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Chivas Regal

Note to self: Chivas Regal will not give me a hangover.

I drank more than half a bottle yesterday night and I woke up early today morning without a headace. First time that ever happens.

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Drink Drink Drink Drink

beer beer beer!!!

I was in the supermarket with Nataly when we were passing the alcohol section and I told her that if I lived in Lebanon I would have a huge bar in my apartment and draft beer. Just as I finished my sentence I saw the most amazing thing. A mini Heineken keg!!!! Fucking rocks, 5 Liters of fucking draft beer for only KD5! ($15). I quickly got one and its now sitting in my room infront of me. I would open it and start drinking now but I am worried I would be too drunk to go out later tonight. I vote this mini keg the best invention of the decade! Now if only I can figure out how to sneak one of these into Kuwait, its fucking heavy!

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polaroid book

I got a really cool book today called The Polaroid Book. I haven’t opened the package yet so I don’t know hows the book inside. I just really love the books package and I am afraid to open it. Looking at the reviews on Amazon it seems other readers also didn’t want to open the package. I guess I will just keep the book closed until I get bored of the package and then tear it open.


Snow Top

snow top

Today for lunch we went up higher into the mountains where the weather was freezing cold. There was a slight drizzle but sadly no snow.. yet. According to the weather forecast it will start snowing in the next few days. I did catch a glimpse of a snow covered mountain top which was good to see. Its only Day 2 here but it feels like day 20, I have managed to get so much done in these 2 days its unbelievable.

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Just woke up with my first hangover in like 3 years. I was to drunk to drive yesterday so Nat drove me home. I could have driven its just that Nat has been nagging me to drive the car and i figured its a lot safer in the middle of the night when no one is on the road lol. I love Alcohol!!!!!

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Virgin Lebanon

I past by Virgin tonight. Two different Virgins actually, the main large branch and another smaller one. Virgin here is way different then in Kuwait. They actually have cool stuff here, better music, way better books and their DVD section is fucking huge. Even the smaller branch I went to tonight had a foreign movie section divided by countries! Virgin Kuwait is way larger then Virgin Lebanon but they size doesn’t matter in this case.

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The Amazing Weather

the view

The weather in Lebanon has been great so far. Its been raining and cloudy and freezing ass cold, today its a lot colder then yesterday. I went and got my rental car, a black Peugot 307. Its pretty cool, in Kuwait my sister has one but it looks ugly, here it looks great. Lebanon does this to cars, it makes them all look great. In Kuwait even if you have a porsche it looks normal, here a Porsche sparkles and shines. Its weird, there are a ton of cars I would love to own here like a VW Golf or a Ford Explorer which I wouldn’t want to own in Kuwait. Oh and guess what.. I haven’t seen a single Mitsubishi Pajero nor a Toyota Prado since I arrived! There is also no sand or dust! I love it here so far.

The picture above is the view from the balcony where I am staying.

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My Oasis


I went to the supermarket today and stepped into the alcohol isle. Its fucking amazing! I really miss it. I got 2 bottles of red wine (Chateu Kefraya), 1 bottle of white wine (ksara blanche de blanche), 2 bottles of Ballentines Whisky (my favorite) and 1 bottle of vodka (stoyshka or something, the cheapest and the best). I also got munchies and a whole bunch of other crap. Final price like KD20. Thats like half the price of one bottle of alcohol in Kuwait.

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I am in Lebanon

I arrived to Lebanon today noon. The flight was amazing, very comfortable, few people on board, great service and best of all I sat in row 4. More details on my Jazeera experience later. I am now trying to find a car to rent, so far I think I am going to get a black Peugot 307 for like $40 a day. The weather is great here, its cold, raining and dark. Nat wants me to get off the web now and not post while I am on vacation but that will not happen. Tonight we are going out to drink and party. I already started drinking during lunch but I was just warming up for tonight.

Note: I am on dialup someone shoot me!

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Whats on my back

eastpak little beaver

I got a new Eastpak backpack called the Little Beaver. Its from the Breakaway series made specially for traveling. Its made for people who go on short business trips because there is room to put clothes in it. I currently don’t have any clothes in my backpack but I do have the following:

– iPod Video
– Sony PSP
– Shure E2 earphones
– Sennheiser PX100 headphones
– Parker black pen
– Nikon D70
– Holga
– 4 rolls of film
– My eastpak camera bag (yes bag in a bag)
– Power adapters and cables for the ipod and psp
– passports, cash and other documents
– Wired Issue 13.12

For pictures of the bag [click here]
The bag cost me KD32 and I purchased it from Eastpak in Salmiya opposite Marina Mall.
With all the stuff above there is still a ton of room left!

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Need to Pack

My flight is early tomorrow morning and I haven’t packed yet. I don’t know what I am waiting for, probably the last minute. I didn’t even prepare my “what I need to take” list. I am just sitting here in front of the TV watching an old rerun of American Hotrods (Bluebear still on the show) waiting for Nataly to come home so I can start watching Lost. I am up to episode 18 and things are starting to pick up.

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Time to Lock Up

Today is my last day at work before I go on my ten day vacation. Its tradition for me that on the last day at work I start locking up my stuff on the computer. I spend a lot of time on my mac at work and so accumulate a lot of items like bookmarks, files, typefaces etc.. that I don’t want to share with people at the office. The way I lock up my stuff is I create a new account which the computer will log into automatically on boot and then I set the permissions on the folders I don’t want anyone else viewing to “No Access” except for myself. Its not a full proof plan since its easy to reset the password on the Mac but its good enough for my needs. To be safe I also delete all my key chains and clear everything in Firefox.

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2 Days Left


I am traveling on Monday via Jazeera Airways to Beirut. I booked the tickets back in October before Jazeera started its first flight so no one knew how they would turn out to be. So far I have heard a lot of positive reviews on Jazeera. I heard the service is friendly, the planes are very clean, the seats are all leather and the in flight food being great. I also heard one negative review which I believe is just a rumor or urban legend. I heard that a lot of people are getting to the airport and finding their seats canceled. I doubt that is true and the person who told me this never flied with Jazeera. Anyway I will write up a short review once I get to Lebanon and post it online.

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KD5 to Beirut


In case you haven’t heard, Jazeera Airways has an amazing offer, for the next 3 days you can purchase tickets to any of their 5 destinations for a price of KD5 (one way). I calculated a 2-way ticket to Lebanon including all the taxes and the total amount came to KD32 ($109) which is like wayyyy cheaper then anything else. It’s even cheaper then taking the bus or your own car. I tried to find the offer on their website but its not there, you can only see the price when you are trying to book. My friend recently travelled with them and he was very satisfied. [Link]

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Jazeera Vs MEA

Was just checking how much two tickets to Beirut would cost with Middle East Airlines after the new tax increase. The price for 2 tickets to Beirut would cost KD290 with MEA. With Jazeera it costs KD164.

Thats a savings of over KD120!