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The real World Cup rules

From the Men of the World to the Women of the World. Really hillarious. [Link]

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Buy World Cup Tickets

I knew they were going to be expensive but I didn’t know they were going to be THAT expensive. I am not even talking about the $21,000 ticket for a skybox seat in the final game I am talking about ticket prices to regular games for example the cheapest ticket to the Argentine Vs Netherland game is like $1,400! I need to start making more money… [Link]

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Schumacher Cheating

If you didn’t watch it on TV here is the clip from the qualifying session. [Video]
Here is the news story in case you missed it. [Link]

update: for the non believers, Schumis previous fuckups [Link]

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Foot Locker in Kuwait

Foot Locker Kuwait

I was at Marina Mall today and noticed that Foot Locker will be opening up where the Bear Factory used to be (Across from Tommy). It seems Alshaya got the franchise to Kuwait.

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2006 Fifa World Cup Schedule

A friend of mine just emailed me a 2006 World Cup schedule. It has all the dates and times of all the matches which is cool BUT its also an excel file with some cool features. Once a match finishes you can enter the scores of the two teams in the excel file and it will then calculate how many points each team is awarded and mark it down on the group chart.

Its very nifty especially if you want to see what would happen if a team loses or wins a match before the game actually takes place. You can download the file and enter random scores now to see how it works. [Link]

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Camel Races

Today is the last day for the Camel races since they stop racing in the summer. The AWARE Center is arranging a final trip to the racing club in Kabad today. You can join them and take photos with the camels, and if time permits ride them. They will be meeting at the club at 2PM. Maps will be provided and admission to the club is free.

Date: Thursday, April 6
Time: 2pm

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The race is on

There is a 50 meter running race thats been organized by a few of us here at my agency. I don’t know who’s idea it was but its a silly idea that everyone went a long with for the fuck of it. We will be 6 guys of various sizes and fitness competing in this race. I think I am the most unfit one between them all but I am the tallest between them. Back in elementary and middle school I used to be the fastest 50 meter runner (I have the cups and medals to prove it!) so I have experience or something. The location of the race is unknown but the timing is sometime today. I still think I am fast like I was when I was a kid so I believe I should kick everyones ass… or at-least try my best not to come out last. It should be fun.

Update: At the start of our lunch break we all headed down to the underground parking across the street. We decided we would race from one walk to the other wall on the opposite side. I fucking came last two times out of two races! I guess its a good thing, I used to think I was still as fast as I used to be and now I know I am not. It was an awakening.

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Formula 1 at Virgin

Ferrari F1

So I was at Virgin earlier and the section in the back where Nissan used to be is now closed off and there is a Ferrari Formula 1 car on display there. If anyone is interested that is.

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New Golf Store

sahara golf club

Yesterday while walking around Muthana Complex I found this really cool Golf store called Golf Me. I hadn’t seen it before and I later found out that it had only been open for 2 weeks now. I went inside and spoke to the owner who was a very nice guy. The first thing I asked him was if there was a Golf course in Kuwait. He told me there was one in Ahmadi thats a sand course, I told him I knew about that but if there was a grass one. Surprisingly he told me there was, a place called the Sahara Golf & Country Club. I then started to get some details about the store and how much it would cost to golf in Kuwait and this is what I found out. Firstly they have this cool setup in the store where you can try golf clubs out and watch your swing replayed digitally on a TV screen. I also found out that they teach golf. For KD70 you get 10 courses and this includes the use of their golf clubs and time on the golf course. If later on you want to buy your own golf club set you can get one for as low as KD150. I forgot to ask how much it would cost to play golf in the Ahmadi course but I did ask about the Sahara Golf & Country club. The owner told me you need to be a member at the country club and its not cheap. Originally when they first opened membership was KD1300 a year, the price then went up to KD1500 and now the price is KD2000, KD500 of which is a one time setup fee. The course is managed by PGA and is 18 holes and 6,700 yards so its not your run of a mill golf course.

Anyway here are some links and pictures related to the above.
Sahara Golf & Country Club Website
Details on the country club
The Golf Me website
Golf Me from the outside
Golf Me from the inside
Golf Me from the inside 2

The Golf Me store is located on the Mezzanine floor of the Muthana Complex in Kuwait City. Their phone number is 2634660.


Ashley Cole is in the Gay Orgy Sex Tape

Remember I posted about the two English Premiership soccer players who made a gay orgy sex tape and no one knew who the two players were? Well it turns out one of the players is none other then Ashley Cole! PinkNews originally had the article with the proof and all but their whole site is down now probably because they weren’t supposed to reveal who the plyaer was. You can still see it in the google cache though although without the picture proof. [Link]

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Fun on Ice

ice skating

During my lunch break I went to the ice skating ring. It was my first time there since I went back in June and I had posted about it on In June though the weather was really hot and Ice Skating helped cool us down. Today though I froze my ass off ice skating, my fingers actually turned blue from the cold. The cool thing though was that it was empty except for me and my friend, there was absolutely no one else which was really cool. Entrance cost us KD1.5 and we took the free skates this time around which were actually easier to skate with compared to the ice hockey ones we took last time. I am a really terrible ice skater and I find ice skating a very dangerous sport, don’t know why it freaks me out so much. Even though, I like going there during my lunch break because I find it very refreshing.


Two English Premiership Soccer Players Have a Gay Orgy Sex Tape

Supposingly the tape is floating around on the web but I haven’t been able to find it. I haven’t been able to find the name of the players either but I was able to find a few articles online with details on what exactly is going on in the video my favorite being an article by Gambiling911 (sounds like a very reliable source). In the article they talk about some of the sex acts that take place on the video and here is an example of one:

Player A—a household name who has a reputation as a rebel on and off the pitch—shoves his mobile down his boxers.

He performs a sex act with it which is too obscene to be described here. Then Player B calls his number to make the phone vibrate. Player A is also pictured on the bed while Player B—a multi-million pound goal-scoring mid-fielder—kneels to perform oral sex on him.

I am really curious to know who the players are. [Link]

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Soccer Celebrations

Two nights ago when Egypt won the African Cup in soccer, large convoys were driving around celebrating by honking and cheering. They were really annoying and kept going at it for 30 minutes around my area before they left somewhere else. If this happened at say 6PM I wouldn’t have had a problem (maybe) but they were honking like crazy at 11PM! So awhile ago I found out that the cops arrested a lot of Egyptians on the Gulf Road that night because while the whole country was mourning the passing of the late Amir they were driving around celebrating a soccer game. I am glad the cops arrested them, I was tempted to call the cops on them myself because they were causing such a disturbance but I didn’t know what number to call (777?) and I didn’t know what to say (people are honking please help me). Anyone else hear them?

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Snow comes to deserts of Dubai

Ski Dubai

The indoor ski slopes finally opened up in Dubai and looking at the pictures on their website makes me jealous that we don’t have anything similar here in Kuwait. Entrance price is only $35 and that includes clothes and equipment rental which I think is a pretty good deal. But, the place doesn’t look “that” big so I am curious to find out if its going to be over crowded the whole time or not. [Link]

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Ramp Rebels Tour 2005

ramp rebels tour

I was at Eastpak yesterday night when I found a flyer for the Ramp Rebels Tour. They are in Kuwait for two days and will be performing at Marina Crescent. Today is the first day and the show starts at 2PM all the way till 5. Tomorrow (Friday) they will be performing at the same time and it will be their last day.

The Ramp Rebels Tour is a BMX and skateboarding show. The show features Ben Hennon (BMX), Ben Manuel (BMX), Julian Dykmans (skateboard) and Hugo Liard (Skateboard).