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Trailer for Kuwaiti Film “Flasher”

“Flasher” is a locally made movie that’s currently playing in local theaters. The name of the movie makes it sound like it’s about a guy who exposes his genitals in public, but obviously, it’s lost in translation and I think they just mean the flashing lights on top of police cars? Or maybe it is about a flasher? I’m not sure, I probably have to watch the movie to find out but it actually looks like it could be fun to do anyway going by the trailer.

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lol, from the looks of things (0:36) these “cops” must have gone through some rigorous gun safety training. they probably consulted with alec baldwin. looks like fun though, would definitely watch it.

Why isn’t there a Kuwait owned, either by KIA or private investors, funding real budgeted films ? Like Qatar & UAE has done in the past. There are some great scripts & stories out there.

فلشر وليس فلاشر

noun: flasher; plural noun: flashers
an automatic device causing a light to flash on and off rapidly.
a man who exposes his genitals in public.

I will give it the benefit of the doubt. It could be good but trailer isn’t all that.

Also as per the Arabic word in the end, flasher (pronounced in Arabic flusher) is the front lights being flicked on and off continuously especially when you tailgate someone. Don’t know what that has to do with the movie but we will see.

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