Fujifilm X100V Digital Camera

A few years ago I sold my Nikon D800 and Sony RX1 and replaced them with the incredible Sony A7 III. I never regretted selling the Nikon but I did regret selling the RX1. There are only 3 cameras I’ve owned that I’ve felt very passionate about, The Panasonic GF1 and GX1, and the Sony RX1. They were compact cameras I carried with me everywhere and used extensively for the blog. I was hoping the A7 would replace the RX1 but due to its size that never happened.

Then a few weeks back I passed by the new Fujifilm store in Boulevard and it got me thinking about the new X100V. I’ve always loved the way the X100 series looked but I’ve only ever used the original one that was released back in 2011 and I didn’t like it. Since my original review, Fujifilm released the X100S followed by the X100T, X100F, and now the X100V. According to all the reviews I read online, the X100V was considerably better in every way over all the previous versions. On Amazon they sell for around KD422 without tax or shipping. In Kuwait they have a summer offer right now and are priced KD399 after discount, so I ended up picking one up. They were originally out of stock but they had a shipment coming in so I waited around a week before getting the call to pick it up. I also ended up getting a slightly better discount on the camera due to a blog reader so ended up saving quite a bit more over the Amazon price.

I’ll eventually post a detailed review on the camera but I wanted to post about it now since the offer might end soon if it hasn’t already. The camera so far has been fantastic, and I’m really loving it. It was between the X100V and the X-E4 but ended up with the X100V because of some extra features that I prefered like the larger viewfinder and slimmer body. If you were thinking about ordering the X100V online, check it out locally first. The local Fujifilm website shows it’s out of stock and priced at KD435, but it might not be updated so I’d check their store in Boulevard.

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Just a minor correction, it should read X-E4.

Here’s looking forward to your detailed review! 🙂

The GF1 and GX1 were great cameras. I took your suggestion back in 2012 and got an external viewfinder for my GX1 and a bunch of primes. Still using it to this day 🙂

Did you read about ricoh gr iii?
I left photography 5yrs ago due to marriage /kids and sold my nikon d810, 600mm 70-200 18-24 lenses… Now im trying to return with street photography in mind .. family shots.. black and whites.. Ive been reading alot about the ricoh and just hrs ago i searched for fujifilm and found this cam you bought… Seeing ur cameras collection makes me want to wait for your review.

yeah I considered the ricoh but performance comparison aside, the ricoh looks like a boring point & shoot and I wanted something that had better aesthetics and feel. If I wanted to take a photo using a screen I could do that with my iPhone while with the Fuji I’m enjoying the viewfinder.

I’ve had the X100F Fujifilm series for 5 years now and it’s still one of my favorite street photography cameras. Also convenient when travelling. Image quality is far superior to any Iphone out there, despite people saying phone cameras have “advanced”. So if you want it to street photography I would say the X100 series is perfect because of size and image quality wise.

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