26 07, 2009

2:48AM in Thouq

2009-07-26T17:25:15+03:00Jul 26, 2009|21 Comments

I just got the new copy of Thouq magazine today and it turns out they have a small write up on my blog. I also noticed the magazine is now like 6 to 8 times bigger in size, not page wise but actual physical size. Its huge and you can see in the picture below how big it is compared to the iPhone. I wonder if all their issues are going to be this big or if its just this one. Its definitely more interesting and I love the paper they used to print on.

30 05, 2009

Make Magazine

2009-05-30T17:15:56+03:00May 30, 2009|10 Comments

I passed by Carrefour today because I heard they had the new UK edition of WIRED magazine. For some odd reason the US version of WIRED magazine no longer comes to Kuwait so its good to know the UK edition does. Anyway it must have been sold out since I couldn’t find it, instead I found MAKE. I picked up the latest issue for KD3.750 which is actually cheaper than the US price which is $15. Its surprising that they sell MAKE in Kuwait since its a do it your self projects magazine and I didn’t think there was a market for it here. [Link]

16 03, 2009

Book Cafe

2009-03-16T23:34:47+03:00Mar 16, 2009|21 Comments

I was checking out Nemo’s blog when I found her post on a cafe located in Omneya complex in Salmiya called Book Cafe.

This is the description taken from the Book Cafe facebook page:

A quiet place
Provides you with Taekwondo, physical and mental relaxation
To think deeply, to read a book, to discuss a draft
My place is the beginning to achieve a place for you in the world
Start here

Judging by the pictures the place looks cool (color matches my blog) and the idea seems interesting but not too sure about the location. Nat also brought up a good point that usually when you want to read a book its more comfortable to read it while sitting on a sofa not a dinning room table. So bean bags or cozy sofas might be more suitable…

You can check out more pictures on Nemo’s blog [Here]
Here is the link to the Book Cafe’s facebook page [Link]

Picture taken by Nemo

9 10, 2008

Work for SPIN Magazine

2008-10-09T09:16:22+03:00Oct 9, 2008|22 Comments

Spin Magazine

The coordinator of SPIN’s new global correspondence program emailed me the following:

SPIN magazine, USA’s leading music magazine is looking for fresh, new faces to write about Kuwait’s local music scene. If you or anyone you know would want to write about the music you enjoy, get paid for it, and gain some exposure in the US, please let me know. Feel free to ask me any questions and forward this to anyone who might be interested!

If you’re interested please send me a photo of yourself, a short bio (a couple paragraphs including age and how long you’ve lived in the area) and a little about your area’s music scene as soon as possible.

If you’re interested send an email to mnabi@spin.com

16 09, 2008

Brownbook Urban Guide – Kuwait

2008-09-16T20:51:45+03:00Sep 16, 2008|10 Comments


Back in March I posted about how the blog was mentioned in the Brownbook Urban Guide Kuwait edition and since then I’ve been trying to get my hands on a copy of the book. I couldn’t find it in Kuwait and when I was in Lebanon a month ago I only found a box set that included a whole bunch of guides from around the region but I didn’t want to pony up $60 just so that I could check myself out. Finally a few days ago a friend of mine got me a copy of the Kuwait edition which she found by chance in another bookstore in Lebanon. The guide is pretty cool featuring most of the trendy places in Kuwait and a few other interesting places to visit. I need to buy a few of these guides and give them away to some friends (not cuz I am in it but because it makes Kuwait look cool) but I couldn’t find one copy yet a few!

22 07, 2008

Lazy Censorship

2008-07-22T22:48:25+03:00Jul 22, 2008|18 Comments

Lazy Censorship

I was flipping through a magazine when I saw the above censored ad. I am against censorship but if they are going to do it they should at least do it right. Saving ink?

8 06, 2008

Moleskines in Kuwait

2008-06-08T09:37:01+03:00Jun 8, 2008|19 Comments

Moleskine Kuwait

Q80-Chill Girl just posted on her blog that she spotted a Moleskine stand at The Sultan Center. Judging by her picture above it looks like they have the city guides, hopefully they also have the plain pocket books and other kinds of Moleskines. Its great someone finally thought about bringing them to Kuwait but whats surprising is a supermarket brought them in instead of say a bookshop or an office supply store. Good move Sultan Center, now if only they can get a larger collection of salami… [Link]