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Raw Meat Diet

Yesterday me and Nat went to the supermarket and got the following: A box of Kellogg’s Cornflakes, a box of carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh meat, chicken breast, Basmeti rice, eggs and KDD Yogurt. You would think this stuff was ours to eat but its actually for our dog who arrives tonight from Belgium. Its official, my dog will be eating healthier food then me! Geo will be on a raw meat diet which means no crappy canned dog food. Do you know what they make dog food out of? Stuff thats not fit for humans, meaning you know how hot dogs are made up of all the left over meat? Well dog food is stuff you can’t even make hot dogs out of! Its like junk food for dogs, they are convenient for dog owners because all you need to do to feed your dog is open up a can and dump it in his bowl. On the other hand raw meat is the best thing you can feed your dog, its what their bodies were meant to eat and digest. Before dogs started living with humans they used to live in the wild and hunt their food and eat it raw and its what any good breeder feeds his dogs.

When I first asked my breeder what he fed his dogs he told me raw meat I was shocked and disgusted. I was always told raw meat was bad for the dog and this guy was telling me thats all he fed the dogs. So I did some online research and it turns out feeding dogs raw meat is very common amongst breeders and has recently started to gain popularity in the US with pet owners. I read an article on that talked about the raw food diet and how new places have popped up all over the US where they deliver you raw meat daily for your dog. It turns out vets don’t recommend raw meat because it keeps the dog healthier meaning less vet visits. From what I read raw food also makes your dogs breath smell better and his poop smaller and more solid. And if every now and then you give your dog meat on a bone his teeth will also be better.

all about dogs bookSo if you have a dog or are thinking about getting a dog then think about feeding him healthier food, think about going in the way of raw meat. There are a ton of articles online about this and my favorite would be the Salon one. There is also a book you can get from the Kuwait Bookshop in Muthana Complex (Kuwait City) called “All About Dogs”. It costs only KD1.300 and is written by a breeder who has been raising dogs forever. Inside the book he talks in detail about the raw meat diet and lists you all the advantages and disadvantages of it. The ISBN of the book is 1899606327 and you can find it on Amazon for $3.43 but if you live in Kuwait its just easier to pass by the bookshop. If you want to read the Salon article you can also do that by clicking [here]

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polaroid book

I got a really cool book today called The Polaroid Book. I haven’t opened the package yet so I don’t know hows the book inside. I just really love the books package and I am afraid to open it. Looking at the reviews on Amazon it seems other readers also didn’t want to open the package. I guess I will just keep the book closed until I get bored of the package and then tear it open.

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The End

Emigre 69

Bye bye Emigre… [Link]

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Editor of Bazaar

The editor of Bazaar has replied to the previous post Bazaar Magazine Knows Shit. This is what he had to say:

mark,for your information I am a regular reader of your blog and am always very impressed by it as I am by all of you guys!. I wish we had a tenth of the freedom you guys have in expressing yourselves.Moreover,just to clarify something to you,we dont edit writers and we dont pick and choose what we print and what we dont print depending on OUR point of view. We dont neccesarily agree with what our writers submit,but we do give them space to express themselves. Unfortunately,sometimes that means that some readers will definately not agree with something written.These views do NOT represent our point of view,and to prove it,have a look at all the positive articles on blogging and on bloggers we have had over the years.I strongly urge you to write a column regarding the article that came out with your views on the matter and I promise you it will get published in bazaar! best regards.

I am personally not a good writer (my vocabulary is very basic) but maybe another blogger out there like Nibaq, shewritesq8 or K can write an article from a bloggers point of view.

