The 248AM Awards Winners List – 2015

Post by Mark

Now that we’ve completed the awards, below is a round up of all the winners from this year:

Best Coffee Shop – VOL.1
Best Local Store – Good Game
Best Shopping Mall – The Avenues
Best Bank – Nobody
Best Online Store – Talabat
Best Gym – Circuit+
Best Movie Theater – Cinemagics
Best Leisure Activity (Children) – Kuwait Little League
Best Leisure Activity (Adults) – The Secret Garden
Best Restaurant – EDO Shaab
Best Restaurant (Casual Dining) – GIA
Best Internet Provider – WIMD
Best Customer Care – OSN & Al-Sayer

Just out of curiosity, I ran a survey under the most interesting categories and I asked you readers to vote on who you thought was the best. Below is the result of those surveys, we’ll call them the people’s choice:

Best Restaurant
1- OFK
2- EDO Shaab

Best Restaurant – Casual Dining
1- Solo Pizza
2- GIA

Best Coffee Shop
1- Starbucks
2- Caribou Coffee

Best Internet Provider
1- Zain

Best Gym
1- Al Corniche Club
2- Platinum

Best Local Store
1- AAB World
2- X-Cite

Best Online Store
2- Blink

Best Shopping Mall
1- The Avenues
2- 360 Mall

Best Bank
1- NBK
2- KFH

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16 comments, add your own...

  1. zaydoun says:

    Wait… how is Gia “less casual” than Edo???

  2. Ipsom says:

    Well I actually enjoyed this series. I think more stuff like this would be nice.

    I also think that the blog needs more guest writers. Although I didn’t like Nima’s writing style (I feel like he wants people to think “Chinna mu Kuwaiti” about him too much), it was kinda interesting to have someone else writing on the blog.

  3. aceboy44 says:

    Wait, since when did wireless internet beat landline internet (DSL?) How are WiMD and Zain at the top compared to FT, Qnet, Kems, etc.?

  4. d1 says:

    What about art galleries?

    Beit al-Cedra is a hidden gem. Here’s a comprehensive list of art galleries in Kuwait:

  5. Sami says:

    Awesome list!

  6. Ash says:

    Hey Mark, you should print out an award sticker and hand them to the winning places for their window. =D

  7. Sara says:

    Hello Mark
    can i Know what is your Snapchat or twitter or instagram account

    I tried hard to find it but I couldn’t

  8. Mona says:

    where is the internet post? U mentioned it couple of weeks ago

  9. Rey says:

    was there 2016 list? 2017?
    if not may we know you winners for 2017?


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