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KD5 to Beirut


In case you haven’t heard, Jazeera Airways has an amazing offer, for the next 3 days you can purchase tickets to any of their 5 destinations for a price of KD5 (one way). I calculated a 2-way ticket to Lebanon including all the taxes and the total amount came to KD32 ($109) which is like wayyyy cheaper then anything else. It’s even cheaper then taking the bus or your own car. I tried to find the offer on their website but its not there, you can only see the price when you are trying to book. My friend recently travelled with them and he was very satisfied. [Link]

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Jazeera Vs MEA

Was just checking how much two tickets to Beirut would cost with Middle East Airlines after the new tax increase. The price for 2 tickets to Beirut would cost KD290 with MEA. With Jazeera it costs KD164.

Thats a savings of over KD120!

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Jazeera Airways Prices

Here are the prices for round trip tickets including all the taxes:

Kuwait – Amman – Kuwait: KD76
Kuwait – Bahrain – Kuwait: KD33
Kuwait – Beirut – Kuwait: KD82
Kuwait – Damascus – Kuwait: KD70
Kuwait – Dubai – Kuwait: KD66

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Jazeera Airways – My Experience


Jazeera Airways seems to be all the buzz lately, I was a great fan of Kuwait Airways but it seems lately they have turned into trash (last time I used them was 4 years ago). So me and Nat were planning our trip to Lebanon on Christmas and I decided to give Jazeera Airways a shot, I was impressed.

I went to the Jazeera Airways website to check out the prices and stuff when I noticed a button to Book a flight. I clicked on it out of curiosity and started filling up some forms. 10 minutes later I had purchased two, two-way tickets to Lebanon. The whole process felt like I was ordering movie tickets online, it was too easy. The coolest part about the whole thing was I was actually able to book my seats on my flight to Lebanon and on my flight back to Kuwait. No one else had purchased or booked tickets for the two flights I was on so the whole plane was empty and I was able to get 2 seats on row 10 for the trip going and coming. When I was done paying for the tickets I received an email with all the details about my flight, my reservation number and my invoice, its like shopping on Amazon.

The booking and paying online, plus the fact I could reserve my seats ahead of time had already impressed me, but the biggest seller was the price. Two, two-way tickets to Lebanon cost only KD164 (with taxes and everything) during peak season. Kuwait Airways or Middle East Airlines would have cost around KD135 per ticket and they wouldn’t have allowed me to reserve my in flight seats ahead of time. So thats a total saving of over KD100 which I could now spend on 600 bottles of beer or 4 bottles of Jack Daniels at B018.

The only downside to Jazeera is that if you want to eat on the plane you have to pay for it. They serve cold sandwiches and drinks but they are not free which I don’t really think is a big problem anyway. For those of you who want to travel in style and not economy, for an extra KD26 per ticket per one way you can sit in first class. That would put the price similar to the Kuwait Airways or MEA regular economy ticket price though.

Finally, I called them up a few times on the phone (177) for details and info and the people I spoke to were very friendly and polite which made me feel more comfortable. Now the only thing left is to fly with them, my flight is in December so I will review it when I come back.