Richard’s Coffee, A Pop-up Cafe

Post by Mark


Coffee places are becoming the new thing in Kuwait which I don’t mind since we really need to move on from our burger joints craze. As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, I’m not a coffee drinker but, I do like coffee shops and what I found interesting about Richard’s Coffee is that it’s a pop-up.


Starting from tomorrow (Thursday, March 17th), Richard’s Coffee will be located at Bao Cafe for 90 days only. After 90 days? They’ll shutdown and move on to a new location. Bao Cafe is what they’re calling the space next door to Bao the Restaurant, it’s a small empty spot that in 90 days time will be occupied by a new Indian restaurant. But until those 90 days are up, they’ve given the spot to Jarrah, the guy behind the concept Richard’s Coffee. Jarrah is an avid coffee nut who roasts his beans the old fashioned way and is really passionate about his brand. So if you’re a coffee person then you might want to pass by and check his coffees out.

Starting tomorrow and for the next 90 days they’ll be open from 7AM till 10PM except on Fridays when they open from 4PM to 10PM. They’re located right next door to Bao in Sharq, if you don’t know where that is, here is the link on [Google Maps]. They’re also located on instagram @richardscoffee.

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Fork Fed: Pickle Juice

Post by Fork Fed


Is pickle juice the new health hype? Many new health claims state that pickle juice can enhance athletic performance, and improve blood sugar control for those with diabetes; which makes me wonder whether drinking pickle juice can actually be worth it?

Before we take a look at the nutritional aspects of pickle juice, we need to keep in mind that this drink is definitely going to be a salty one! So those with high blood pressure issues should definitely stay away from this drink. In regards to carb, protein or fat amounts, pickle juice doesn’t really have much to make it stand out in a special group. What pickle juice does have is lots of sodium as well as a decent amount of probiotics.

In the old days, pickle juice was the result of combining cucumbers, salt and water. The cucumbers are fermented by the bacteria Lactobacillus resulting in some probiotic content in the pickle juice. Nowadays, pickle juice is the result of combining cucumbers in vinegar, therefore no probiotics are really available, so stick to your yogurt if you want the probiotics. Regardless of the probiotic content, pickle juice is claimed to have other health benefits that may or may not have any truth to them.

1 – Pickle juice can help relieve muscle cramps.
Muscle cramps could be the most annoying thing, especially when they happen when you’re asleep or during a workout. There could be a cure, but only after the cramp takes place. Recent research has shown that taking 1 ml per kg of your current body weight of pickle juice during a muscle cramp could help you recover faster than drinking plain water or ignoring it and not having anything at all. The verdict: TRUE! Keep your pickle juice jars on your nightstands or take them with you to the gym if you frequently get muscle cramps. It could be worth it for you if it takes you a while to recover from that cramp.

2 – Pickle juice can help with stomach cramps.
Stomach cramps usually happen due to low amounts of acid in the stomach. Adding in the acidic pickle juice could potentially help since we are re-adding acid to our stomachs. Unfortunately no scientific evidence has proved that re-adding acid could help with stomach cramps. The verdict: FALSE! Maybe sticking to antacids or just avoiding some foods could be best with stomach cramps.

3 – Pickle juice can help enhance athletic performance.
The theory is behind the high salt content in pickle juice. Since salt retains fluid, the idea is that having pickle juice prior to exercising could keep you more hydrated and enhance your athletic performance for exercises requiring stamina. Unfortunately most studies have not shown any effect making this claim worthwhile. The verdict: FALSE! Stick to regular water, good training and sleep to enhance your performance.

4 – Pickle juice can control blood sugar.
Vinegar and blood sugar have been researched for a while. The link is between vinegar and insulin to be precise, where vinegar has been shown to improve sensitivity to insulin in the body – therefore reducing blood sugar levels. Vinegar has also been found to slow down the absorption of food in the stomach, when taken with a meal; that could also help potentially lower blood sugar levels. The verdict: True! I would consider adding vinegar but not necessarily consuming a cup of pickle juice with my lunch or dinner. Perhaps some apple cider vinegar in my salad dressing would be a more palatable choice.

So, would you be consuming pickle juice? I certainly will continue to enjoy eating my pickles and until more research has been conducted, I will be holding off on the pickle juice.

Post by Hyatt Al Sayegh, a Clinical Dietitian and Dr. Sears Health Coach.
Founder of Fork Fed.

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Review: Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream Maker

Post by Mark


Since summer is knocking on our doorsteps this is the perfect time to post about the Cuisinart ice cream maker I recently purchased (the Cuisinart ICE-30BC).

