Kuwait Choppers builds with passion

Post by Mark

‘Inside the Middle East’ meets chop shop owner Hussain Salmeen, who builds and customizes bikes in Kuwait.

I’ve seen their bikes in person before and their customization is pretty extreme. [Link]

Thanks Andrew

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Event: Harley Davidson Open House & Charity Parade

Post by Mark

Harley Davidson are holding an open house this coming Friday as a way for them to introduce their new range of bikes for 2013. Additionally, the event will help raise funds for the United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP) to feed school children.

The open day is for both riders and non-riders and if you’re a rider and have a bike you’ll be able to take part in the parade which starts at the Harley Dealership at 4PM and then returns back at around 5:30PM where the 110th anniversary bikes will be revealed.

For more information click [Here]

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New Police Bikes

Post by Mark

I like the paint job.

via Zdistrict

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A wheelie machine

Post by Mark

I guess it’s better than having them go up and down the Gulf Road doing that. [YouTube]

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Kuwait Riders Bike Show Convoy

Post by Mark

This is a video of all the bikes heading towards the Concours event on Friday for the bike show. It was a never ending line of bikes after bikes. [YouTube]

Thanks Ramez

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Kuwait Bike Show 2012

Post by Mark

Harley Davidson is holding a bike show on January 27th at Marina Mall. The event will bring Harley Davidson owners from across the Gulf and they’ll compete and be judged in a total of fourteen categories. I went to their event last year and it was pretty cool since there were a whole variety of bikes and all customized so you couldn’t find two bikes alike.

Location: Marina Crescent
Date: January 27th, 2012
Time: 10am to 5pm

For more information you can check out their website [Here]

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Rent a Harley

Post by Mark

I’m not a big Harley fan since I prefer sports bikes and Vespas but I know a lot of you might be interested in this. According to a reader it seems you can rent Harleys from the Harley Davidson dealer. This is the email I received with minor editing:

I am sure you might be knowing about this, but just wanted to add in your activities, renting a Harley Davidson. The 2011 models are out and I rented a Fatboy this weekend for only KD72 (KD36 a day for a KD6,895 bike is really good). There are three other bikes available for rent as well: The Sportster Nightster for KD54, Street Glide and Road King Classic for KD81.

Please note these prices are for 2 day rental since they are closed on Fridays. You need to rent the bikes on Thursday and return them on Saturday and you get these special rates. Or you can rent on a daily bases and the rates are: Nightster – KD30, Fatboy – KD40, Street Glide and Road King Classic – KD45.

It was the best experience with friends having different bikes like Ducati, MV Agusta, Kawasaki, Honda, however the Harley stood out and was an amazing and comfortable ride throughout the day. Looking forward to rent another one again and try out all their models.

The staff at Harley Davidson is also very friendly and helped me select the best ride. You can contact Mr. Marlon, he will help you in the best way possible – 24823041 /2 / 3.

To rent a bike all you need to have is a valid bike license, your civil ID, the rental amount and KD250 on your credit card (or cash) as a deposit. All bikes are fully insured and they also provide you with a helmet (6 different helmets to choose from).

That’s actually not a bad activity especially with this great weather. So I’ve gone ahead and added this post on renting Harleys to the activities page.

Thanks Fahad

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Pictures from the Motocross Challenge

Post by Mark

Blogger Mathai just posted amazing pictures he took at the Motocross Challenge which I posted about last week. This is the second event in a row where I could have gone and taken pictures at but instead decided to spend it at home sitting on my ass. The first event was the Kuwait Rally and now I missed out on the Motocross Challenge. I’m a perfect example of how even when there are things to do in Kuwait I end up sitting at home and watching TV instead. To check out all his pictures click [Here]

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Event: Karting Speed Max Challenge & Dolphin Karting Cup

Post by Mark

This is a very cool event that’s happening tomorrow, Saturday the 26th of March at Pro Kart. It’s actually a bunch of events which I will try my best to explain clearly.

Karting Speed Max Challenge 4 Hours
The first event is a 4 hour karting race. 40 drivers will compete in scoring the best time with 5 drivers racing every heat and the winner continuing on to the final race. The race starts at 4PM and ends at 8PM. The race is open to the public and it’s free of charge!

Dolphin Karting Cup
The second event is an event for juniors aged 5 to 8 year-olds. This race event starts at 3PM and is also free of charge.

Motocross Challenge
The final event is a motocross challenge which will be held at the motocross track adjacent to the karting one. This event will start at 1PM and will be divided into a seniors and juniors race. Participating in this event is also free but unlike the karting events you would need to bring your own dirt bike here.

For more information on these events and a map to the location plus contact numbers you can visit the Pro Kart website [Here]

Due to the dust storm the event was postponed till next week.

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The Piaggio MP3

Post by Mark

After dropping off the Vespa over the weekend I picked up the Italian made Piaggio MP3 and looking at the picture you will straight away notice that this bike is in fact a trike since it has two wheels in the front and one in the back. It’s a strange and futuristic looking scooter that to me could have been perfect if it wasn’t for two annoyances which I will discuss later.

The MP3 has a few features I liked which the Vespa didn’t, first of all it shows me the outside temperature on the digital display. This was actually important the past few days since I wanted to know how much I was freezing my ass off. Secondly it had a large front windscreen which helped block the wind from my upper body which played a crucial role in keeping me warm during the cold mornings. Finally and most importantly it had three wheels! The three wheels were a bit strange to get used to at first but they quickly grew on me. They offer better grip on the road specially when it’s wet and the MP3 felt a lot more stable at high speeds and when running over potholes. It also brakes a lot better than a regular two wheeled bike. In one incident I was riding in the left lane on the Gulf Road when the car in front of me decided to slam the brakes and make an illegal u-turn (seriously wtf?!) I quickly slammed the brakes and swerved into the middle lane and managed to avoid him. Later I realized if I was on a two wheeled bike I would very probably have slid the bike doing that. The scooter can also hit highways speeds easily so you can take this onto the ring roads and not worry about being too slow. As you can see in the video above it also has a lot of storage space.

Now that I got all the good stuff out of the way here are the negatives. There are three issues I found, 2 being major. The first minor problem is the fact that the scooter isn’t as nimble as the Vespa in parked traffic. The MP3 is a heavy scooter and a big one so weaving around parked cars in traffic is a lot more difficult. But that’s a minor issue. The two major issues I have with the MP3 relate to comfort. I found the MP3’s seat uncomfortable. I’m 6’1 and so I found the seat a bit low for my height and it also felt like it was tilted forward. The Vespa on the other hand was extremely comfortable and made me want to spend more time on the bike while the seat on the MP3 was giving me a wedgie the whole time. The second comfort related problem I faced was with the foot rest. The right footrest of the MP3 had a foot brake that activates all three brakes of the bike at once. I didn’t feel comfortable using the foot pedal so I had to place my big feet behind it which resulted in very little and cramped leg room.

So although I was really impressed with the MP3, the two comfort issues were a major let down specially since this is a scooter I would easily have considered for long trips. The Piaggio MP3 I rode was a 400cc and costs around KD2,800. They have a 250cc version for cheaper as well. If you’re interested here is the link to the Bike World website [Link]


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