25 06, 2013

What happened to Linda on 99.7?

2013-06-25T13:33:01+03:00Jun 25, 2013|93 Comments


I don’t listen to 99.7 at all but a lot of people do and a couple of weeks back a friend asked me if I had heard the morning show recently since Linda was no longer on and instead two other hosts instead who are supposedly a mess. Then a few days back some readers started complaining about the two new hosts under one of my posts and awhile ago someone left the following comment:

Right now the rumor is that Linda from 99.7 has left Kuwait permanently which comes as a surprise to all of us. Though she wasn’t a favorite of everyone, she was certainly a part of Kuwait in her own way. She hosted the morning radio show for as long as I can remember. I’m sure not hearing her in the mornings must be a stark reminder of the changes Kuwait is currently experiencing.

I originally figured she just left on vacation but I wonder if she had a Latina Mina incident on air and had to leave the country like her?

22 06, 2013

Another stabbing at The Avenues?

2013-06-22T13:30:23+03:00Jun 22, 2013|39 Comments

According to @7eyad there was another stabbing last night at The Avenues. The stabbing occurred opposite West Elm and Life with Cacao and resulted with one person getting stabbed in the shoulders and rushed to the hospital. The reason I have a question mark in the title is because according to mall security this morning, someone tripped down the stairs and hurt themselves.

Photo from @7eyad

6 06, 2013

Dr. Oz coming to Kuwait

2013-06-05T14:48:48+03:00Jun 6, 2013|17 Comments

According to a source of mine, Dr. Oz is coming to Kuwait at the end of summer for a nutrition related event. For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Oz is a doctor who has a television talk show called The Dr. Oz Show in which he discusses medical and science related topics. The video above is an example taken from one of his episodes. [YouTube]

26 05, 2013

The ghost house still haunting people

2013-05-26T16:45:00+03:00May 26, 2013|57 Comments

Even though the old blue and white ghost house off the 4th Ring Road has long been demolished it looks like it’s still haunting people. There currently is a hotel being built where the ghost house used to be and according to one of the project engineers who works on the site, they’re facing problems with the laborers because they’re afraid of going down to the basement. They’re even afraid to work alone on any floor.

I still haven’t been able to find a picture of the ghost house but I did find the cute sketch above that was done by Mr Divi.

Update: Below is a photo of the ghost house taken from [Here]

30 04, 2013

New traffic fines circulating are most likely false

2013-04-30T12:03:17+03:00Apr 30, 2013|40 Comments

I got a lot of emails from people with a link to a website that supposedly has the new traffic fines listed but everyone who sent me the link sent me the link to the same website. Since I haven’t read it anywhere else yet then it’s most likely a list that someone came up with themselves. I’ll only believe it if one of the local Arabic newspapers print it as well.

Note: They’ve updates the fines in that link since yesterday.

29 04, 2013

WHSmith opening soon at the airport

2013-04-28T22:38:04+03:00Apr 29, 2013|26 Comments

The popular British bookstore chain WHSmith is opening up their first location in Kuwait at the Kuwait Airport. The signage caught me by surprise since I don’t remember ever reading WHSmith was coming to Kuwait. I wonder if the That AL Salasil branch at The Avenues will also be converted to WHSmith?

21 04, 2013

AVICII coming to Kuwait?

2013-04-22T10:22:52+03:00Apr 21, 2013|30 Comments

AVICII, the extremely popular Swedish DJ posted the following cryptic message on his Facebook page which kinda sounds like he is coming to Kuwait:

Hey KUWAIT! What do YOU think about the new album songs? I would love to hear YOUR thoughts specifically!

Hope to see you soon!

Interesting to say the least. [Link]

Update: Below is a screenshot of the message I am seeing. Some Facebook users are saying they’re seeing a different country other than Kuwait mentioned. I logged in with a New York based VPN and it still showed me Kuwait so my guess is it’s probably showing the location based on where you’ve told Facebook you live and not IP related. In any case looks like it’s a false alarm.