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Naseem’s Mercedes SLR Crash

SLR Accident

Prince Naseem the boxing champ crashed his Mercedes SLR yesterday while trying to overtake a couple of cars on a tight road. He was later arrested at his home because he had fled after the accident. What interests me in this story is that Naseem was speeding in his car. I hate it when people buy fast cars and drive them slow so its cool that Naseem drives his car the way its supposed to be driven. But, as you can seen in the picture he totally smashed his KD170,000 SLR. Hmmm maybe he will get the Carrera GT next? [via]

Automotive Interesting Shopping

The Pope’s Golf for Sale

Someone is selling a 1999 model VW Golf on ebay that belonged to the new pope Ratzinger. I had a 1996 Golf in the same color. Cool. [Link]

Automotive Kuwait

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

evolution 8

A friend of a friend just purchased a yellow Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII. It cost him KD10,500 from the local dealer. I personally don’t like it. It looks too normal. My favorite Lancer is the Evolution VI since that car looked aggressive. Also I wouldn’t have gotten it in yellow. I think yellow only looks nice on a car if its a Lambo or Ferrari.

Automotive Interesting Kuwait Links

Q8 Speed

lambos in kuwait

I just found the coolest website, something I didn’t know existed in Kuwait. The site is actually a car talk forum but based in Kuwait. The members there discuss their latest car upgrades, or a recent car they spotted or which car they raced on what street. Its amazing stuff. Here are some examples of the topics they are discussing:

A8 Quattro Killed moi….. was worth it..
DB9 spotted (with pics)
Driftmaster accident (wallah maa testahel)
HaSsOnY Car Accident!! Gulf Road
SLR in Q8 (with pics)

There are tons more interesting topics and sections for all street racers or car modifiers in Kuwait. Very very interesting stuff and all this is in Kuwait! The website is The picture above of the Lamborgini’s is from a Q8 Speed gathering at AUK.

Automotive Interesting

Luxury Gas Stations

In St. Petersburg, Russia they are looking for ways to keep customers at the pump. Phaeton holding announced that it will develop 15 “luxury” gas stations to capture the higher end of the gas market. The new stations will have free internet, sushi bars and women in “flight-attendant style uniforms” to attend to the vehicles. The idea is that customers are willing to pay a higher price for better service and that the gas stations might become the new hot spots. [details]

Why don’t we have luxury gas stations here? Actually, why don’t we just have more normal ones! They are too few and too far apart here.

Automotive Photography

New Jaguar XK – Really Hot

jag xk

Just found a link with pictures of the new Jaguar XK, it looks reeeaaaallllly fucking cool! Like Aston Martin cool but at a more realistic price. Never liked Jaguars before but if this is the new XK then I might become a Jaguar fan. [Link]

Automotive Gossip & Rumors

Bentley SUV

Wow, just read that there is a possibility Bentley will be coming out with an SUV. Just imagine how flooded Kuwait will be with these Bentley SUVs, everyone will want one. But then as soon as they get released into the market, a month later it will be like *yawn* my neighbour has one.. [Link]


Audi Q7 Sneak Peek

Audi Q7

The Car Connection has posted spy shots of the new Audi SUV, the Audi Q7. Its based on the same platform as the Cayenne and Touareg and looking at the pictures you can see the close similarities. I think it looks kind of dull. Front shot available here [Link].

Automotive Interesting Movies

BMW Films

This post is dedicated to Simply Stinni. BMW Films came out I think 2 to 3 years ago. They were short movies directed by famous people and starred famous people. For example the movie “Star” was directed by Guy Ritchie and starred Madonna. The budget was provided by BMW and each film had a different story then the other and different actors, except for one, Clive Owen. He played the same person in all the movies, a driver. Here is a summary of the movies from

Brace yourself for intricate plot twists, riveting car chases, and a dose of wit. All eight short films of The Hire, created by Hollywood’s finest talent, are available now for downloading and streaming.

These brilliantly produced films star Clive Owen as the driver. Hired for his superb driving skills and unshakable poise, the driver encounters unexpected obstacles that put his abilities to the test. Watch as each film reveals new depths of character, intrigue, and cinematography.

There are 8 movies in today. All free to download. Make sure you watch the Season 1 films.


Automotive Interesting

Bid to drive into the eye of a tornado

tornado car

There’s an auction on Ebay for the thrill seekers out there. Tornado Attack, LLC and ‘Team Tornado’ is auctioning off the “co-pilot” seat in Tornado Attack One to secure your spot in an expedition which will conduct a tornado chase and put you in the eye of the storm. The TA-1 vehicle started life as a Baja trophy truck and has gone through a $250,000 upgrade that allow it withstand an F-4 tornado (158-260 mph). [Link]


Automotive Links

Jeremy Clarkson

For those of you interested, Jeremy Clarkson the host of TopGear on BBC has car reviews online. I spent a whole day once reading them all. He is an excellent and very interesting writer. [Link]

Automotive Interesting Movies

5th Gear

There is a new car show on Discovery called 5th Gear. They have only shown 2 episodes so far but they have been really great. There are two famous guys, one of them is from the BBC show TopGear, the other guy is the host for Thunder Races. There is also a girl who I also think is from TopGear. The show has everything, from car reviews to news and facts. Like last time they spoke about car safety and how most headrests in cars are mostly not designed right, they also spoke about the Sinclair C5 also. In the second episode they talked about radar detectors and jammers, they reviewed the new Golf and they also took us to Disneyland Paris and showed us this one show they had that involves car stunts and chases. So if you haven’t watched the show yet I would definetly recommend it. Next showing is on April 7th at 4:30PM on Discovery or 5:30PM on Discovery +1.

Automotive Design

The Facelifted BMW 7 series

Although many people tend to disagree, I really love the way the BMW 7 series looks like. Its big, and its different. Maybe at first it was a bit hard to absorb it but now that its been on the streets for some time its easier to understand. Since many people though complained about the look, BMW went and gave it a minor facelift. I think it looks worst worse now, check out what they did to the cars rear, it looks terrible.. [Link]

Automotive Kuwait

Element in Kuwait?

Just past by Marina Mall, on my way out I noticed a Honda Element waiting. Are Elements now available in Kuwait? The one I saw was grey with dark grey. Don’t know the Element? Then click here.