Kuwait Mens World Open Squash Championships 2009

Post by Mark

Since we don’t get that many world class sport events here in Kuwait I would think an event like this deserves a bit more publicity…

The Kuwait Men’s World Open will be staged from the 1st to 7th November 2009 and will boast a record prize fund of US$277,500.

The championship is the climax of a three year agreement with the Professional Squash Association (PSA) which has already seen the successful staging of Super Series Platinum events in 2007 and 2008.

As well as offering the largest prize money of any World Open, the championship will also include spectacular opening and closing ceremonies as well as an Official Championship Gala Dinner.

The championships will bring together all of the world’s leading players from the PSA World Tour. World No.1 Karim Darwish of Egypt will head a star-studded field including compatriots Ramy Ashour and Amr Shabana, Gregory Gaultier and Thierry Lincou from France, Australia’s former World Open Champion David Palmer and England’s British Champion Nick Matthew.

The quarter-finals, semi finals and finals will be played on a dedicated court being built on Green Island which sounds cool considering the weather is great at the moment. For more information visit the official website [Here]

Thanks Akbar!

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Live with the IMPROVengers

Post by Mark

The Staged in Kuwait IMPROV comedy night is back again and will take place next weekend. I got my tickets right away last night as soon as they went on sale and would highly recommend you get tickets to. They’re my favorite local comedy troupe and this season they’re holding their shows at the impressive American United School so even the venue is great. For more information, click [Here]

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IMPROV Comedy Night this Thursday!

Post by Mark


The Staged in Kuwait IMPROV Comedy Night is back this Thursday with a show titled “Back with IMPROVengeance”. Their improv nights are one of the best kept secrets in Kuwait (well at least were a secret) and is by far my favorite comedy show in Kuwait. I actually try to go to everyone of them and have been going to them for the past 3 years.

If you’ve never been to any of their shows I highly recommend you do so. For the event flyer and link to tickets, click [Here]

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Beauty and the Beast – Back for One More Show

Post by Mark

Last weekend, Staged in Kuwait put on a Beauty and the Beast musical and supposedly it was their best show yet. So they’ve decided to bring it back for one more show this coming Friday. If you missed out then this is your chance to watch it.

The photo and video above is from last weekends performance and if you’re interested in finding out more about event then click [Here]

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IMPROV Comedy Night This Weekend!

Post by Mark


The Staged in Kuwait IMPROV Comedy Night is back for a new season and their first show is this weekend. This is by far my favorite comedy show in Kuwait and one I highly recommend checking out if you’ve never done so before. They’ll be introducing a whole bunch of new comedians this year and I’m interested to see how they turn out.

The shows previously used to take place at the Live Theater in Discovery Mall which I liked but the last one and this weekends show is being held at the new Crowne Plaza Auditorium in Farwaniya (pictured above). Nice auditorium just horrible parking outside. Last time I was lucky and since I pulled up in an intimidating yellow Lotus Exige S so managed to convince the valet guy to let me park right at the entrance, don’t think I’m going to be as lucky this time around.

Anyway for more information on the comedy night as well as a link to buy tickets click [Here]

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Cinderella Pantomime Now Available Online

Post by Mark


If you missed the Cinderella Pantomime by Staged in Kuwait last week they’ve now uploaded the full video of the show online. Here is the video description:

SIK bring a brand new Cinderella script to the stage for their third pantomime, weaving some fun new characters into the age old tale in a story aimed to entertain the whole family. Sadly the video of this production was shot at the last performance against the backdrop of an extremely noisy audience who did not know how to behave in a theatre. One of the many problems we have yet to overcome in Kuwait.

To watch the video of the performance click [Here]

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Auditions: Cinderella – A Family Pantomime

Post by Mark


Staged in Kuwait are having rehearsals for their first scripted show of the season. If you’re interested in auditioning, check out the info below:

Our family favourite, the Christmas panto is back at the fabulous 400 seater, Performing Arts Centre, TES, Salmiya this December. (Dec. 3rd – 6th)

We are looking for a host of characters to bring this glittering story to life. Are you an utterly Ugly Sister, a charming Prince, a sinfully sweet Cinderella, a bumbling Baron, or a beastly Baroness? Maybe a fluffy fairy or a dashing duke?

We have a wide array of parts on offer for men and women of all ages (18+) and just need you to come and show us what you’ve got! We also need an ensemble of singers/dancers so if you don’t feel ready to step into a speaking role don’t be shy – come and try out for the chorus.

