Logitech X-230 Review

Post by Mark

I needed some small speakers for my desktop computer which I use every now and then when I want to copy mp3s to my iPod. The computer has a tiny built in speaker but its too weak and you can barely hear anything so I wanted some affordable external speakers I could connect to it so I could hear some of the songs before I move them to my iPod. I looked at some bookshelf stereo speakers but after some research I ended up getting the Logitech X-230.

The X-230 is made up of two small speakers and a sub that fits under the desk. I read a lot of positive feedback on them online and a friend of mine who has the smaller X-210 told me his speakers sounded really good so I imagined the the larger X-230 sounded even better. They did.

I am currently sitting on my desktop computer typing this post while I am listening to some music coming out of the speakers. Its really hard to believe these speakers cost me only KD15. The sound is pretty balanced and there is some proper bass being pumped out by the sub although it gets a bit boomy every now and then but hey, they are KD15 speakers. Everything is sounding pretty good coming out of these speakers and for the price I paid I think they are a steal.

So if you’re looking for speakers I would highly recommend the Logitech X-230. You can get them from the local Logitech website for KD14 with delivery but I ended up getting them from Hawalli for KD15.

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Archos 7 now much cheaper

Post by Mark

I bought my 160GB Archos 7 in March for $399. Its now selling on Amazon for just $272 while the 320GB is selling for $412. If you don’t know what the Archos 7 is I’ve posted about it before [Here], [Here] and [Here]

Basically, its a video player that is a perfect travel companion. It has a large hard drive, a large 7inch touch screen, plays practically any video format and best of all a battery life of over 10 hours.

160GB Archos 7 is for $272. [Amazon Link]
320GB Archos 7 is for $412. [Amazon Link]

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Fluro Slider Case

Post by Mark

So I ordered the new iPhone the other day and I just ordered a cover for it. For my original iPhone I had the Incase protective cover but the problem with it was that it was too grippy. I couldn’t slide it in and out of my pocket because the cover was made from non slip rubber material. So, I just ordered the Incase slider case which is made of hardshell plastic which in theory should slip in and out of my pocket without any issues. They come in a variety of colors and for some reason I ended up ordering the florescent yellow one. Here is the link to the Incase website. [Link]

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How to get an iPhone 3GS Officially Unlocked in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I wasn’t planning on getting the new iPhone 3GS anytime soon since the prices in Kuwait are currently astronomical, but I was just checking Safat and noticed a Kuwaiti blogger thats living in Australia is selling the officially unlocked iPhone’s for a pretty decent price:

Unlocked iPhone 3GS 16GB
KD275 (shipping to Kuwait included)

Unlocked iPhone 3GS 32GB
KD325 (shipping to Kuwait included)

I ordered the 16GB version since I don’t really store ANY music or videos on my iPhone and the price between it and the 32GB is pretty big. I actually have the original 8GB iPhone and I have like 6.5GB free so 16GB is more than enough for me. I already sent the money to the blogger and she placed the order for my iPhone and passed me the tracking number. I should get it in around 2 weeks, can’t wait!

If you’re interested in the new iPhone here is the link to her blog. [Link]

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Logitech Kuwait online store

Post by Mark

It seems there is a local Logitech website where you can purchase Logitech products and have them delivered to you the very next day. The coolest part has to be their prices, from what I checked their prices either were slightly more expensive than Amazon or slightly cheaper.

Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote
Amazon: KD55.500
Logitech Kuwait: KD49.950

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard
Amazon: KD19.500
Logitech Kuwait: KD26.950

Logitech QuickCam Sphere
Amazon: KD31.850
Logitech Kuwait: KD36.450

Logitech X-140 Speakers
Amazon: KD8.850
Logitech Kuwait: KD8.450

Here is the link to the website. [Link]

Thanks Cajie

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Sony Vaio P

Post by Mark

Has anyone purchased the tiny Vaio P netbook yet? They’re selling on Amazon for around KD260. Its more expensive than the regular netbooks costing around twice as much but it’s also less than half the size.

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Test Drive III

Post by Mark

Just a blast from the past. I used to play this game back in 1991 in my computer class when I was still in Kuwait English School. In the video above the game actually starts at the 2 minute mark. [YouTube]

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Audrey has a home

Post by Mark

A few years ago I got an Audrey from eBay. It’s an “internet appliance” that was originally launched back in 2000 by 3com. It has a 7.8inch touch screen, a wireless keyboard and basic internet functions like web browsing and email. I lost interest in it awhile back until I found use for it yesterday night. It’s now officially become my kitchen computer. Basically I will be using it for finding recipes online and browsing the web while I wait for my food to be done. I think the keyboard is even waterproof so I am not too worried about it getting dirty. If anyone wants one there is a guy selling an Audrey on eBay, bidding is currently at KD8 but I doubt it would go for more than KD15. [Link]

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We need more computers

Post by Mark

Kuwait ranked 31st in the world in computer ownership. Doesn’t sound that bad until you realize Estonia, Slovania Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Latvia scored higher than Kuwait. Not that I have anything against those countries mind you! [Link]

Update: I just purchased the ebook version of The Pocket World in Figures 2008 and here are some interesting facts I found related to Kuwait…

– Kuwait ranks second in lowest death rate per capita. UAE is first, Qatar is third.

– Kuwait ranks 20th in most deaths in road accidents, I used to think we were first?

– Kuwait ranks 2nd in most injured in road accidents, Qatar is first with more than 3 times the amount!

– Kuwait ranks 3rd in death by diabetes, UAE is first, Saudi is second.

– Kuwait ranks 2nd in largest amount of carbon dioxide emissions per person. UAE is first.

– Kuwait ranks 4th in “Proportion of a country’s population residing in a single city”. That city being Kuwait City which doesn’t make sense since not many people live in Kuwait City.

– Kuwait ranks 3rd in Least economically dependent on agriculture. I don’t know if thats a good thing, I doubt.

– Kuwait ranks 1st in Largest consumption of energy per head (oil). UAE is second, the US is 5th.

– Finally, Kuwait ranks 5th in most crowded road networks. Qatar is first, Hong Kong second and Germany third.

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New MacBooks and MacBook Pros available on Amazon

Post by Mark

MacBook on Amazon

You can now pre-order the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros from Amazon. They don’t have a shipping date but its usually first come first serve.

Apple MacBook 2.1ghz (White) KD267.63

Apple MacBook 2.0ghz KD346.66
Apple MacBook 2.4ghz KD427.03

Apple MacBook Air 1.6ghz KD480.61
Apple MacBook Air 1.86ghz KD668.14

Apple MacBook Pro 2.4ghz KD534.19
Apple MacBook Pro 2.53ghz KD668.14

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