Another new Guinness World Record for Kuwait

Post by Mark

Another day another record. This time it’s for the most expensive camel in the world.

A camel named Bedour entered the Guinness Book of Records when it was purchased for 2 million dinars cash after the seller refused to take a cheque or ATM card during the Safat Camel Auction in Sulaibiya, reports Al-Shahid daily.

According to the seller, the camel is expensive because it’s unique and exceptionally beautiful, which makes it different from other camels and on par with camels the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions rode. He affirmed that this revelation is verifiable and has already been established. Therefore, the camel is worth the amount he collected from the purchase, the seller noted.

He reiterated that the value of the camel has nothing to do with quality of its meat, hyrax, milk or urine but its offspring and byproducts. He said the buyer will recoup the KD 2,000,000 with huge profit, stressing that mere onlookers were surprised that the camel had been sold for 2 million, which is almost enough to buy a private jet and way beyond the prices of latest automobiles.

He claimed the camel originates from camels the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions owned. He also said the buyer could insure the camel just like human beings, cars and houses, even though he refused to mention profit he made through the deal. [Source]

KD2,000,000 cash!

Thanks Tuan

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2011 Quality of Living Worldwide City Rankings

Post by Mark

Spoiler: Kuwait came 120th out of 220 countries surveyed. That’s not that great specially when Dubai came in 74. No surprise at the top of the list with European and Canadian cities dominating it all. Vienna came in first. [Link]

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Kuwait kinda not corrupt

Post by Mark

The 2011 Corruption Perception Index is out and although Kuwait does poorly compared to our GCC neighbors, overall we’re not that bad when compared to the rest of the world. Kuwait ranked 54 out of 182 countries in the 2011 Corruption Perception Index with New Zealand being the least corrupt coming in 1st place while Somalia is the most corrupt landing at the bottom of the list at 182. Here is our ranking compared to our neighbors (the higher the less corrupt):

1- Qatar
2- United Arab Emirates
3- Bahrain
4- Oman
5- Kuwait
6- Saudi Arabia

You can check out the full results [Here]

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B+F Open Flame Kitchen Wins Gold

Post by Mark

Last night at the prestigious ICSC Awards that was held at Burj Khalifa in Dubai, our local creation B+F Open Flame Kitchen won the Gold Award for “Best New Retail Concept”. I wouldn’t say I’m too surprised about this since OFK is really that good. [Link]

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What happens when you flush a toilet in the world’s tallest building

Post by Mark

Looks like we’ve got an advantage over Dubai when it comes to our sewage structure? According to an article on BoingBoing, most of the skyscrapers in Dubai aren’t connected to the sewage network and trucks actually need to come and empty the sewage from the buildings manually. [Link]

Kuwait 3* – Dubai 3,204

*We got the first point when Dubai blocked flickr and the second point when malls in Dubai started telling people what to wear

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Malls need more security

Post by Mark

Teenager dies in Salmiya mall gang fight
A 19-year-old Iranian died of chest wounds and two other youths, including an Egyptian expatriate were severely injured in a bloody fight among some 80 individuals at a famous shopping complex in Salmiya area.

The youths are said to have used batons, knives and other sharp objects to attack each other and the injured people were left behind, bleeding profusely, while other members of the feuding party managed to escape at the sight of police. Even so, about 20 of them were taken into custody when paramedics referred the three injured people to the Mubarak Hospital for medical care. Later on, the Iranian died of internal bleeding. A case has since been registered for investigation.

Meanwhile, another group of youths engaged in a quarrel at the same commercial complex over a girl, resulting in severe injuries to a citizen of Kazakhstan and a Jordanian. The injured people were taken to the Mubarak Hospital by paramedics arriving at the scene with security operatives. A case was registered.

In yet another incident, two Kuwaiti juveniles suffered injuries in different places of their bodies, as they fought with six other juveniles at a public garden in Rumaithiya. Paramedics sent the injured citizens to the Mubarak Hospital, while securitymen referred the other juveniles to Juvenile Prosecution for investigation. [Source]

Rowdy youths harass, strip 3 girls naked in Hawalli mall
The Nugra police have arrested two youths, both believed to be criminals, for eve-teasing and tearing the clothes of three Arab girls because they did not give in to their mischief, at a shopping mall, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

According to eyewitness reports the youths were constantly harassing the victims and the latter criticized them in front of the people. The youths got annoyed and allegedly tore off the clothes of the girls, following which they screamed for help when they were left with only undergarments on. Someone called the police and the suspects have been taken into custody. [Source]

If these two horrifying incidents aren’t enough to have malls rethink their security then I’m not sure what is.

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Clean energy coming to Kuwait

Post by Mark

According to Arabian Business, Kuwait is raising the bar and aims to generate 10 percent of its electricity from sustainable sources by 2020. All I have to say is it’s about time. With our sunny cloudless skies all year round, solar energy is the way to go. Next stop should be replacing all the heavily polluting buses with electric running ones and it should be pretty easy to do. [Link]

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Cops getting electric stand-up vehicles

Post by Mark

The Kuwait Airport security is getting a shipment of T3 electric stand-up vehicles. I’m not sure why since the airport is pretty tiny but the Ministry of Interior seems to think it will make them modern. Maybe they can use them to chase smokers? [Link]

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Customs on an indefinite strike

Post by Mark

A friend of mine sent the email below which was sent to him by his couriers account manager:

The Kuwait customs have gone on an indefinite strike. The strike will affect clearance at the airport and land customs, as well as the border between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. There will be no road movements into or out of Kuwait until the strike is over.

Clearance of inbound material (including Documents) at both the airport and land customs will be suspended throughout the strike.

Export from Kuwait will also be affected, and only Conveyable Non documents and Documents that can be transferred via passenger channels at the airport will be able to move.

Regular pickup’s will be carried out, until further notice.

There is a possibility that the strike could last more than one day, however we do not have confirmation of this as yet and will communicate as soon as we do.

I’ve got six packages currently held in customs and I guess I shouldn’t be expecting them to be cleared anytime soon. This sucks.

Update: Spotted the below on Buz Fairy taken outside the customs department. Can someone please tell me what “Customs we apologize to serve you strike a comprehensive” means?

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Tikka caught fire

Post by Mark

I woke up this morning to find out that Tikka and the Fashionway complex opposite Fanar in Salmiya had caught fire this morning. I don’t have any information yet on what caused the fire but it looks like the fire engulfed the whole top floor and probably causing damage to the shops below as well. The video above is of Tikka on fire and below are some shots taken after the fire was put out. [YouTube]

Thanks Rami and Karim

Update: Below are some shots of the fire taken by Hudson

Update2: Below is a 27 minute video of the fire, better quality than the one above.

Thanks Khaloody

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