Pizza Express and Pinkberry now open

Post by Mark

Both the Pizza Express and Pinkberry branches at the Marina Crescent are now open. The Pizza Express branch looks to have an updated new look compared to the Pizza Express branches at the airport and Avenues. The Pinkberry branch at the Crescent makes it the second Pinkberry branch there since there’s already another one near the fountain inside the mall.

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  1. 7ammoud says:

    So 2 branches at Marina and one next to Sultan which is like 300 meters away from Marina .. I dont get it.

    • aaa says:

      Starbucks on that road is the same way. With things like Starbucks and Pinkberry they need a lot of locations, if I get the urge for some coffee I will always go to the closest cafe whether it’s a Starbucks, Caribou, Costa, whatever. Whoever has the closest location gets lucky :P

      Most people who go to Marina will not pass by Sultan, even though they’re geographically close, and if you’re having lunch in Marina Crescent sometimes you don’t feel like walking into the mall for dessert.

      They wouldn’t have opened it unless they thought it would do well, Avenues has 2 Pinkberries and both do well.

  2. QABAQ says:

    Franchising mania going on in Kuwait

  3. PedroDashT says:

    Are we allowed to say Marina Mall ?

  4. Z says:

    What bout Kei and Caribou?

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