How was your World Cup experience with TOD?

Last week I posted a couple of ways you could watch the World Cup tournament including subscribing with TOD for $80. But, a reader left a pretty negative review of his experience with the service after trying to watch the first game yesterday:

Tod is the Worst app on the planet , missed most of the game , it keeps crashing . Its a waste of money, its a scam not worth 80 dollars subscription, you cant even contact them. I watched 10 min of the game then it stops , after resting the app it tells you you need to register the device. I registered my tv maybe 10 times. Dont recommend it at all. And even on your phone it takes a long time to work if it works.

Did you stream with TOD? How was your experience?

In other surprising news, the container park KWT FAN BOX did in fact open in time yesterday to broadcast the opening of the World Cup.

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Was fine for me, streamed on the phone (Iphone8) on the street, then in my house with my 10yo laptop in the kitchen far from a router and it was fully stable and in HD! I used standard ooredoo 4g and zain 4g connections…I guess this guy’s problem is his device, not the app…

I watched on YoutubeTV without VPN (Apple TV location hack) and was surprised that the game was solid 4K for the entire time. Normally every 10 mins or so it drops from 4K, but recovers again, but during the entire ceremony and game it was solid 4k, which leads me to believe that zain did some boosting of the net since they are selling the TOD subscriptions too and were excepting heavy traffic.. Now I know boosting the net is not a scientific term, and I don’t really know what they did exactly, but 4K streaming was perfect.

Hmmm I have Zain 5g and usually I don’t stream the F1 races from the app on my appletv because the feed quality is lower than if I stream from my phone and then airplayed to the appletv, but yesterday I watched it through the Apple TV app and it was 4k oddly. So it would make sense if Zain yesterday boosted the speed or something.

I don’t think they can boost speeds like that unless they are doing anti net neutrality stuff which won’t be surprising.

It may be more so because for once the server is located very close to us! So we’re getting excellent speeds and latency

I subscribed on the height of the opening ceremony and it wouldn’t get passed the loading screen, I guess they servers couldn’t handle the immense traffic, only at the early morning where the app started working fine on both the phone and tv app, I’ll give it another day or two if the issue Werner solved I’ll just have to ask for a refund.
Is there any other streaming alternatives?

I have been using Tod for months now and never had any app crashes or issues that couldn’t make me watch a match. I use Chromecast to broadcast the Tod app on my Galaxy S22 to my TV.

It worked perfectly for months on my iPhone, Macs and TVs, up until the 2nd half of the opening match yesterday. from what I’ve seen on twitter, it seems many, many users weren’t able to access the service. It working again this morning.

I had the same experience as this guy. Bought the app yesterday and it was great for the opening ceremony and the first 20 minutes of the game and then it crashed and I never got it working. Very frustrating, it kept telling me to re-register my device. It was not my internet connection. I hope they sort it out or I just wasted $80 and don’t know how I’ll watch the games.

This is pretty normal behaviour for a new service and such a large demand to use it all at once, this happens to the biggest companies; but on the other hand, from my experience with beIn Connect, I always had a shitty experience, so I’m not surprised if it is actually down to their incompetence.

The experience was good overall, but the quality got degraded every minute or two for few seconds .. not sure it’s because of my internet or from TOD side !

By the way , there is an official TOD app for Apple TV , I am using it …

I paid for full tournament package and could watch only one day.
Today when I tried to open it it showing device registration error
And I checked it in the account settings it showing the devices as Chrome.
I tried to contact them but the chat bot only has programed responses.

I feel like scammed

The TOD app is throwing a ineligible content error when i access the fifa world cup section using the app installed on my android tv box, however i found the workaround to be, casting it from my phone app.

I have a subscription for the premier league as well and never had any issues with it as long as the internet is up and running.

Typical BeIN Development issues, always putting out a buggy app and not fixing fundamental issues in its design, they are more focused on how to avoid piracy than actually giving what the user is paying for.

It is working fine overall for me (8/10), Crashing twice per game …

Streaming TOD on apple TV + 5G zain router

I think it will be better shortly…

go to any hawalli satellite shop and buy one istar programmed for 6 months duration (KD 30) and stream ALL games in various languages including arabic, english, french, etc..

I was scammed they charged me $80 twice in two consecutive days and the package and receipt stated $80 for the whole World Cup tournament. Tried contacting TOD through the bot and it won’t transfer me to an agent.

Best experience ever from LG 65” TV
But on my iPhone 12 pro max some crashes & loss in quality for sometimes.
Soo I would recommend getting this for a TV with Good fiber internet, cuz MOST of the issues mentioned above due to the shitty BROADBAND internet speeded everywhere Its a public source everyone can drain from it thats gonna cause some troubles streaming.

Don’t recommend… the worst app i’ve ever used… don’t waste your time and money…..if there was a zero i would love to give it to them

I subscribed before the world cup starts. They charged me the fees two times and did not refund any. When the world cup started, the application also starts but always show setup error when selecting any world cup channel. simply, I can not watch anything. Their website is out of service and they do not reply emails. TOD is beIn Group. beIn should act to save its reputation and credibility.

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