Gulf Road Jerks

Post by Mark

I take the Gulf Road every morning to work and every evening back home. I also take the Gulf Road on my way to the gym and back. Every single freakin day I have to put up with jerks on the road trying to hit on chicks. The Gulf Road is just 3 lanes and if there is a car with a girl in it then you find a car on the left of hers and a car on the right of hers filled with a guy or two driving at the exact same speed as the girl (or girls). It’s ridiculous! Sometimes there would be a car in front of her as well and maybe a car or two behind also trying to get some action. These idiots block the whole Gulf Road driving at a slow pace hoping to get the girls number or whatever (I have no clue how that works) while everyone else is forced to drive at an abnormally slow pace behind them.

It’s not just guys that are the problem, sometimes you get these group of girls with a ton of makeup on giggling and laughing in the car with the windows open driving slow actually wanting the guys to hit on them. It really pisses me off. Where are the cops? Why don’t the cops do anything? Why don’t they assign the female cops (pictured above) to the Gulf Road and have them take vengeance?? Instead of installing new speed cameras on the Gulf Road they should figure out a way to stop these morons.

Sorry I’m venting but I just got home after getting stuck in traffic because of some jerks.

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Cameras and Photography banned in Kuwait?

Post by Mark

It seems the ministry has banned the use of DSLR cameras (pictured above) in public places, streets and malls. You can take pictures with regular camera’s and camera phones but not with DSLR’s? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard.

I mean seriously whats the difference between a DSLR and Point & Shoot? Both can take pictures and both can have zoom lenses. Why ban the use of DSLR’s in public and not Point & Shoot cameras? I am not saying they should ban P&S cameras I’m just trying to highlight how ridiculous this new law is.

Maybe if someone from the ministry takes a few moments to go to and search for the word Kuwait they can see exactly the kind of talented work they will be killing with this law. Maybe then they will realize how big a mistake this is.

You can read more about this on Kuwait Times [Here]

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Fakes out in the open

Post by Mark

Last week Danderma posted about this hidden place in Kuwait City that sold fake designer items. She was surprised to why the place hadn’t been shut down yet. Well there is a whole shopping mall in the middle of Salmiya with all the stores in the mall selling fake handbags from the likes of Gucci, Channel, Prada and Louis Vuitton. There isn’t a hidden entrance, or a long winding maze to get to these stores. You don’t need to know the salesman so he could reveal the fake bags in a hidden back room. These fake items are proudly displayed in their main window displays and out in the open.

Why is this being allowed? I am sure this is hurting the business of those brands a lot. Why aren’t these stores being shut down and slapped with a heavy fine? The stores are located in Mounira Complex across the street from ABK near Marina Mall in Salmiya. Same complex that has Eastpak/Jansport and Kwik Kopy.

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The Kuwait Zoo… it’s still a mess

Post by Mark

After reading an article in Arab Times about the Zoo management accepting criticism I figured with that the Kuwait Zoo had turned a new leaf and has changed for the better. Well I was there today and nothing has changed.

To be fair, the 3 new bear enclosures are a huge improvement over everything else at the zoo. They’ve also fixed the Bony sign by covering up the bottom right part of the B so that it now looks like a P. And that’s it. Thats the only two things that have improved.

The worst part about the whole zoo has to be the security guards. People were feeding the animals, throwing bottles of water at the animals, throwing garbage and jumping over the protective barriers while the security guards did nothing. I went up to one security guard and asked him if it was allowed to feed the animals, he told me no it wasn’t. I then asked him why he was letting people feed the animals or kids throw bottles at the bears. He pretended to be dumb and asked me who was doing that, I just pointed to the crowd standing next to him and told him they all are. He just looked at me confused and wondered off. A few minutes later we were near the monkey cages and I noticed two little kids over the fence feeding the animals with their parents proudly standing and watching. What was even more terrible was the fact there was a security guard sitting on a chair also just watching. I went up to him as well and asked him why he wasn’t doing anything about the kids over the barrier. I asked him what if one of the monkeys bit one of the kids? He just smiled back at me, he didn’t care.

