18 04, 2013

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Opening Soon

2013-04-18T20:29:01+03:00Apr 18, 2013|21 Comments

I passed by Bang & Olufsen at Symphony Mall tonight and on my way out I noticed a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company hoarding. The American seafood chain is inspired from the movie Forrest Gump and looks like the Symphony Mall location is going to be quite big. No clue on when exactly they’ll be opening.

6 04, 2013

Kuwait makes it onto TMZ

2013-04-06T17:08:35+03:00Apr 6, 2013|39 Comments

According to TMZ, the popular celebrity gossip and news website, Michael Jacksons 16-year-old son Prince is allegedly dating a Kuwaiti princess who attends his same school. It’s a gossip website so don’t take this too seriously but if true would be interesting considering Janet Jackson recently married a Qatari billionaire. [Link]

Thanks Laila

8 03, 2013

Christian Louboutin in Kuwait

2013-03-08T12:03:06+03:00Mar 8, 2013|19 Comments

Christian Louboutin will be in Salhiya on Sunday at 3PM for the Christian Louboutin exhibition as well as a shoe-signing. Not sure if the shoe-signing is open to the public but it’s worth taking your shoes and trying.

18 02, 2013

Huge Explosion?

2013-02-18T12:52:10+03:00Feb 18, 2013|34 Comments

I’ve been getting emails from people who heard a really large explosion around the Ahmadi/Subhan area. Does anyone know anything about it?

Update: According to the Ministry of Defense, the sound was the result of an air force jet breaking the sound barrier during the GCC joint war games that are currently taking place in the desert.

14 02, 2013

iHop opening this Saturday

2013-02-14T20:48:42+03:00Feb 14, 2013|29 Comments

According to a source of mine, iHop will finally be opening to the public this coming Saturday (February 16th) at Avenues Phase III.

10 02, 2013

Fire at The Avenues

2013-02-10T22:17:11+03:00Feb 10, 2013|10 Comments

According to a friend of mine there was a fire today at Carrefour in The Avenues. The parking underneath was also flooded but not sure if its from the sprinklers or a burst pipe. If anyone has any more information or pictures [Email Me]

Thanks Patrick

Update: According to another source of mine the fire actually started at the Athletes Foot and not Carrefour. Fire sprinklers went off at various spots around the mall and that caused electric shorts as well as flooded the area hence why there was so much water in the parking lot.

17 01, 2013

Acura brand coming to Kuwait

2013-01-17T11:07:38+03:00Jan 17, 2013|39 Comments

I just found out that Alghanim Automotive got a hold of the Honda brand in Kuwait. This should become official by the end of the month but the most exciting part of the news is the fact they’ll finally be bringing the Acura brand to Kuwait which means once the NSX (pictured above) gets released we should have it here as well.