Car park for women

Posted by Mark

I just heard about this on the radio and just found an article about it online. A shopping mall in China built a parking lot just for women. Some of the features include parking spots that are 1 meter wider than usual, more lights so they can see better, bright purple and pink colored walls and more. According to the shopping mall, the parking lot caters to women’s “strong sense of colour and different sense of distance”. [Link]

Difference sense of distance… I like that.

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The World’s Friendliest Countries

Posted by Mark

According to a survey held by HSBC, Bahrain turned out to be the friendliest country in the world. Couldn’t find Kuwait on the list not even after I downloaded the full report from the HSBC website. That’s probably because there is no HSBC in Kuwait. Here is the top 10 friendliest countries:

1. Bahrain
2. Canada
3. Australia
4. Thailand
5. Malaysia
6. South Africa
7. Hong Kong
8. Singapore
9. Spain
10. United States

Here is a link to the Forbes article [Link]

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A Greener Kuwait

Posted by Mark

A reader left the news article below as a comment but didn’t mention the source:

Municipal authority calls for halt of bulldozing unlicensed planted plots

The Municipal Council recommended on Monday halt of bulldozing plots of lands that have been cultivated without obtaining advance permit from the relevant authorities.
The council, at a regular session headed by the Chairman Zaid Al-Azmi, with unanimous blessing, recommended the halt of the removal of plants and trees at such plots till introduction of amendments into the regulations regarding plantations off private houses.

The council approved the cabinet decision to change the name of the border region from Um-Qaser to Al-Buhaith, and referred a request by the Environment Public Authority (EPA) to name the north of Boubyan island as “the reserve of Mubarak Al-Kabeer” — in reference to the late Amir, to a panel tasked with choosing names for public sites and regions.

The members of the council pondered various other procedural and bureaucratic matters related to maintenance of roads and water sewage systems.

If this is true then it’s great news.

Picture by Ramez

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Maid suicides in Lebanon

Posted by Mark

Whenever I get back to Lebanon one of the things that pisses me off is the amount of racism that still exists there. I was just checking CNN and noticed an article called Maid Suicides and it turned out to be an article about the recent spate of maid suicides in Lebanon. This is extremely depressing and honestly I am not sure what can be done to educate the employers of those maids. Anybody have any ideas? How do you educate a whole country? [CNN Link]

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Vodka Pills

Posted by Mark

Someones found a way to turn vodka into pills. That should be fun for airport customs officials:

‘Solid’ vodka would become popular for two reasons only – it would be easier to carry it and because it cannot be broken. In fact, ‘dry’ vodka can be wrapped in paper and carried around in your pocket or bag. Besides that, vodka in the form of pills can help consumers determine their preferred ‘dose’ of intoxication.

Here is the link to the article [Link

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Fire at Marina Waves

Posted by Mark

I just heard fire engines pass by awhile ago and I am guessing they were heading to Marina Waves. I have no idea yet what caught fire or what started it but judging by the pictures it looks like the skateboard park.

Thanks Khalid!

Update: It was the skate park that caught fire and according to the owner it was arson.

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And one more record!

Posted by Mark

I was being sarcastic earlier today with my worlds largest hummus post in which I also jokingly stated that the next record would be the world’s largest tabbouleh. Well a couple of hours ago they actually went ahead and broke the record for the world’s largest tabbouleh weighing a massive 3.5 ton and kicking Israel’s ass once again who only managed to put together a 2.6 ton tabbouleh. Is the largest shawerma next? We can only hope. [Link]

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Yes we did it again!

Posted by Mark

If breaking the record with the world’s largest kebbe dish wasn’t enough Lebanon has just broken the record for the largest hummus. Take that Israel! Coming soon, world’s largest tabbouleh… [Link]

Note: I am being sarcastic

Update: No fucking way!! I just read this in the news..

Only one day after breaking a Guiness book record with a huge Hummus plate that weighed more than two tons, Lebanon broke today a third Guinness record for food this year, this time with a 3557 Kgs plate of Tabbouleh.

That’s freaky how my sarcastic comment turned into a reality.

Also another news source stated the following:

The newly acquired title surpasses Israel’s 2.6 ton by 3557 kilograms.

So take that Israelx2!

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Aramco sued for death of ‘beauty queen’ camel

Posted by Mark

I found this funny although if it happened to my dog I would also be pissed and sue:

In what must rank as one of the most bizarre lawsuits ever filed against an oil and gas company, it has been reported that Saudi Aramco are being sued for US$267,000 for allegedly causing the death of a female camel that had taken part in a beauty pageant in the KSA.

The attractive three year-old black camel died in tragic circumstances after she fell into a hole in the desert that the Saudi hydrocarbons giant had dug and filled with crude oil.

Her heartbroken owner, Abdullah Al-Saiari, had entered the animal into the Camel Beauty Contest, a hotly contested event that attracts camel breeders from all over the KSA to show off their most eye-catching beasts.

The case is currently being brought before the court in Saudi Arabia.


via Desert Girl

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Doctor attacked at a hospital in Kuwait

Posted by Mark

I first saw this video on q8blackmarket a few days ago but just got around to viewing it after seeing it on Frankoms blog. For those of you who don’t speak Arabic what happens in the video is that a woman goes to see a doctor at a local hospital, she enters the room but then leaves shortly after very upset. She heads to the security department and files a complaint (they never tell us what the complaint was) but it seems it wasn’t a big deal because security never left their desk. She got more upset and called a guy who comes to the hospital and attacks the doctor and then escapes. All of this is caught on security cameras and what is very troubling is the fact that security didn’t stop the attacker. Watch the video. [YouTube]

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