As you can see in the picture above the two kids are over the barrier. In the second picture below you can see the security guard in the chair watching the kids in the background over the barrier.

Everywhere I looked there were people just throwing stuff at the animals and no one was doing anything about it. But the thing is, it’s not their fault. People aren’t expected to know they can’t feed the animals and I only saw one “Don’t feed the animals” sign in the whole zoo. It’s the job of the zoo to educate people, they should put up signs in multiple languages telling people not to feed or throw stuff at the animals and they should be located outside all the cages and enclosures. It’s then the job of the security guards to enforce the rules when they are broken. In both cases the zoo has failed miserably.

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Hole full of garbage

Post by Mark

I am 100% sure this can’t be legal or healthy. I live in Salmiya in the old souk on Salem Mubarek Street. Right behind my building there is an empty sand lot which is used as a parking by people coming to shop in the street. The sand lot is also used as garbage dump. It has around 7 regular sized garbage cans… and one big hole in the ground.

A hole in the ground! For some reason it seems the local baladiya or whoever is responsible for garbage collection can’t afford new garbage bins or something and have decided instead to dig a big hole in the ground and fill it up with garbage. Every morning a bulldozer comes and digs up the garbage.

Why can’t they place a large garbage bin or two or three more regular sized ones instead of digging a hole?

First of all the lot is heavily surrounded by residential buildings. Second of all there is a mosque just 20 meters away from the hole. Finally people use the lot as a parking lot. Salmiya is over crowded and lacks ample parking and people are forced to park in the sandy lot filled with garbage. At night the lot is pitch black since there isn’t any kind of lighting and people end up parking right next to all the garbage bins and holes. That can’t be healthy.

Hopefully by me posting about this maybe something can be done about this. It’s just too disgusting, I mean it’s a frickin hole in the ground that’s being filled with garbage!

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The burger review that never happened

Post by Mark

I was recommended by a couple of readers to try out the burger at the English Tea Lounge at Avenues phase II. It’s an ostrich burger and supposedly very good so I passed by today for lunch around 3pm to try it out. The place was empty with not a single person there so we had our pick of where to sit. We got the menu and I quickly flipped to the page with the burger on it. My sister was going to have a salad but Nat just wanted to drink tea.

Then Nat noticed the fine print at the bottom of every page which said that the minimum order per person had to be KD6. I told her that’s probably when its packed but not when it’s empty. I called the waitress over and asked her if this KD6 minimum charge was enforced? She said yes. I was like wait, so if me and my sister want to order lunch but Nat just tea we can’t do that? She said no it’s minimum KD6 per person. WTF? The place was empty with no one there!? It’s a TEA lounge! I told her fine and got up and left.

What a very disappointing experience. Didn’t even know restaurants with minimum charges still existed in Kuwait yet alone having it enforced in an empty place.

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No Electricity

Post by Mark

One of the employees at my agency lives in an area close to Jleeb. Everyday for the past few days they’ve been getting automated power cuts. They have 2 hours of electricity and then 2 hours without, 2 hours with, 2 hours without non stop. Thursday they didn’t have electricity from 11 in the morning till 5 in the evening even. He called up the ministry and they told him there isn’t anything they can do about it and that the cuts are automated by the computer.

I think that is absolutely terrible. No electricity in this weather is just horrible. I’ve heard there are power cuts happening all over Kuwait although not to this extent. How bad is it for everyone?

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Post by Mark

I think now would be the perfect time to start a campaign to legalize car tints.

Picture by Zaid

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Oula Gas Station – Inhumane Treatment

Post by Marzouq

Posted by Z District

I got this in an email from a friend, and I’m shocked that any company can refuse an employee medical treatment for 2nd or 3rd degree burns such as this.

