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The progress on my XRAY 808E RC buggy build has been pretty slow since I’m taking my time with it. My brother has also started his first build ever (pictured above), he’s putting together the Tamiya 501x he won from the My Toy competition on Facebook.

An advantage I have over him though is the fact I’ve already started buying the electronics for my car while he hasn’t which means my car will probably finish before him. I ended up ordering the Tekin T8 1900kv motor with the RX8 electronic speed controller (both pictured above) as well as two 4s 4500mAh hard case batteries. I ended up ordering the motor/esc combo online since I couldn’t find it locally and I ordered the batteries online because they’re a lot cheaper than here. I still need to get a servo (the small motor that steers the car) and tires which I will most probably get from Pro-Hobbies since that’s where I got the XRAY from.

Now the aim of posts like this is to try and introduce people to new activities or hobbies to my readers. Building cars is a great way to kill time and it’s an activity that is heavily supported by the local RC shops and a hobby that I really love. I am by no means an RC expert, I’m learning as I am going along and the people who work and run the RC shops are extremely helpful. So don’t be scared to build a car if you haven’t before, it’s as easy as LEGO. I didn’t know the difference between LiPo batteries were a few days ago or even the difference between a 1900kv motor and a 2650kv motor for example. I’m still learning! But if anyone has any questions about RC cars post them below and I’ll answer them.

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  1. Syed says:

    Mark, regarding hobbies, do you know any place where we can get electronic hobby kits, like a fully disassembled radio, or tv, or mobile phone. I used to have it in India by the name “Jet-King”

  2. Syed says:

    Ya, it’s a fully disassembled kit with full instruction manual and you go-on soldering the ICs, etc, step-by-step and you have a fully functional device – can be a TV , radio, intruder alarm, car alarm system, etc.
    Mobile Phone:

  3. Wyn says:

    Mark, you just triggered the TOY section of my Brain which has already started growing grey hair outside!

    From start to finish, how much does something like this cost? say your XRAY 808E RC buggy or Tamiya TRF 501x Pro?

    That could help crank & fuel the start.

    • Mark says:

      ok both these buggies are actually pro racing buggies. that means they’re loaded with carbon fiber and metal parts which also means they’re expensive. both these cars would set you back around KD175 without the electronics.

      BUT, you don’t have to start off like that. You can get regular Tamiya’s for a lot less. for example i got my Lancia tamiya which is basically a TT01 frame for around KD33 from eBay. https://www.248am.com/mark/personal/my-first-tamiya-kit/ and i paid slight more for my Tamiya lunchbox https://www.248am.com/mark/personal/tamiya-lunch-box/

      With both the lancia and lunchbox they come included with the motor and electronic speed controller (ESC) so all you need to purchase is a controller for like KD20 and a servo for like KD9. Oh and a battery which should cost like KD10 maybe. But thing is u can then use your controller and batteries for your other cars in the future, u dont have to keep buying a new controller and battery for every car hence some savings.

      You can also get crawlers

      I think I paid KD140 for my crawler. They’re made to climb on top of things :D

    • Don’t forget all the building equipment, tools, maintenance and servicing, etc. Those alone will cost you quite a bit if you want to get a good head start in this hobby.

      • Mark says:

        you don’t need any building equipment, tools or maintenance and servicing. I haven’t serviced or maintained any of my tamiyas while my brother is building the 501x with the tools that came with the car.

        Now nitro cars on the other hand…

        • Please tell me you’re not using those supplied allen keys to build your buggy?

          Off the top of my head…
          Lipo charger
          Lipo balancer
          Power supply
          Extra batteries
          Soldering equipment
          Building tools (proper hex wrenches, screw drivers, etc)
          Oils (shocks, diffs, greases, ballbearing oil, etc)
          Cleaning equipment (sprays, brushes, etc)
          Setup tools (Hudy chassis board, etc)
          Body painting equipment (or airbrushing equipment)
          Other equipment (things like x-acto knife, threadlock, body scissors, etc)
          Spares (tires, tranny gears, springs, etc)

          • Mark says:

            Dude not everyone wants to race their buggies and not everyone here is going to buy a Xray or 501x. So no need for lipos, lipo balancers, soldering equipment and everything else you just mentioned.

