What would Confusious do?

Post by Mark

If you are video chatting with someone, do you still have to type lol when you laugh? Its hard not to.

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Post by Mark

So after my last post I decided to go check out Seef Mall. I don’t know if its bigger then Marina Mall, I mean the corridors are tighter but it could be longer, anyway thats not what this post is about. I got bored at Seef Mall because it was too similar to Marina Mall, they had the exact same shops which made things really boring.

Anyway I left the place, took a cab and went to Traders Vic. What a place, its total crap. Its like a upper class snobbish restaurant/pub. I soooo hate those places. Reminded me a lot of a couple of places in Lebanon which I hate. Anyway after walking in and not finding a place at the bar to sit I called a cab and was planning on coming back to the hotel. On the way I told the cab driver that I was looking for a pub that wasn’t as upper class, something more down to earth and cool and shit. He told me he would take me to City Center where there are a lot of places and if I dont like one I can go to another. I was like cool pub jumping, I used to do that a lot in Lebanon.

Cab driver drops me off in front of City Center Hotel and tells me to go upstairs. I was like fuck no I am not going into another place like Traders Vic. So I decide to walk around and find my own pub. I find a place called Diggers and I walk in. I was like fuck, this is my place. They were playing rock music and there was a huge bar and the place was filling with British looking guys. I ordered half a pint of Heineken draft beer and started looking around. Then I realized wait, 80% of the occupants were British looking dudes, the other 20% were Asian girls just hanging around in groups around the bar. I was like fuck, these are hookers. How do I know? Because I just know, they were hookers and guys were walking up to them whispering something in their ears then the girls would whisper something back and the guys would walk away. I finished my beer and walked out of the place.

I walk down maybe 10 meters and I see something that looks like an Indian restaurant or something. I don’t know why but I was like let me walk in. I walked in and automatically I realized I had walked into a brothel. Not any brothel mind you, the really low end brothel filled with overweight Indian girls with pimples all over their faces. I turned around and started walking back out when a woman asked me where I was going and I should come in and have a drink. I was like no thank you and walked out.

So then I walked another 10 meters to another place and this place was like a restaurant but had like this asian girl band playing and it was full of Gulf nationals sitting chatting up Asian girls. I again walked out and started walking around the area. I found a massage parlor and I looked through the glass window and guess what I found… Asian shemales just sitting around waiting for customers.

I then spent over an hour walking around the area going into hotels. Each and every hotel I went into had hookers. Each and everyone one of them. One hotel I went to had a different pub on every floor for 4 floors. Each pub was full of hookers but each a different nationality. One floor Asians, one floor Indians, one floor Arabs and one floor African. It was just crazy, I never expected Bahrain to be like this. I went to at least 6 or 8 hotels checking them out and they ALL had hookers. It was just really shocking.

Finally I got bored and really sweaty from all the walking so I found a cab (a pickup truck) and asked him to drop me off at my hotel. It was really fun hotel jumping and seeing all these old European guys trying to get some from all these Asian hookers but it was also really exhausting. I am now back in my hotel room and I am going to ordered some room service. I haven’t had dinner yet.

update: OK what kind of hotel runs out of burgers? I had to order a hotdog off the kids menu. SUCKS!

update 2:
I forgot to ask, can anyone recommend a decent pub minus the hookers. I am just looking for a decent place to have some beer and listen to music.

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Bahrain ain’t that bad

Post by Mark


I have to say I have been in Bahrain for like 30 minutes and I am already pretty impressed. Firstly I have a really huge hotel room which is really cool. Secondly there is 1 mall right behind the hotel, another mall right on the side of the hotel and a third mall right in front of the hotel. The one on the side, Seef Mall looks a lot bigger then Marina Mall. On my way to the hotel I found out Bahrain is made up of 33 islands. Why didn’t I know this from before? At night Bahrain is looking like a mini version of Dubai which is again not what I was expecting. Lots of construction and tall cool looking glass office towers. I don’t know why I had a completely different idea on Bahrain, so far it looks like a lot of fun.

Now I need to stop blogging and go get drunk.

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At the airport

Post by Mark

I am at the airport now sitting at Mc Cafe drinking some tea. When Nat came back from Lebanon early in the week she came back coughing and with the flu. It seems I am getting sick now. The airport is super packed, never seen it like this before. I am taking Gulf Air to Bahrain which I am not too excited about. I have heard a lot of terrible stuff about Gulf Air and didn’t they also have like a plane or two crash a few years ago?