I saw this guy in “Oula” gas station in Kuwait City on march 8. I saw the Indian running over to fill my tank as I stepped outside, I saw the poor Indian’s hand and told him to back off; I will do the filling u just relax. I asked him a few questions about how and what happened to his hand.

This Indian employee accidentally burned his hand with hot cooking oil while cooking himself food at 1 am on the 3rd of March. He only had one day off which is the same day of the incident. Apparently the only reason he had a day off is to go to the doctor for checkup because his hand is very sore and it looked like a huge bubble growing within his hand. I spoke to the Kuwaiti man in charge and he said that he told the company that this man requires medical treatment but they haven’t allowed him to rest during this recovery period. He was there during the whole week working, and his hand was all puffed up and swollen and the puss burst from sores on his hand. He wasn’t able to move his hand at all but they refused him to take days off to recover. When he was trying to fill my gas tank his hand was shaking and he looks like he is in pain, and he is exposed to dangerous chemicals and his hand is in this state. He is on contract from Tanzifco to Oula gas station now I’m not sure who isn’t allowing him to take time off but this is a complete violation of human rights

I don’t know what exactly is the company policy but this is unacceptable in any human form. This man has 2nd to 3rd degree burns which may require major treatment or even skin grafting at the worst of it. Please keep in mind the pictures below are of graphic nature and not to everyone’s taste. I can’t believe any company would allow an employee in this state to continue working especially since his job is labor intensive.

UPDATE I: Click on GOOGLE MAPS for the location of the Gas Station. Its just by 1st ring road and Fahaheel Express Way (30), tucked on the right hand side just after crossing over 1st ring road while on Fahaheel Express Way (30) heading towards the city.

UPDATE II: Through a friend we were able to get to the Chairman/CEO of Tanzifco. He didn’t know of the issue and it will be investigated internally. They found the employee working at the Oula gas station that was mentioned above. They have now taken him from there and to have his hand checked, and he has been given two weeks off. Thank you all for your effort to help this man. A few friends and myself will be passing by today and every few days to fill up gas and to check and see if he is working or not. If anyone has an update on him when he gets back please do make sure to email me or comment please.

UPDATE III: Oula have responded [Link]

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Goodbye DHL?

Post by Mark

So I’ve been pushing DHL EasyShop a lot recently as a replacement to Aramex’s Shop&Ship but now it looks like I am going to start pushing Aramex again.

I received an email earlier today from a reader telling me about how DHL has new calculations for the weight. So I called them up and spent 20 minutes trying to understand how to calculate my shipping weight and honestly I still don’t know exactly how it works. The DHL employee told me its simple mathematics, I told him the last thing I want to do with my life is start plugging in formulas and make calculations to try and figure out how much my shipping cost will be. Here is what I understood:

If you get a package that weighs 2KG but it comes in a big box that gives you a volumetric weight of 8KG then you do the following:

8 – 2 = 6
6 > 5 = charged based on volumetric weight

So the formula looks something like

v: volumetric weight
w: actual weight

v – w = x
if x > 5 then you will be charged based on volumetric wieght
if x < 5 then you will be charged on actual weight Lets try it again. I have a shipment that is 6KG but the volumetric weight is 10kG the answer is? 10 - 6 = 4 4 < 5 so I pay based on actual weight The biggest problem is you can't figure out what the volumetric weight (v) of your package is until it arrives to your DHL mailbox which means you can't estimate the shipping cost. Seriously who at DHL came up with this smart idea? They had a chance here to gain customers that were pissed off with Aramex and now with this new change I think other customers like me will move back to Aramex. Update: I just passed by the Kuwait City DHL branch to pick up my package. What can I say, its hard not to like them. They’ve increased the amount of staff at that branch to 2 which is a good move since 1 guy wasn’t enough and I paid the regular shipping fee for my package which was based on actual weight since it was 2.5KG. I guess I will keep using DHL for everything under 5KG. I will use Aramex for items that are over 5KG but under 13KG and I will use MyUS for items 13KG and up. Life is complicated like that.

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