4 02, 2015

Asstethic is Fantastic

2015-02-04T23:55:24+03:00Feb 4, 2015|53 Comments


There is an instgrammer going by the username @myasstethics that travels around the world and takes pictures of his buttocks in different places and recently he was in Kuwait. He actually took two photos in Kuwait but I thought the one above was the more appropriate of the two to share here. I know a lot of people will be upset at the fact he did this but come on, it’s funny. Check out his account [Here] (its SFW)

21 12, 2014

Power Ranger was living in Kuwait

2014-12-21T10:53:25+03:00Dec 21, 2014|7 Comments


A completely random and useless fact but turns out that Austin St. John, the original red Power Ranger was living in Kuwait right under our noses. He was working here as a medic for four years before just recently returning back to the States. How did we miss that? [Link]

Thanks @forzaq8

22 10, 2014

Celebrate Oktoberfest in Kuwait

2014-10-22T15:21:18+03:00Oct 22, 2014|19 Comments


My friend sent me the screen capture above, at first I thought it was a joke but I called Hilton up and it’s actually taking place tomorrow.

9 10, 2014

TV Blooper

2014-10-09T09:42:45+03:00Oct 9, 2014|18 Comments


The image above went viral early in the week, it was captured from a local television show. I guess nobody on the show reads English.