I’ve recently been trying out the ketogenic diet after hearing about it on one of the podcasts I listen to and the main principle of the diet is you’re not supposed to consume any sugar or any carbs but you’re supposed to have lots of fat. Avocados are one great way of introducing a lot of fat into your diet but I personally don’t like the way they taste. So I was looking for a simple keto recipe that involved avocados and I found one for an avocado chocolate chunk ice cream that sounded delicious. I had honestly been looking for an excuse to buy an ice cream maker for a while so as soon as I found the recipe I decided to get one.

I kinda already knew what I wanted a Cuisinart ice cream maker since I’m fond of the brand and I knew I had seen them in Kuwait. So I did my research and the only places that carried the ice cream maker were Lakeland, Williams-Sonoma and Tavola (the Cuisinart dealer). Williams-Sonoma only had the dual ice cream maker which I wasn’t interested in since it was too big, Lakeland had the model I wanted but they were selling it for KD42 while Tavola were selling the exact same one for KD32.350. So I ended up picking it up from Tavola and since I was already in Shuwaikh, I decided to pass by Williams-Sonoma to pick up the best ice cream scoop you can buy, the Zeroll 1020.


The way the ice cream maker works is very simple. There are two main parts, the bowl and the main unit. You take the bowl and stick it in the freezer for 12+ hours and only take it out when you want to make ice cream. When your mixture is ready and the bowl frozen, you take the bowl from the freezer and place it in the main unit. You then pour your mixed ingredients into the bowl and let the ice cream maker churn your mixture for around 20 minutes until it turns into ice cream. Thats all there is to it.


I have to say, my avocado chocolate chunk ice cream has been turning out really delicious. And because I am buying the ingredients, I can control how healthy my ice cream is and so I’m having it guilt free. At KD32 this really is a no brainer impulse buy. So if you feel like making your own ice cream this summer, get this. Here is the map to Tavola [Google Maps] and you could call them on 24825761.

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Meatchops Gourmet Butcher Shop

Post by Mark


I was passing by La Brasa yesterday in Dar Al Awadi when I noticed a new shop that had opened up in the basement called Meatchops. It’s a gourmet butcher shop similar to Prime Cuts except Meatchops is open inside a mall which I found a bit odd.

Anyway no idea what kinds of meats they have since I asked for a list or menu and they told me to check their instagram account. I don’t have time to check each and every single photo in their account looking for what they have to offer but if you’ve got the time, their instagram account is @meatchops_kw

My advice? At least have a small printed takeaway menu of all your items I can take home with me, or a website similar to Prime Cuts. A website is a lot more practical compared to an instagram account since not only can I navigate and see all your items much easier, but with Prime Cuts I can even order directly from their website. I hate how businesses try to use instagram to accomplish everything.

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New Restaurant: Baker & Spice

Post by Mark


I was at Souk Sharq yesterday and passed by to check out the new restaurant that opened in place of Breadz called Baker & Spice. I didn’t get to try it since I had already had lunch but the place inside looked really good and the outdoor vibe felt very un-Kuwait like. They opened around two weeks back and I’ll most likely be passing by next week to try it out. For now you can check out their instagram account [Here]

Photo by Jassim Alshehab

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250fils for Almond Milk

Post by Mark


Spotted this great deal at Sultan Center Shaab. The almond milk expires end of April but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a really good deal since you can drink a lot of almond milk from now till then.

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Water Enhancers Available in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Last week I was making ice cream and had trouble getting Vanilla Extract so I ended up ordering Vanilla Paste (and 100% unsweetened cocoa) from Gourmet Shelf’s website. When they delivered my items they told me that they now had most of their products at The Approved Market and since I hadn’t been there in awhile, I decided to pass by this weekend to see what new items they had. Turns out The Approved Market now sells water enhancers.


I only found out about water enhancers when I was in LA last summer since they’re pretty big over there. Water enhancers are basically liquid drops you add into your water to give it a flavor. It’s mostly for people who have trouble consuming enough water during the day and also for people looking for healthy alternatives to soda. I hadn’t seen water enhancers being sold anywhere else in Kuwait so figured I’d post about it here.

Since we’re on the subject of items that we can’t find in Kuwait, when Gourmet Shelf dropped off my items they asked me if there was anything I wanted but I couldn’t find in Kuwait. They’re looking to start importing more products to Kuwait and need some ideas of what to bring. So if there is a food item that you love but can’t find in Kuwait or think they should bring, mention what it is in the comments below so I could pass it to them.

