phases with the first phase on track to be completed in February while the second phase will be completed in March. Yesterday I passed by to check out the progress, and even though the area is still under construction, it looked great!

The redesign is so tastefully done with beautiful tile work, nice looking benches, and a very minimal and clean design overall. Even the new garbage bins look good.

Runners will also be interested to know that the running track is going to be cushioned.

If you want to check the progress yourself, I’d recommend heading to the pathway next to Green Island. I visited different spots along the water front and the Green Island area was the closest to completion.

If you haven’t seen how the waterfront is going to look like when done, click here.

12 replies on “New Photos: Gulf Road Bicycle & Walk Paths”

The idea is amazing. The problem is the realization and quality. Blajat road tiles and boarders are done by none professionals. You need to repair everything after 2 months. Why can’t they do as it’s in Dubai, quality wise?!

What brand of bricks are they using on the Gulf Road? Who are installing them? Are they installing them the correct way? When compared to the Dubai bricks what’s the difference? Obviously you have zero idea about anything and you’re just talking out of your ass? Stop criticizing just for the sake of criticizing. Jeez.

they completed the smaller one in anjafa a couple of weeks ago, same design, same materials, same colors…came out really cool. Thats the one they started working on in 2019 before covid by the way, so I’m sure this one will be done very soon too

Looks great but I’m sad they cut down the beautiful trees on the stretch between the towers and cheesecake factory. Those trees were 40+ years old 😢

I second this, there are surely many ways to beautify a place without removal of trees, however the trees that were there were mostly conocarpus, which are in plenty almost all over kuwait and have an extremely fast rate of growth, it is native to Yemen and Parts of Africa which gives it very good growth with very little to water and can thrive even under the harshest conditions, they are also known to be super invasive and can push roots through concrete too over time, hence being banned in certain tropical countries like India.

True. Our office has had many blocked drainage pipes cos of the enormous and invasive roots. Got into concrete pipes through some small crack

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