New iMac’s

Post by Mark


They look really sweet… [Link]

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Chumby, the alarm clock replacement

Post by Mark


I love my alarm clock but the problem with it is that its just that, an alarm clock. Sure it plays CD’s and has a radio but these are two features I never use. I really didn’t know what I really wanted until I found the Chumby.

What is a chumby?
The chumby is a compact device that displays useful and entertaining information from the web: news, photos, music, celebrity gossip, weather, box scores, blogs — using your wireless internet connection. Always on, it shows — nonstop — what’s online that matters to you.

Yes all that and it also has an alarm. It’s an internet appliance thats meant for the night table. The device isn’t out yet and won’t be out for at least a couple of months but the creators have promised it should cost under $200. You can check out the Chumby website for more details. [Link]


For now though if anyone is interested in an incredibly good deal on an internet appliance I would have to recommend the Audrey by 3Com. You can find them on eBay for under $50 and they look great and are perfect for the living room, kitchen or even the bathroom. You can check your email on it, browse the web and even use it as an organizer. I have one in my living room and it comes handy for checking the latest weather or headline news whenever my laptop isn’t around. Just go to ebay and do a search for “3Com Audrey”.

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First Impression: The Nokia E61i

Post by Mark

Nokia E61i

I hate Nokia. I really really REALLY hate Nokia. I think I have hated Nokia ever since my first Nokia, the 2110. Back then I couldn’t understand how Nokia could have released something as large and bulky as the 2110 when Ericsson had the tiny 337. But, I just got a Nokia and guess what? I love it.

I needed a phone with Wifi and I needed a phone with a QWERTY keyboard. With my previous phone, the Sony Ericsson K800i, I could check my Gmail account using the Google Mobile app for example which was cool, but replying back to emails was a long painful experience. There also wasn’t much more I could do when it came to Internet connectivity.

With the E61i, I have a full keyboard, Wifi, a large wide screen and it works with Blackberry. Since its also based on the Symbian OS there are a ton of cool software available my favorite being Fring, a software that allows me to connect to Skype and call people internationally from my Nokia at cheap Skype rates. It basically renders my IPEVO Skype phone useless. Browsing the web is a lot more convenient with the large screen and QWERTY key pad.

On the downside the phone is pretty wide which I am still trying to get used to. The keypad is also pretty packed with both Arabic and English letters so I placed an order for an only English keypad. I think these two are the only problems I have with the phone so far. Battery life is incredible, typing on the keyboard is enjoyable, the included web browser displays pages accurately (no flash though), and the price, the price is a steal. I got the phone for only KD120 but a member in the forum mentioned I could have gotten it for as cheap as KD115. For the amount of features packed into this device (it also has a camera), the phone is extremely well priced. I love it.

Picture of the phone above is by tekgik, he also has a lot more good shots so check them out. [Link]

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Sonos Live

Post by Mark

sonos kuwait

I’ve had my eye on the Sonos digital music system for awhile now but I never bought it because I simply don’t listen to music at home. Today while I was at Alghanim Electronics I saw the device in person for the first time and it actually looks as pretty as in the pictures.

I don’t know how long they’ve been selling it for since I don’t frequent Alghanim, but the Sonos was priced pretty expensive at KD436. The newer and larger bundle on Amazon costs only KD288.

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E-Mail for People Without PCs

Post by Mark

I’ve always had a thing for fax machines. To me they felt like mini teleportation machines, you put a document in one machine then it comes out again in another. I just found out HP has something similar but for emails. It was a mini printer created for people who don’t have a computer, you just plug the printer to the Internet and it will check your email and then print out any new ones you receive. If only there was a way to reply back…. [Link]


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Google Street View

Post by Mark

street view

I have been playing with Google’s Street View for awhile now and I have to say its the most freakiest and coolest thing at the same time. Its cool for obvious reasons but its freaky because if Google have this kind of technology and they are sharing it with the public, imagine what one of those secret government agencies have for their own use… [Link]

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The Old Days (4 years ago)

Post by Mark

I was just flipping through my archive of pictures when I found this. Its a picture of my original iPod with Nibaqs old iPod FM transmitter. That over sized black box with the pull out antenna is what we used to use to connect our iPods to the car stereo. There were no iTrips or any of those tiny sexy looking white transmitters back then.

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XBMC – Xbox Media Center

Post by Mark


I have been using XBMC for over a year now and I have yet to find a better alternative.

Here are some screenshots

What I like about it:

1) easy to use, very practical
2) plays any video format you throw at it
3) for movie covers and info it connects to IMDB and downloads them. You get the movie dvd cover, cast info, movie plot, running time, IMDB rating and more.
4) connects to my macs itunes and photos
5) connects to internet radio stations, very nice interface
6) you can install scripts that allow it to do a multitude of things from connecting you to youtube to watching movie trailers on Apple. For examples go to
7) very useful weather section
8) allows you to connect to your xbox from any room using your computer..
9) you don’t need to install any software on your computer
10) when playing movies you have a ton of options including the very important audio syncing. say you download a movie with a messed up audio sync, you can slow down the audio or speed it up using xbmc
11) you can create bookmarks in movies. say you are half way through a movie and you need to leave, create a bookmark so you can come back to it later
12) you can customize or download different skins for xbmc although i like the default one
13) its very impressive when you show people over 300 album covers and you tell them you see all these movies? well you can watch any of them right now with a click of a button. it looks like the future basically.
14) very cheap to setup, all you need is an old xbox and the xbox remote

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Wataniya W-Net

Post by Mark


Today I met with a person from Wataniya. They wanted me to try out their new W-Net router based system so they hooked me up with a device and a 6 month subscription plan.

wataniya wnet

It runs on the HDSPA network and right out of the box on a busy Thursday night I am downloading at 51.6kb. I will post more pictures and details after I play with it some more this weekend. So far this Internet connection seems as fast as my Qualitynet 512 DSL connection.

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Your next home theater

Post by Mark

LG Gold Plated

Yeah I know I just posted that I wouldn’t post today but then I remembered I needed to post this. LG have a 71inch plasma TV with home theater setup thats gold plated. Its currently displayed at their Salmiya branch adjacent to Alghanim Electronics. Its a really ugly setup as you can see and in person it also looks pretty cheap.

Can you guess how much it costs?

The LG setup you see in the picture above costs KD25,000! Its just ridiculous, not only that but its a display model. If I was the store manager I wouldn’t have a KD25,000 TV on display where everyone can come in and touch it, that would depreciate its value. If I a buyer on the other hand and was planning on splashing out KD25,000 I wouldn’t want a display model.. I wouldn’t want an LG either!

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