            Have you ever built a tamiya like the TT01 series, lunchbox, frog, cr-01??? they’re perfect for beginners. No oils or antyhing like that. Hudy setup tools???? Come on….

            Your comment is incredible inaccurate. It’s for pro racers and not first time car builders.

            • I’m not saying they are needed, I’m saying they are good to have if you want a good head start. Either way it doesn’t matter what level you’re at, you’re gonna need at the very least a peak charger like a duratrax piranha for a beginners NIMH battery pack and some basic hex wrenches and screw drivers. You can’t stick to an overnight wall charger for ever if you’re staying in this hobby for any longer than a few weeks. Even things like threadlock and such. Even the beginner tamiya kits will require that, at least for the motor mount screws, unless you want to shred the plastic spur gear.

              My point of this whole thing is, don’t expect to pay $100 for a TT01 and that’s it. Stuff will break and wear out just like a real car and you WILL need more than that $100 you paid at first.

              • Mark says:

                Tamiyas come with threadlock and I’ve have like 4 different cars and buggies which I bash with and so far havent broken a part or needed maintenance. I did break my lancia body sadly because my driving sucks but bought a ford escort body for kd8 :D

          • Patrick says:

            What’s wrong with using the tools that came with the kit? I haven’t had any problems so far and they work really well.

            • What kit and type of tools are we talking about?

              • Patrick says:

                It’s what came in the box with the 501 x

                • Ronman says:

                  Love that little 4 way key that comes with Tamiya’s i have a dozen of them at least LOL….

                  i’m with what Marc says, use th emost basic of tools, Hudy’s a cool and dandy but a 1 dollar screw driver would do that same thing, no need for the titanium this and carbon fiber that…

                  now, Tamiya’s like the T0l comes with a mechanical Speed controler if i’m not mistaken (at least they used to) the first upgrade you do usually when you buy a Tamiya is take that out after a few weeks and put in an ESC, and then when that is done and broken in (metaphorically) you start pushing for bigger engines and upgrades.

                  usually you start with a base Tamiya Chassis, and with a bigger engine you will quikly hit the dynamic limits of the chassis, you can upgrade with Carbon Fiber and Aluminium parts but that i think is money wasted.

                  once you master the T01 with the bigger engine and ESC, you get a bare advanced semi pro chassis because it would cost you about the same as upgrading the base chassis to the same level…from there the sky is the limit, DigiPropo controler would be my next step to better hone your skills, quicker digital servos come incremental, (but you’re already at about 1500 dollars here) not counting the number of Batteries, of course the bigger the batteries, and the more, the more advnaced your charger should be, but if you start with Tamiya blocks those can carry on with you along with a mid range semi quick charger like the old Novak Rhino (that’s a classic tough charger)….

                  once you master that car with its tyres (depending on dicipline) you will have enough knowledge to know where you want to go next, whether you want to go Pro or stay in the Semi Pro league where the budget would be more bearable…

                  I got so sucked up into it that i ran myself out of money, i did the above steps within 18 month and then puffed out, my biggest mistake is that i diversified, Touring cars and open wheelers, Open challenges (non Tamiya) and Tamiya Cup i should have stuck to one of those i'[d probably still be doing it….

                  However i love the new drift series they have now looks amazing to watch…

  4. Anonymous says:

    (the small motor the steers the car) that

  5. Wyn says:

    Thanks a ton Mark!

  6. akbar says:

    which is the quickest rc car, any world records yet and how r rc car speed measured?@kmph?

  7. Yey says:

    get a high torque/metal gers servo for the steering.

  8. PedroDashT says:

    yesterday was the practice day for the Buggy race in MyToyco. in tilal went there to test my 501X and it was really fun….

  9. Ronman says:

    I used to love to get my hands on new aluminum parts, CNC FTW…

    although i dropped out of the circuit (for now) and sold many of my kits and tools, i still hang to my HPI RS4 Pro 2 Chassis, it’s a Carbon Fiber and Aluminium piece of Art, no motor, no ESC, jut the bare chassis with standard rims and slick, not even a Body (sold those too). I also hang on to my PIAA Nakajima Tamiya Open Wheel Formula 3 Kit, love the look and chassis design of that thing despite the fact that the foam tires flat spotted because it’s been sitting for so long.

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