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Star Fruit for Fresh Produce

Post by Mark


A reader emailed me this morning about a place called Star Fruit that were selling Archi.duc mushrooms. I had no idea what that was but turns out its a small bucket you buy which allows you to grow your own fresh white or brown mushrooms in. I watched the video and it looked pretty cool so I asked him what Star Fruit was and turns out they’re whole sellers for exotic fruits and veggies. They mostly cater to large hotels and restaurants as well as providing Dean & Deluca with their produce.


I passed by Star Fruit in the afternoon so I could see what they had. To be clear, Star Fruit isn’t a shop but a warehouse. I originally walked into the place looking for a shop but ended up walking into a large fridge full of veggies. After asking around turns out I was supposed to head to the sales office first to get a salesman to help me.


What did they have? All the regular items you’d find at a good supermarket like kale, packaged spinach, different kinds of asparagus, lettuce, beef tomatoes etc.. But, they also had harder to find stuff like baby kiwis, white and purple carrots, yellow and purple cauliflower, seedless watermelon, seedless lime and of course the Archi.duc mushrooms which I mentioned earlier amongst other things.


If you’re into cooking and are looking for difficult to find or really good quality ingredients then this place should be of interest to you. They’re open from 5AM to 3PM and I’d recommend you bring a light jacket if you’re planning to spend time going through all their fridges. Also bring cash since their KNET machine isn’t there all the time and also bring a tote bag since they don’t have plastic bags. Here is their location on [Google Maps]

Thanks Saba

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The Fat Duck

Post by Mark


I don’t post about food as much anymore since there rarely is anything that really sticks out for me but this caught my attention. The Fat Duck is a newly opened restaurant that makes one dish, Peking Duck. They don’t have dine in just delivery and they literally just have one dish which is pictured above.

Their speciality is Peking duck that comes along with its condiments including pancake bread, sliced cucumber, onions, hoisin sauce, a vegetable salad and spring rolls. The meal is enough for 5 people and costs KD30.

I haven’t tried them since I’m not a big duck fan but if you’re interested, check out their instagram account

Update: There is another account that also just serves duck and for a more accessible price of KD15. Check it out

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Fork Fed: Does Time Matter?

Post by Fork Fed


For many years we’ve heard our parents tell us to have our breakfast, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t have dinner and sleep, you’ll get fat! Are all these claims really true? Well, that’s the beauty of research and science – we come to new conclusions everyday! The current research shows that when you choose to have your meals is not really correlated with your weight. I found that to be quite interesting because I, for one, hate having food when I wake up and could usually satisfy any hunger I may have with a coffee and banana.

So, you’re probably thinking what nutrient timing is really about? The idea really started with athletes and body builders to be more specific. Nutrient timing mostly referred to the anabolic window also known as the 15-30 minutes post workout where one could load on carbs and protein to replenish their muscle stores. Research has later on shown that we do not all need to be consuming a high carb high protein meal post workout to replenish our stores within 15-30 minutes, and we can actually do it within an hour or more. Again, this is RESEARCH and research is ongoing. As for consuming a meal before working out, that is only necessary depending on the intensity of your workout. Many research papers have shown that exercising in a semi-fasted state can actually help burn more fat. Again, timing your meals will all depend on what your goals are.

Let’s take a look at breakfast. Have people that changed their habits and consumed breakfast lost weight in comparison to those that opt not to have breakfast? The quick answer is it depends. The idea behind having a meal “breakfast” before lunch is to be able to better control your portion at lunch. If I choose to not have breakfast then by the time lunchtime comes around I will probably overeat and/or make wrong dietary choices. If you are not used to having a meal for breakfast and can somewhat control your hunger by lunchtime then having breakfast may lead to an over consumption of calories. Therefore you might not necessarily lose weight.

As for having dinner before going to sleep, no science has shown that it can lead to weight gain. While completely eliminating carbs at dinner or night time has not been associated with significant weight loss either. On the contrary, some research has shown that consuming carbs can actually help with relaxation and the release of serotonin at night.

So you’re probably thinking what could we further do to enhance our lifestyle and lose some weight? It all boils down to the number of calories you eat! Of course quality is important, but when it comes to weight control specifically, it doesn’t really matter when you have certain foods. As long as you stay within a certain caloric requirement for weight loss (food in is less than energy burnt) then you’ll be losing weight. Now, to stay on track and avoid falling of the bandwagon, it is important that you focus on whole grains and lean protein as well has healthy fats with lots of fruits and veggies to stay full all day! It’s not when you eat your food, it’s how much you choose to eat that will really make an impact.

Post by Hyatt Al Sayegh, a Clinical Dietitian and Dr. Sears Health Coach.
Founder of Fork Fed.

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