Body Mod

Post by Mark

I like mods but I never tried one on my body. This seems like a good one to start with though its not gonna be very fun if no one is gonna see it. The body mod is on how to change the color of your pee to blue.. [Link]

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Post by Mark


This very unappetizing picture is of a Shrimpy meal which K.theKuwaiti ordered. Although I have been craving Shrimpy for a while now, after reading his story and seeing the pictures I think I will focus my attention back to donuts or cookies. They should never have shut down Long John Silvers, it was like a better version of Shrimpy. Anyway you can read his experience by visiting his site. [Link]

Who makes the best fish and chips in Kuwait?

note: title of this post is an inside joke which no one will get

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What are Auction it TODAY selling?

Post by Mark


I posted about Auction it TODAY last month. They are a company in Kuwait that take care of selling your stuff on eBay. Well I was checking out what they were currently auctioning off on eBay and I ended up finding some strange items. Keep in mind all this stuff is located in Kuwait which makes the actual items strange. Like the Food Dehydrator or 35mm camera. If you check their previous sold items you will find even stranger stuff.

You can check out their auctions by clicking [Here].

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And another strange email

Post by Mark

These emails I keep getting just get weirder and weirder:

amir wrote:
Respected people!

As we all know that lulu supermarket is one of the best superstore in Dubai. I have seen a dream of lulu supermarket being the biggest chain of superstore in all over the world.So i request you to open your another super store at Karachi.As it is going to be the best superstore of Pakistan. I will be very grateful to represent lulu market in Pakistan.

Thank you for your important time.

Bonus: Here is another one I got last week:

cathy casares wrote:
hi…I am cathy casares, ptc vice-president of Mother Goose Nursery. We were considering Go Nuts Donuts for our field trip. I would like to inquire further on your magical tour. Is there a number that we can call? I have your brochure. However, there is no telephone number found. Please let me know who we should look for so we can make the arrangements.

thanks and hoping for your immediate response.

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Xbox 360 for $100

Post by Mark

Get This Deal

Tonight at 10PM local time Amazon had a special deal on the Xbox 360. The were offering it for only $100, the catch.. only 1000 pieces. I knew I didn’t have a chance when I saw that deal plastered all over the web including places like Digg and Gizmodo. Still, I decided to give it a shot and see if I could be one of the lucky 1000.

At around 9:45PM I started refreshing the offer page every 20 seconds. By 9:58 Amazon’s servers got overloaded and the page stopped loading. So using two computers I started opening the same page in like 20 tabs on each computer. Finally two of my tabs loaded and I saw the Get this deal button. I quickly pressed it but my other tabs started loading and I noticed the same page now was saying Sold Out. I was hoping that since I clicked the button already I would be counted as one of the first 1000. Around a minute later one of the tabs where I had clicked the Get this deal button loaded and Amazon was asking me what 11+16 was. I quickly loaded up the calculater (yes I suck) and calculated their question and entered it and pressed Get this deal for a second time.

Sadly, by the time the third page loaded around 10:13PM I got a message telling me the product didn’t exist. The 1000 Xbox 360’s got sold out in under 15 seconds. With our lousy internet connection here in Kuwait I didn’t stand a chance. But, at least it was a fun experience.

Here are some screen grabs of the two pages aftr I clicked the first Get this deal button.

Second page message
Third page message

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Bugatti no longer in Kuwait

Post by Mark

On my way home tonight I decided to pass by the Al Zayanni dealership to check out the new Bugatti. Turns out the Bugatti left Kuwait two days ago and is now in Saudi Arabia. I asked the salesman if anyone purchased the Bugatti, he told me there was one guy who was interested but nothing is final yet. I asked him if the Bugatti was going to come back to Kuwait, he replied telling me if the guy who was interested in the car buys it then you will see it again in Kuwait. The price of the car was exactly KD400,000. The money would be payable directly to Bugatti. I think Al Zayanni just lent out their showroom to Bugatti who I am guessing are touring the Gulf trying to sell the cars.

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The New IKEA

Post by Mark

ikea logo

I passed by IKEA earlier tonight, the new one which is located at the Avenues Mall. It IS huge, very huge. I really liked the new place, the whole mall although still closed looks massive. The most noticable update at IKEA has to be the restaurant, its now around 4 or 5 times larger then it was before. Actually what am I saying, the whole place is like 4 times larger. Its now a really long walk from the beginning till the end.

I had dinner at the IKEA restaurant, Chicken Masala with Rice. It was pretty good but to help paint a picture on how big the new IKEA is, by the time I got to the exit I was hungry again and ended up ordering food from the snack stand near the exit. The new snack stand by the way is a huge improvement over the old one. Other then corn, ice cream, and hotdogs they now have shawerma. I decided to order one just to try it, I would probably give it a 3 out of 5, still need to pass by and try it one more time before I can give my final score though.

The biggest change in the new IKEA is that you now have to pick up your packages yourself just before you get to the cashier. You enter this huge warehouse like room and its just shelves and shelves of packed goods. Someone told me IKEA did this to bring down the prices of the products by 10%. Whatever their reason I know many people will not like the fact that they now have to do manual labor. I took a picture of one of the shelves which you can view by clicking [Here]

Overall I think its a really great improvement. Although I really liked the old IKEA I think the new one is better in every way.

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PS3 and Wii prices in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Marzouq posted pictures and prices of the PS3 and Wii in Rihab Complex. As you can imagine the prices at the moment are extremely high.

Sony PS3 60 GB (Jap Version)
Price: 450KD

Sony PS3 60 GB (US Version)
Price: 750KD

Nintendo Wii
Price: 250KD

1KD = $3.45 / €2.68

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Your next home theater

Post by Mark

LG Gold Plated

Yeah I know I just posted that I wouldn’t post today but then I remembered I needed to post this. LG have a 71inch plasma TV with home theater setup thats gold plated. Its currently displayed at their Salmiya branch adjacent to Alghanim Electronics. Its a really ugly setup as you can see and in person it also looks pretty cheap.

Can you guess how much it costs?

The LG setup you see in the picture above costs KD25,000! Its just ridiculous, not only that but its a display model. If I was the store manager I wouldn’t have a KD25,000 TV on display where everyone can come in and touch it, that would depreciate its value. If I a buyer on the other hand and was planning on splashing out KD25,000 I wouldn’t want a display model.. I wouldn’t want an LG either!

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No Posts Today

Post by Mark

Just too tired, exhausted, extremely busy and not very focused.

But, I will share a nice quote I recently heard and liked:

“If you can’t convince them, confuse them.”

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