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Funniest Scene Ever

I think the funniest scene I have ever watched is from Arrested Developement when the family is at the hospital emergency room waiting to see if Buster was ok after he got attacked by a seal and the doctor comes to them with news:

Lucille: How’s my son?
Doctor: He’s going to be all right.
Lindsay Funke: Finally some good news from this guy.
George Michael: There’s no other way to take that.
Doctor: That’s a great attitude. I got to tell you, if I was getting this news, I don’t know that I’d take it this well.
Lucille: But you said he was all right.
Doctor: Yes, he’s lost his left hand. So he’s going to be “all right.”
Lucille: [Jumping on the doctor] You son of a bitch! I hate this doctor!
Lindsay Funke: How do we keep getting this guy?
Michael: Mom, he’s a very literal man.
Doctor: Yes, that’s more the way I would take the news.

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Million Dollar Baby

I watched a Million Dollar Baby last night. It was a really good movie but if I had known the ending was going to be so sad I wouldn’t have watched it. I also understand now why people were saying the title of the movie was so terrible. I also got to watch LA Confidential yesterday. I had watched it when it first came out as a cinema copy video and I remember getting bored half way and turning it off. Yesterday I watched it all over again and I liked it a lot. The coolest part was that the mob boss Mickey was played by Paul Guilfoyle, the police captain on CSI. Speaking of which, the first episode of CSI NY will be on August 22nd on TV Land.


CSI New York on Showtime

csi new york

CSI New York will start playing on Showtime starting next month. This means we will now have all three CSI’s on Showtime which combined with the show 24 makes TV Land one of the coolest channels available.

Funny Television

Bring Back the Couch

Daily Show

Since the Daily Show returned with a new set, many of the devoted fans have complained about it. One guy went and created a website called Bring Back the Couch which talks about how the couch made the show, its really funny. So yeah. BRING BACK THE COUCH! [Link]

Internet Television

Watch TV Online

crafty tvYou can now watch your favorite TV shows online, including Sopranos, Joey, Arrested Development, Chappelle Show, MacGuyver, South Park and more. The service was free before but now only a handful of shows are free (Simposins and Ninja Turtles for example). But if you want to watch all the shows its only 8$ a month, not expensive at all. [Link]

Update: Anyone remember iCraveTV? I never was able to watch any of it since it required atleast 56kb connection and I was still on 28.8. That was cool, the site used to stream Fox and other channels live online before it was shut down. Nothing similar is available today.

News Television

Jackson Verdict

Me and Nat are up now watching Michael Jacksons four SUV’s convoy head towards the courthouse. The jury has reached a verdict and they will be reading it as soon as Michael arrives. Watching the convoy heading towards the courthouse reminded me a lot of when I watched OJ Simpsons chase on TV back in Canada. I love this live stuff and I hope he turns out not guilty.

Update: Michael is NOT guilty of any of the 10 counts.

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Jessica Simpson

jessica simpson

Turns out Jessica Simpson slept with Bam Margera (Viva La Bam) and Johnny Knoxville (Jackass). I might be able to understand why she slept with Johnny but Bam?!?! [Link]

Information Television

Futurama Coming Back

There are currently preliminary talks going on to try and bring Futurama back (they got cancelled in 2003). This time though they won’t be coming back to TV, they would head straight to DVD instead. I hope they end up doing this, and if it works we might get other cool shows back like The Tick.

Commercials Food Television Videos

Paris Hilton Commercial

Heard about the Paris Hilton Carls Jr (Hardees) commercial that they decided was to pornographic for tv? Well now you can watch it at the directors site. [Link]

Update: Bumped up since the previous link went dead. New one is working now.

Kuwait Television

Listen Up

Listen Up

On Wednesday the 25th of May, the Paramount channel will be airing the first episode of the tv show Listen Up at 9PM. The show stars Jason Alexander (George from Seinfeld) and Malcolm-Jamal Warner (from Malcom & Eddie). Its supposed to be really good. Click here for other showtimes.

Interesting Television Videos

Arabic Cartoons

Do you miss watching Grendizer, Captain Majed, Sasuki, Sanshiro, Jongar, Hekayat Alameya etc.. Well I have 2 links here that you might like. The first one has a lot of cartoons which you can download directly from the site and an option to download a lot more cartoons if you become a member. The second link is more complicated to use because it contains torrent links to many of the popular cartoons. If you have any more links please share them with us.

Link 1
Link 2

Kuwait Television

Hidden Screen

everybody loves raymond

I was watching Everybody Loves Raymond on my Tivo when a black screen with copy on it came on for a micro second and disappeared. So I paused the tivo and went back frame by frame to the black screen. I then took a picture of it and though I would share it with you. I love finding stuff like this.

Kuwait Television

Busting Pirates on TV

Someone in the office just told me that they recently have been busting in on pirates in Hawalli and they are broadcasting the busts live on TV. COPS style. Anyone know anything about this or seen it?

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The Office Space Massacre

Yesterday night me and nat watched Office Space which tivo had recorded earlier in the week. I already have watched the movie atleast half a dozen times but its a classic and always worth watching again. But, this was the first time I watched it censored! I can’t believe how badly one tv sucks! The words fuck and shit are censored, there is a whole “PC Load Letter” scene in the movie which was cut short, there is a completely missing scene in the movie where the Michael Bolton guy is listening to rap, there is a cancer tits ad missing scene, there is just so much cut out that the movie wasn’t worth watching anymore. They completely slaughtered what has to be one of the coolest movies of all time. In the end I just couldn’t handle it, we deleted the movie off the Tivo and watched something else. The only good thing about One TV is The Contender. I don’t know how they got the rights for Sopranos..

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Rambo 4 – Al-Qaeda’s Blood

Yesterday night on the Conan O’Brien show, Sylvester Stallone was one of the guests. I really like him (Stallone) a lot, he is one of my favorite actors. Not because of his acting abilities but because of his personality as an actor and the fact that he made the movies Rambo and Cobra, both favorites of mine. So yesterdays show was extremely funny, Conan was able to get the best out of Stallone, he joked about Rocky and stuff, plus asked if Rambo would make a come back and surprisingly Stallone suggested he might. Conan made a good point by suggesting Rambo now has a new enemy to fight, Al Qaeda. Stallone joked saying that Rambo is old now and probably won’t travel that far from home, he said Rambo would probably just drive down to Mexico and fight someone there. Stallone is a really funny guy, watching him yesterday made me feel like watching Cobra again. Anyway here is a recent picture of him with Arnold Schwarzenegger.