Blogs in Abwab Magazine

Post by Mark


A few blogs got mentioned in Abwab magazine’s latest issue. I’ve never seen the magazine before but Forzaq8 has a scan of the page on his blog. [Link]

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Borders opening in Kuwait?

Post by Mark


I just read on another blog that the Borders bookstore is opening up at The Avenues. I hope this information is true. By the way is there anything that isn’t opening up at The Avenues? I don’t read a lot of books but I do read a lot of magazines and I find the lack of selection in Kuwait disappointing. I mean you have more magazines about surfing than you do on motorbikes, who’s the genius behind that? [Link]

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I’m in brownbook!

Post by Mark

in a magazine

Radiant Guy emailed me to tell me that my blog was mentioned in the new brownbook urban city guide on Kuwait. brownbook is an urban lifestyle magazine focusing on middle eastern lifestyle agendas, events and developments. The magazine is available internationally (even on Amazon) and the city guides should be available everywhere soon. This is what the article says about the blog:

This is a kind of strange selection for shopping, but when doing our research we found out that offer an aerial perspective towards the shopping as well as the social development in Kuwait. With the blog constantly updated by Mark and Nat, a couple who are living in Kuwait offer an in depth perspective towards Kuwait.

The brownbook magazine is very stylish and trendy and the guide is also designed beautifully so its a really cool thing that I am in it. I am also the only blog in there. Here is a larger scan of my page from the guide. [Picture]

Thanks Radiant Guy!

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Amazon Kindle

Post by Mark


So Amazon just released the Kindle which according to them is what the iPod is to music, the Kindle is to books and magazines. It looks really ugly but the concept is really strong and I think has a lot of potential. You purchase books and subscribe to magazines and newspapers through the Kindle device and it all works wirelessly without the need of a computer or Internet connection. The problem is the device connects wirelessly using EV-DO which I know very little about and I doubt works here in Kuwait. You can check out the Amazon page for more information and better pictures. [Amazon]

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Rainbow in your hand

Post by Mark

rainbow book

Flipbook with 36 black pages. When you flip through the book, a 3D rainbow will appear inside your hand. Smart. [Link]

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Unauthorized Usage by Bazaar

Post by Mark

Last month I posted about how Bazaar used an illustration for the cover of their dining guide without crediting the illustrator, without paying for the image and without permission from the artist. They replied thanking me for finding the artist and that they contacted him and were going to reimburse him.

Well they did contact him but the amount they offered to pay the artist was just $200. Considering that rights managed images start at a $1000 and upwards then you could imagine how low $200 is. Anyway the original artist had this to say about the whole incident:

I have been invited to comment the case with Bazaar copying an image that once was created by me. The image was used without my permission. I was therefore never compensated financially and for good reasons I assume that I was never mentioned in the credit line. I was made aware of the unauthorized usage before Bazaar contacted me.

When they contacted me they offered to compensate me financially. I am sure they found that the compensation was fair but I have a different opinion. In fact we are in a position where we don’t seem to be able to reach an agreement. I have therefore decided that it is not worth to take this any further due to the cost and time that I would have to spend on this.

I have also decided that I will not accept money that Bazaar offers me since that would be accepting the terms of how they have used my image. So case is closed.

I think it is vital to defend the copyright law for many different reasons. In most countries it is seen as self-evident that you shouldn’t use an image without paying for the copyright, but from what I can tell by following the debate on this website I understand that Q8 might not be one of those countries. The sad thing is that in countries where the copyright law is not taken seriously the originator has little or no chance at all to protect his work.

I am a freelance illustrator and my only source of income is the images I create. I have a family to support and bills to pay. If I manufactured, let’s say bikes and someone took one of my bikes form the warehouse and used it without telling me, how would you characterize that? Should the unauthorized use of images be treated differently?

I have been featured on design blogs all over the world. I take it that most of the people who are publishing my work there are very young. But they all have something in common – they contact me before or shortly after publishing my images and very often they write “Copyright Bo Lundberg” . What is it that they understand and that some publishers don’t?

Another aspect is that when I create an image it is commissioned by a client. They are paying for the usage of the images. To illustrate what can happen when people copy my images I would like to give an example. Once I had a call from a publisher in the US that I had done more than 80 illustrations for. They were extremely upset with me since they had found all my illustrations in another book printed in Asia and now they were contemplating on suing me. What had happened was that someone just ripped my images from the original book and created a whole new book, obviously without informing me. I managed to reason with the original client but as you might understand it was quite a situation to have been copied and then facing a possible trial.

I wish all the designers in Q8 good luck in your efforts. And to those who commission work I would just like to ask you to think twice before using an image without authorization. In the long run – who wants to work as an illustrator or photographer if you are not compensated and protected by copyright law?

Bo Lundberg

The reason I think we have a big problem here is because Bazaar is one of the biggest and most respected magazines in Kuwait. If they aren’t going to abide by copyright laws and set an example to the smaller publishers who will? They might as well do what Campus Cruise did and just take pictures off flickr and put them on the cover.

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Encouraging people to read

Post by Mark

4 books

BuzBerry, a blog run by a group of young Kuwaitis are trying to encourage people to read. To accomplish that they’ve set up a competition in which to enter you need to read and review one of the following four books:

1) A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah
2) As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner
3) Night by Elie Wiesel
4) The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Now here is where things get interesting, there will be three winners who will win one of the following prizes:

First place: Nokia 8600 Luna
Second place: Apple iPod
Third Place: Apple iPod Shuffle

If you are interested in participating in this competition you need to email them by August 8th informing them. The deadline for entering your review will be September 1st.

For more information on this competition check out the BuzBerry blog. [Link]

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Butt Book

Post by Mark

butt book

Found this book called “Butt Book” at a supermarket and thought it was pretty funny. So I picked up the book and flipped through it, turns out there is a gay magazine called Butt Magazine and this book was a collection of the “best” stuff. Not very pretty…

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Bazaar Magazine Online

Post by Mark


Bazaar Magazine have a new website (finally no more hotmail emails) which you can access by going to Sadly the WHOLE site is flash based which is a disaster. Who still does a fully flashed based website nowadays yet alone a magazine?

As K.thekuwaiti put it, Flash is dead. Bazaar should have done a proper online magazine which would archive all their articles so they could at least be search able. They need to start building a database of all their previous issues and their current ones because old fashioned print magazines are quickly becoming extinct. Digital is the future and a perfect example of an excellent magazines online presence is WIRED.

Finally, where is the Bazaar blog? Majority of companies and corporations are adding blogs to their website so its surprising to see that a popular, young and trendy publication like Bazaar still hasn’t jumped on board the blogging wagon knowing for a fact that the editor of the magazine and majority of their writers read blogs themselves.

Currently the website barely has anything to make it worthy of a second visit. Unless they revamp it I don’t think I would ever bother checking it again. [Link]

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Campaign ME shuts down

Post by Mark

campaign me

I have posted about Campaign ME numerous times before since its my favorite regional advertising publication. Last week the Campaign ME advertising awards got canceled and no explanation was given which sucked since my agency was tipped as being “Creative Agency of the Year”. Rumors then started flying around that the publication was going to close down and it seems the rumors are true.

I just read an article on mediaME which shed more light into this story. It seems Haymarket, a UK based firm that holds the license for Campaign ME, has pulled the license from IITP the current publishing house of Campaign ME.

It really sucks that they did that. Campaign ME, you will be missed.

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