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25 Hours Go Kart Race

Post by Mark

Go Kart Track

If you pass by the Ice Skating ring parking lot in Kuwait City you will notice the huge parking lot has turned into a race track. This Thursday there will be a 25 hour Go Kart race in the parking lot. It will be the third year this race has been held.

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Email from my sponsors

Post by Mark

New Caprice

My contact at Alghanim Automotive sent me the following email to publish on the blog:

Hey, some news for you and your audience. The new Lumina’s and all new Caprice’s are in Kuwait!! You know how popular with Kuwaitis these cars are. They will be launched in the next couple of weeks all over Kuwait. Not only that, there is a new Epica and the new SUV that just came out, the Captiva. The Captiva will arrive end of December and is a very sexy SUV. I tried the new Lumina and OMG… it’s a freakin’ monster under the hood. The buttons, dials, and inside trim quality is so far above what you’re used. Honestly, it’s German level stuff (and im not talking VW) inside and outside. The time of big, ugly, floaty, gas guzzling American cars is way over. We’re planning to take on Audi A6 with the Caprice.

Here are pictures he attached to the email.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

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Saudi Drifting Accidents

Post by Mark

Another video shot in Saudi but this time its all crashes. [Video]

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Jazeera Airways Payment Problems

Post by Mark


Yesterday a friend at my office tried buying a ticket online at the Jazeera Airways website. When she hit the final submit button after putting in her credit card details she got a page with an error. So, she redid the process over and over until it finally worked. Once she was done she checked her email and found that she had purchased 5 tickets. It turned out even though she was getting an error the order was still going through. She has been trying to contact Jazeera since yesterday to report what happened but the lines are always busy.

Today so far the same problem has happened with 4 other people I know including k.thekuwaiti. Everyone who is also trying to contact Jazeera is getting a busy tone. Someone was also telling me the line yesterday at the airport for people waiting to buy a ticket was a kilometer long. Thats just crazy.

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Stay away from Showtime and United Networks

Post by Mark

I just came back from my bank. I went to check and see if Showtime honored my cancellation request and canceled my standing order with the bank but it turns out they haven’t. I no longer have Showtime at home since I canceled my subscription over 2 months ago but they are still taking money from me every month!

The employee at the bank was very helpful because he had gone through the same situation with United Networks which is also owned by Global Direct the same company that owns and runs Showtime. He told me what many people are doing is canceling their credit cards so that Showtime stops billing them but I wouldn’t be able to do that because Showtime take the amount straight from my account and not my credit card. So, the employee gave me some numbers at Showtime to contact but he told me they rarely pick up and to keep trying.

Dealing with Showtime has seriously been the worst experience I have ever had with any company ever! I am really trying to think of a company that treated me worst but can’t think of any at the moment. My advice is to stay away from Showtime and any other company that is run by Global Direct like United Networks and ZakSat.

update: Just got off the phone with someone at Showtime. He was very friendly and helpful. He apologized for the mixup and told me they would refund me the extra months they have taken and make sure they cancel my subscription for sure. Finally!

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Auction it TODAY – Kuwait

Post by Mark

Auction it TODAY

Auction it TODAY is basically a company that will take care of selling your stuff on eBay. A Kuwait branch was announced awhile back but they just very recently opened up shop. I called them up to get an idea of how their service works and this is what I found out. Just a note, I am not 100% positive about the information below because the person I spoke to wasn’t very clear over the phone. But this basically what I understood from him.

1) You bring your item to them

2) If you don’t have an idea how much your item is worth they will research and find out how much its worth on the market

3) They will take a picture of your item, post it on eBay and take care of shipping the item to the buyer and everything else

4) In return they take a commission fee. If your item sells for under $500, they take 38% commission. If your item sells for more then $500 they take a 30% commission. The commission fee is negotiable if you have a lot of items.

5) If you list your item without a reserve and no one buys it. You pay them only KD2. If you list and item with a reserve price and no one buys it, you pay them KD7.

Auction it TODAY is located in the Free Trade Zone near Movenpick , Building D-14. You can call them on 4613325.

I personally think its a cool service but the commission rate is just absurdly high. Is this normal? I have never used a service like this before so 30% could be the standard rate and I wouldn’t know.

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