Drift Board Face Plant

Post by Mark

Not sure if this happened here in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia but it’s not important since it’s still funny. [YouTube]


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Kuwait plans to enforce ban on smoking inside vehicles

Post by Mark

Kuwait’s General Traffic Department (GTD) is reportedly considering enforcing the law that bans motorists smoking inside their vehicles while driving.

The decision is part of the ministry’s strategy to curb road accidents, with smoking while driving considered one of the major causes of accidents in Kuwait, Al-Seyassah Daily reported.

This sounds like a lame April Fools joke. [Link]

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Kuwait Airways pilot asks porn star to sit on his Lap

Post by Mark


According to The Daily Mail, a Kuwait Airways pilot invited an ex-porn star and X Factor reject into the cockpit along with her glamorous friend for a bit of fun. Supposedly the pilot served them champagne while he boasted about sleeping with half the stewardesses. He was even wearing a Mile High Club tie pin. If that wasn’t enough the pilot begged the porn star to see her breasts and asked her to sit on his lap as she pressed buttons on the plane’s flight deck.


This has to be the coolest thing that has happened to Kuwait Airways ever. Check out the full article [Here]

Update: According to an article on TMZ, this incident took place 2 years ago but she didn’t tell anyone about it until now [Link]

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Seabird – Rum Barbados

Post by Mark


Logo look familiar?

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True Story with a Customs Officer

Post by Mark


A friend of mine who owns a sporting goods shop is importing a new brand of sneakers to Kuwait. So I was over at his place a couple of days back and asked him if the sneakers had arrived yet since I was looking to pick up a pair for myself. My friend told me that they had arrived to Kuwait but they’ve been held in customs for a month now. I was like why? He told me you’re going to laugh at this but basically the sneakers are made in China, and the certificate of origin says they’re made in China. But, the customs officer is refusing to clear the shipment because inside the sneaker tongue it says Made in China but it also says US, UK and EUR. He says it’s misleading and so is holding the shipment at the port.

At first I thought he was kidding but he was actually serious. Obviously the customs officer is looking for a bribe to release the shipments but he could have at least come up with a better excuse for not releasing them.

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Kuwait Airport During the Storm Last Night

Post by Mark

On the bright side, the government has decided to retender the new airport project after the ministry rejected all the bids back in February. [YouTube]


Thanks Salem

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No Oil For You!

Post by Mark


I watched some of the Ahmadi snaps today and I was like damn we’re screwed.

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Official Forced to Visit his Mother

Post by Mark


I hope my mum doesn’t read this.

Thanks @fayoon

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Cost Obsessions Around the World

Post by Mark


For Asia there is a wide range of results, reflecting the diversity of cultures within the continent. The biggest financial concern for people searching about Lebanon appears to be the cost of a PS3; for Kuwait it is Lamborghinis, carpets for Armenia, and watermelons for Japan.

They used google’s autocomplete feature to find out what people around the world are obsessed with. It’s definitely not a scientific study but doesn’t make it any less funny. [Link]

Thanks Musaed

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Yay! Kuwait made it on TMZ!

Post by Mark


This is just hilarious:

Oil isn’t the only worthwhile commodity in Kuwait … one woman claims it’s also the home to the idea for “Frozen” … and she claims Disney stole it from her. Muneefa Abdullah claims she came up with the idea that true love conquers evil, a central theme in “Frozen.”

Abdullah has filed a lawsuit against Disney, claiming she wrote a book called “New Fairy Tales” which contained the short story, “The Snow Princess.” Abdullah says her story involves a princess who possesses magical ice powers that give her the ability to turn people and objects into ice … which just so happens to be the plot to “Frozen.” Abdullah fires off a number of similarities, including:

– A kingdom made of ice and surrounded by mountains
– A sibling in search and rescue of the sibling possessing the magical ice powers
– A journey up the mountain, snowy guards guarding an icy castle on the mountaintop
– The idea that only love is capable of defeating evil

Abdullah wants a barrel of money.

Check out the article on TMZ [Here]

Thanks Mona

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