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The New and Improved Tires Graveyard

A couple of weeks back a video of tires burning at the tire graveyard went viral. The problem is the video of the fire that went viral was actually from the huge 2012 fire at the tire graveyard. Back then all the tires were piled up together in one large pile (check out the photos here) but after that big fire, they started separating them which you can see in the satellite photo here.

Even after separating them fires continued to break out just not as big. Even the satellite image linked above has a fire in it, thats how often fires were occurring.

But recently, after a fire broke out back in April, the EPA decided to start moving the tires to a new location and piling them into smaller piles with a much larger distance in between to try and prevent any chance of a large fire breaking out.

A follower shared a link to the @trtworld account which recently shared photos of this new graveyard and I thought the pictures looked great which is why I’m sharing them here. This is currently a temporary solution until more recycling centers are built or the tires exported. For a few more photos, check out the trtworld post here.

Thanks Nidal and Syed

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Recycling and exporting adds more pollution, carbon, and energy consumption into the system. Especially exporting to be burnt in dirty power stations. There’s enough tyres and land to build an @earthship town with them, and grow things instead.

No, recycling is not good enough, or this dump wouldn’t be there. Build @earthship homes and farms and grow things. Keep the tyres in their current state and use their properties to build. Don’t add more carbon by running diesel machines to chip them and diesel trucks to transport them, or power stations to burn them.

Is there a backstory as to why a country the size of Kuwait with as many vehicles has a tire graveyard this big? Or is this the case everywhere?

dont say anything about number of vehicles. next thing you know they will create a new restriction for cars in kuwait.

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