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Bazaar Magazine Knows Shit


I just read a post on K The Kuwaiti’s blog about an article in Bazaar magazine on local bloggers. While the whole world is talking about bloggers and realizing their online importance, our local Bazaar magazine seems to think us bloggers don’t have a life and are just a bunch of loser hermits living at home. I guess that article basically summarizes the magazine’s naive mentality. I should blame the author of the article but I would rather blame the editor instead since he was the one who approved this crap. Maybe the Bazaar editor should try using the Internet one time and maybe check up on the definition of bloggers before he would agree to allowing a lame ass article like that get published. Oh well, it is Bazaar in the end so you can’t expect too much intelligence. [Link]

Picture by Nibaq

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A Free Online Non-profit PDF Magazine


I just downloaded a copy of the newly renovated I-Mag magazine to check it out. I wasn’t expecting it to be any good but it turns out its actually better then the majority of the free English magazines you find at Starbucks. Check it out [Link]

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Caring for your Books

Tips on how to take care of your book collection. [Link]

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Kuwait in Wallpaper*


Just checked out this months issue of Wallpaper* magazine and turns out Kuwait is in it. Here is the summary of Septembers issue featuring Kuwait:

Navigating six of the world’s most exciting cities, moving and sheikh-ing in hip Kuwait, snooping around Rupert Murdoch’s Mayfair pad, living like royalty in a Bavarian castle, gazing at Tel Aviv’s latest design stars, dressing up Dubai-style, cutting a dash in sharp tailoring, admiring the new talent from the ICFF and much more

The magazine features Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah (Villa Moda), Sheikha Hussah Al-Sabah (Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah), Emad al-Samhan (Grass Exhibition), Rola Dashti (Women’s rights movement) and Maha al-Ghunaim (Global Investment House). I like how Wallpaper called Kuwait “hip”, puts things in a different perspective.

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Found this really cool graphic novel for the PSP. Issue 1 is already out and Issue 2 should be coming out this month. [Link]

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A Visit to the Bookshop

some books

Yesterday night I passed by The Kuwait Bookshop in Muthana Complex. What I like about the Kuwait Bookshop is the amount of old books they have. Since its the largest bookshop in Kuwait and has been open since before the Gulf War they have a lot of books that have been in the shop since it first opened. For example I found a 1985 edition of the Guinness Book of Records on one of the shelves. I even ended up buying a book from 1985 myself. Ozy was with us at the bookshop and he found a book called “The New Observer’s Book of Automobiles”. The funny thing is the car on the cover was a 1985 BMW M635CSi… very new! Its actually a pretty cool book for anyone who is interested in information on the cars from the 80’s like the Lancia Delta HF Turbo or the VW Golf MKII. I also picked up a copy of Niccolo Machiavelli – The Prince and Aesop’s Fables. I already read The Prince in university but I feel like reading it again and I have also read Aesop’s Fables but the version I got seemed to contain more stories then the version I read so gonna reread this again.

I usually don’t have time to read books but recently I have been reading all my magazines in the beginning of the month and then I spend the rest of the month just flipping through them trying to find articles I haven’t read. Now I will try to read books instead when I am done with the magazines. I also prefer short stories since my memory is terrible for novels but I don’t mind thin books like The Prince. One of my favorite books of the moment is Supercade which Nibaq got for my birthday. It contains a lot of pictures and magazine style of writing. Basically every game or every video game console thats mentioned is treated like an article by itself. I don’t have to read the whole book from the beginning I can just flip through and read what I want when I want. Nibaq also got me another book called “The Ultimate History of Videogames” but that book is literally like a history book. I am going to try reading different bits of it randomly but I think I have to actually read this one from the beginning till the end.

Anyway here is a larger picture of yesterdays books.

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How It Works…The Computer

mini computer

Someone went and scanned a LadyBird book for kids on how the computer works. The book is from 1971, really interesting. [Link]

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WIRED Collection for Sale

Someone is selling EVERY issue of WIRED magazine starting with issue 1.1 from 1993 all the way up to the current issue 13.6. I love WIRED magazine and I myself have every issue but starting from 1996 so I would love to get a hold of the first 3 years of WIRED. [Link]


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Aesop’s Fables

One of my favorite books ever, Aesop’s Fables, is now available as a PDF download. I was given this book as a gift for my first communion by the owner of my middle school then (Sunshine School) when I was a lot younger and I still have it at home. You can download the PDF file from here. You can also find other popular books here.