Singarea Asian Supermarket has Moved

Post by Mark


Singarea, the Asian supermarket which was located in Dajeej has now moved to a newer and larger location in Shuwaikh. I ran into the owner by chance while I was there yesterday and he gave me a little tour of the place. They were still moving in with workers putting up a sign outside and shop staff busy stacking the shelves inside.


According to the owner they moved to Shuwaikh because the traffic and parking situation in Dajeej was unbearable. They were originally supposed to move to this location last year but due to licensing issues they weren’t able to until now. Their new location is larger and they will soon be setting up a fresh fish section (with fish imported from Japan) as well as their own in house bakery.


For those of you who’ve never been to Singarea before, they sell a lot of Asian products that aren’t available anywhere else. A lot of sushi and Asian restaurants buy their supplies from them. There also used to be a very cute Korean restaurant over the old supermarket but that closed down a few years ago. According to the owner there are sadly no plans to reopen the restaurant at the moment.


If you’re interested in passing by the new Singarea location, search for “Singarea Asian Supermarket” on Google Maps or just use this
[Link]. Their phone number is 24912564 although as of this post it still hasn’t been activated.

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No More Gaucho Grill?

Post by Mark


The Guacho Grill at Palms closed down a few months ago because the whole hotel is being renovated but this weekend while at the Avenues I noticed that Gaucho Grill there had shut down as well. It would suck if it turns out they’ve closed down for good but that currently looks to be the case since I just checked the Alshaya website and there is no sign of Gaucho Grill there. I’ve already contacted someone at Alshaya to try and get some more information so if I find out anything, I’ll update this post.

Update: According to Alshaya, Gaucho Grill has closed down for good. No reason was given.

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Dogmatic – A Philosophy of Hot Dogs

Post by Mark


Dogmatic is a new hot dog place that opened up at The Cube in Salmiya. It’s the second dedicated hot dog place to open this year with the other being Haute Gourmet Hot Dogs in Kuwait City. I haven’t had the chance to try Dogmatic yet since my cheat day is on Friday (and I’ll be stuffing down lobster rolls at Burger & Lobster) but I did take a picture of the menu for those of you who might be interested [Menu]. They’re open from 11AM to 1AM and they deliver. Here is a link to their [Instagram]

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Lulu Hypermarket Now Fully Online

Post by Mark


Back in July I posted that Lulu had launched an online store and the problem I had with it was that the store contained mostly electronics and lacked any food items. Now though that’s fixed, a reader emailed me to let me know that the food and household sections of the website are now online and fully functioning.

Just to see if they had all their products online I tried searching for the Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant, a product I buy and know they carry but I couldn’t find it on their website. So my guess is they’re still adding their products one by one.

Still, by just randomly browsing I can tell they are carrying a ton of stuff and they seem to finally be a better alternative to Taw9eel. Check out the LuLu online store [Here]

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Gourmet Shelf

Post by Mark


Areej International Est. is a small business that has been around since 1994 supplying gourmet products to restaurants, hotels and hypermarkets. Last week they decided to launch a website so they could sell their items directly to consumers. I checked it out and I don’t think I’ve run into their products/brands anywhere in Kuwait before which is a good thing since it makes their website more useful.

If you’re interested, check out their website [Here]

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Thanksgiving Dinners in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I figured I would put together a list of places that are offering turkey dinners tomorrow night. If there is a place you know I haven’t listed, let me know so I can add it below.

Dine In
Hilton Resort
Little Ruby’s
Radisson Blu

Baking Tray
Dean & Deluca
Jeans Grill
Radisson Blu
Sultan Center

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Pataya Beach Restaurant is For Sale

Post by Mark


The rumors are true, the popular Thai food restaurant Pataya Beach is for sale. Turns out the shop owner no longer wants to rent out the space to Pataya and instead is looking to sell the spot. So Pataya Beach will remain open until the location is sold. There is no closing date, if the shop gets sold tomorrow then Pataya closes tomorrow, if the shop gets sold in two months then thats when they will close down. I asked them if they would be moving to another location once the shop gets sold but it seems that they don’t want to and instead will leave Kuwait once the shop gets sold and they close down.


A lot of people consider Pataya the best Thai food restaurant in Kuwait (I personally don’t) and so it would be sad if they closed down. I asked them if they would be interested in selling the business, to have someone take over the brand if they wanted to leave and they seemed open to the idea. In any case, if you’ve never tried Pataya Beach then you probably should before they close down for good. They’re located on the mezzanine floor of Al-Dawliyah Complex (behind the old Kuwait Airways building). Here is a link to their building on [Google Maps]

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Bon Voyage Restaurant

Post by Mark


A new restaurant opened up in Salmiya called Bon Voyage that serves airplane food. I personally think this is like the worst idea since plane food generally sucks but if you’re into plane food then I guess you’re in luck. [Link]

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Caveman Coffee Available in Kuwait

Post by Mark


I’m not a coffee drinker but I know of the brand Caveman Coffee because of the Joe Rogan podcast and also because the company was founded by one of my favorite UFC fighters (well back when he used to be in the UFC) Keith Jardin and also ex UFC fighter / actor Tait Fletcher (who’s always fun to listen to on Joe Rogans podcast). Basically if I ever was going to start drinking coffee it would be Caveman Coffee and I recently found out through a friend it’s now available in Kuwait.


A small snack bar called FORCE opened up at the Circuit Plus gym in Shuwaikh and you can buy the Blacklisted and White Gold packets of Caveman Coffee there. Right now the only way to buy it is to go there yourself but they will start offering a delivery service soon. For more details check out their instagram page [Here]

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Burger & Lobster Now Open

Post by Mark

So Burger & Lobster finally opened up in Kuwait and guess what? Their prices surprisingly are similar to that in London. You can order a burger, lobster or lobster roll for just KD8.950. I think that makes them the cheapest place to get lobster in Kuwait, no idea how they managed to make it so affordable but better for us. [Link]

Update: Just found out they’re opened by Gourmania International, same company that has Sakura and Fauchon.

Update2: I passed by and had the lobster roll for lunch. It was pretty good and similar to the one in London (ask for the lemon garlic sauce). They also have a combo option where you could order the three dishes, the burger, lobster and lobster roll for around KD26 and also get a dessert for free. Not bad.

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