10 10, 2013

Welcome to 100% straight Kuwait

2013-10-11T23:10:04+03:00Oct 10, 2013|75 Comments


So the news of Kuwait banning gays from entering Kuwait by “detecting” them has been picked up by news sites all over the world including the Taiwanese company that create the hilarious news animations. They made one on this subject and it cracked me up. Check it out above.

Jimmy Fallon also mentioned Kuwait in his opening act which you can watch below starting at 4:36.


Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

2 10, 2013

Kuwait is bored

2013-10-02T15:04:14+03:00Oct 2, 2013|46 Comments

Biggest thing going on today is the video that went viral of the guy getting kissed by the two girls in the car. That’s excitement in Kuwait for ya. The video above is a hilarious spoof of it that’s also been making rounds on whatsapp. [YouTube]