REUSE (Night) Schedule

Post by Mark


I got my hands on the schedule for the musical performances taking place this coming weekend at REUSE. Check it out below and click the names of the artists if you want to find out more about them:

Friday 1st April
Altersal 5.15 pm (45 mins max)
Maotik 6.15 pm (40 mins max)
Nicholson 7.30 pm (45 mins max)
Nonotak 8.30 pm (40 mins max)
The ERA 9.15pm (45 mins max)

Saturday 2nd April
Fari B & Chris Weaver 5.15 pm (30 mins max)
Karim Sultan 6.15 pm (45 mins max)
Magic Island 7.30 pm (45 mins max)
Maotik 8.30 pm (40 mins max)

Just a reminder, this is for REUSE (Night) which requires a purchase of a ticket, REUSE (Day) is free to attend by everyone. For more details on the REUSE event click [Here]

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Giveaway: Win Two Tickets to the Kuwait Rising Music Festival Featuring HVOB

Post by Mark


Kuwait Rising is an alternative Arab music festival which is going to be held in Kuwait this coming weekend (March 11) and feature artists from around the world including HVOB, Perfect Timing, Bosaina and Etyen. The event is hosted by Zahed Sultan at DAI in Yarmouk with limited tickets costing KD15 each.


248AM has teamed up with Zahed Sultan and Red Bull to giveaway two festival tickets to one lucky winner. All you need to do to enter the draw is leave a comment below mentioning the brand of the energy drink in the flyer above.

I will stop accepting entries in the comments section by tomorrow (Tuesday March 8th) at 11PM and then randomly choose one winner and notify them via email.

Rules: Only one entry per person and please make sure you use a working email since the winner will be contacted by email. If winner doesn’t respond, another winner will be randomly chosen.

For more information on the event click [Here]

Update: I closed the post for comments and then using drew a number. The first number was 115 (Dheeraj) but that person had left two comments so they were disqualified. The second number I drew was 49 (Kapish), but that person didn’t have the correct answer so they were also disqualified. Finally the third number I drew was 86 (Amal) so thats the winer and I just sent them an email.


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HVOB Coming to Kuwait

Post by Mark


The Red Bull Music Academy finally released their list of musicians who will be performing at the Kuwait Rising music festival next month and one of the artists coming will be HVOB. I got to watch them perform live in Beirut around 2 years back and they put on a great show so it’s pretty cool that they’re coming to Kuwait. Actually, just an odd tidbit, remember last week in my Tumi bag review I posted about seeing a beat up and dented aluminium Rimowa at an airport once and falling in love with it? Well that suitcase actually belonged to one of the band members of HVOB who I ended up running into at the airport the day after their performance. So pretty weird coincidence considering I posted that last week and now this. Details on the event are still being fizzled out but for now you can check out the latest info [Here]

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New Track: Hala Yummah

Post by Mark

Hala Yummah is a new track by the duo Issa Hashemi and Ali Habib. It came out over the holidays and has been quickly gaining popularity with it’s fusion of electronic and Kuwaiti music. Check out the video on top. [YouTube]


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New Band: The WaterTowers

Post by Mark


The WaterTowers is a new band that was recently formed featuring a super talented all star cast of musicians including Amin Fari (Mr.Fari), Ali Sleeq, Yousef Al Qabandi and Hashim Al Nassir while being produced by Riadh Al Qabandi. They’ve released their first single on SoundCloud called BurnForYou and you can check it out below.

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Big D is Back from Retirement

Post by Mark

Infamous Kuwaiti rapper Big D retired earlier this year with a pretty odd resignation letter. The main reason he left music was because he started believing music was a sin and that the rap industry as a whole were advocates of the Devil. I guess he no longer believes that because he’s back out of retirement with a new video. Sadly it’s a pretty boring video, he really should go back and get the guy who produced my favorite video of his that had the trashy looking girls drinking fake wine. At least that was entertaining to watch even if you didn’t like his music.


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Mohammed Taher, Brave Wave and the Generation Series

Post by Patrick


I previously interviewed Mohammed Taher, the Kuwaiti creative director and founder of the Brave Wave record label. Since then he’s been busy helping in the releases of various projects like Keiji Yamagishi’s (Ninja Gaiden’s composer) first solo album, Shovel Knight’s soundtrack and an album by duo composers Saori Kobayashi (Panzer Dragoon) and Yumiko Takahashi (Suikoden) under the name of AKANE.

It doesn’t seem like he or Brave Wave take any breaks because they recently started a new label called the Generation Series. Under the Generation Series name they’ll be releasing definitive, remastered soundtracks of classic games. The first game they’re working on is Street Fighter II. The Verge recently interviewed him and sound engineer Marco Guardia about the challenges they faced working on such a huge project.

The project is interesting for various reasons. First of all, convenience. Video game soundtracks are hard to come by and when you do find them they usually cost more than they should because of rarity. The reason I personally think the Generation Series is interesting is the idea of preservation. Other forms of media (like film) have people restoring and preserving them. Preservation is a new concept when it comes to gaming, especially video game music, so I really appreciate Brave Wave taking the initiative.

It’s great to see Kuwait being represented by someone like Mohammed Taher, so be sure to visit Brave Wave’s releases page to support them.

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Join the Ahmadi Music Group

Post by Mark


The Ahmadi Music Group is Kuwait’s oldest and largest performing arts organization. Their concerts include orchestra, choir, rock band, ballet, hip-hop and everything else. They’re currently looking for new members to join, no auditions necessary and everyone is welcome regardless of experience.

So if you’re interested in joining them you can pass by their first rehearsal next Sunday (13 September) between 7-9PM at the New English School (NES) in Jabriyah. There will be free donuts.

For info, call Richard Bushman 97288859 or

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National Day Music

Post by Mark

Here are some old National Day songs you can download as MP3s as well as a few music videos:

Downloadable MP3’s (Right click and Save As)
Beladona Il Kuwait
Shadi Al Khaleej – Kaseeroh Dalah
Sana Al Kharaz – I7na IlKha6awi AlAkeeda
Sana Al Kharaz – 6ig Ya Mu6ar 6ig
Sana Al Kharaz – Al Azrag
Sana Al Kharaz – Salam Ya Wa6ani
7naina Il Ayadi
Il Wa7id Allah (Om A7med – Wainich Yal Ibra)
Imbarak 3alaik il3id
Abdul Kareem Abdul Qader – Wa6an Al Nahar
Abdullah Al-Ruwaishid – 3ashat Lina Il Kuwait (Original)
Hussien Al Jasmi – La Telomoni (Hala February)
Nabeel Sh3ail – Ya Dar (Hala February)
Rashid Al-Majid – 6ayir Men El Far7a
BBS Kids – Wa6ani 7abeebi
Kuwaiti TV Band – Ya Wardity Ya Nidiya
Kuwaiti TV Band – Al Ziman Dawar


Music Videos
حفل المعاهد الخاصة سنة 86 – كلما زادت المحن – شادي الخليج
امبارك عليك العيد يا بلادي – حفلة العيد الوطني 1977
شادي الخليج 1986- كاسروه دله اربع انات مله
شادي الخليج – كويت و العرب من اوبريت شراع الوفاء

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Dedicated to Kuwait on the Occasion of the National Holidays by Expats

Post by Mark

The music video above is dedicated to the people of Kuwait from the expats of Kuwait (the remaining expats who still haven’t been deported). The video features a bunch of talented expats including a few I know like Monstariam and Basil Al Hadi. Check it out above. [YouTube]


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