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Boat Trip

On Monday it will be my agencies 140th year anniversary. All the agencies branches all over the world will be celebrating the anniversary together. It will be a 24 hour event, every agency in every timezone will celebrate at 12:00PM their local time. Rumors have it that our whole agency here will be going on a boat trip and having lunch on board. Sounds nice.. except I fucking have motion sickness. I get sick if I am sitting in a back seat of a car, on a plane, and especially on a boat! I need to pop a few pills of some anti motion sickness drugs. Anyone got a recommended brand? Its got to be strong and I will probably take 3 times the recommended dosage just to be safe.

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Explosion in Kuwait?

A bunch of people here at work are saying they heard an explosion today morning.. 5 minutes before I came in. That would mean the explosion happened around 9AM when I was in my car listening to Heart Shaped Box really loud. Anyone else heard this explosion?

PS: The sirens have been blasting for the past 10 minutes. They are test sirens… right?

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iPod Wednesday

According to some rumor sites, tomorrow new iPods will be released. So far the rumors point to the following:

iPod mini
– color screen
– new 6GB model
– six new colors
– 4GB model for $199
– 6GB model for $249

iPod (regular)
– two new iPods
– both priced at $349 and $449

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Kirsten Dunst is Ugly and Cheap

dunstI hate it when people are cheap, especially people who have money. Kristen Dunst who makes 6 million dollars per movie and does around 3 movies a year, tipped a homeless guy 1 buck!? Come on, what a loser. Link

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Paris Hilton Hacked

paris hiltonParis Hiltons T-Mobile Sidekick II was hacked awhile back. Now most of her private info is online. The Sidekick II is a phone with PDA like features and also has a camera built in. Today three of my favorite sites had links to places where you can see what was on her phone.

These sites might not be safe for work because they might contain Paris nudity.

Here are three links:
7 Pounds

Update: I just read somewhere that the Secret Service is now also investigating the T-Mobile hacking. Sites hosting the Paris Hilton stuff are being shutdown 1 by 1 so the above links might not work anymore.

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iPod mini with Color Screens

OK I hope this is not true because I would be really jealous if it happened!

ThinkSecret is reporting that the next update to the iPod mini will include a 5 or 6GB hard drive and full-color screens. The price will remain the same, at $250. Expect an announcement within the next two weeks, they say.

Urgh! Just when I was starting to get comfortable with my blue ipod mini they will be releasing new ones with colored screens! SUCKS!