Whether you have performed in a panto before or not, we guarantee that SIK pantos are always a huge amount of fun, both in rehearsal and in performance. Come and try out this week!

When: Wednesday October 1st: 7pm – 9pm
Location: The SIK Studio, Fintas (Details and map)

What should I prepare?
You don’t need to prepare anything but please come ready to learn a few simple dance steps (comfy clothes) and sing. Those wishing to audition for principal parts will be asked to read scenes from the script.

More details [Here]

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Watch Seussical the musical online

Post by Mark

If you missed Staged in Kuwait’s spectacular production of Seussical back in June, it’s now available to watch online. Seussical starred Ethan Alphonso, Hassan Rawas, Stacy McDonald, Carly Stark, Samantha Hines, John Peaveler and more. The production was staged at Live Theater in Discovery Mall during the first week of June. [Vimeo]

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Event: Seussical the Musical

Post by Mark

If you have ever smiled at one of the Dr. Seuss books, such as The Cat in the Hat, or Horton Hears a Who, you will love SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL, a show filled to bursting with Dr. Seuss’s wonderful characters including Horton, The Whos, The Grinch, Amayzing Mayzie, Gertrude & her one-feathered-tail, and many more . SEUSSICAL is one of the most popular and successful new musicals of the millennium; a delight for all ages, packed with wonderful songs, humour, colour and spectacle and guaranteed to entertain you be you four or ninety four.

Performance dates and times are as follows:
Wednesday June 5 at 7.30pm (KD5) Preview Night
Thursday June 6 at 7.30pm (KD7.5)
Friday June 7 at 3pm and 7.30pm (KD7.5)
Saturday June 8 t 12 noon and 4pm (KD7.5)

Location: Live Theater at Discovery Mall

If you’re interested in booking a ticket, visit their website [Here]

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It’s not my hospital it’s ours

Post by Mark

The post below was written by a friend of mine, a Kuwaiti doctor currently living and working/training in Montreal.


Recently, posts on twitter and many blogs including this one have featured a text message appearing on peoples phones as a random statement that Mental health facilities are available in Kuwait (pictured above). I’m sure that the idea was a good one, unfortunately there was no information on how to get in contact with people who can help (no email, website or hotline to call).

Like many of you I met these efforts made by the ministry with heckling and criticism. In my eyes this was an imported idea that we just couldn’t get right. Granted, it’s not a major disaster but still it’s just one more thing to complain about (the national sport) and it’s not like people here in Montreal don’t have problems with their hospitals. On the contrary, if you read the papers you’d see that some of these places are nearing bankruptcy, and others are being sold off all together with staged layoffs commencing soon.

People complain in Montreal too, they complain a lot, the difference is that despite all the problems and near disasters they face here, there’s always progress being made.

We can now boast that at the Montreal General Hospital (a level 1 trauma centre) we go from the trauma bay to a whole body CT scan and to the ICU or the operating room in less than 30 minutes. You might assume that this is as a results of care considerate government planning. It isn’t, the Montreal General Hospital relies on non government foundations to provide donations on a regular basis to fund research and buy equipment that the government can’t afford. These include MRI machines, CT scanners and surgical equipment that has made the place a true monument to trauma and emergency surgery.

They don’t just wait for people to donate, they set up funds and activities to provide long term assured income annually. This year their campaign included a “dancing with the docs” event where you could sponsor doctors in a dance off and an annual raffle.

Another hospital has come up with similar events such as annual tennis tournaments and fashion and style events as well as an annual gala that honours their doctors as well as many many others (about three per season). They also have franchises open within the hospital which are obligated to donate annually (the frozen yogurt place beats anything I can find at a hospital cafeteria).

That hospital has become the first robotic cancer surgery (surgical oncology) center in the province and one of the most active in Canada. Some of it is because of the money they donate and make for the hospital but a lot of it is because we can rely on these fantastic volunteers to help moving patients, inspect rooms to make sure they’re clean and take care of elderly patients who can’t take care of them selves.

These foundations are practically built on volunteers led by the CEO of the hospital (every hospital has a CEO to handle the business side of things over here). Some of them provide administrative work, others organize activities and others actually involve themselves with patient care activities such as feeding, pet and animal therapy and patient transport as well as acting as translators throughout the hospital I don’t think these hospitals would be the centres of excellence in their fields if it wasn’t for these community led initiatives.

The generic response would be مالت علينا these people are organized and efficient and our guys can’t even run a small emergency room but the fact of the matter is that progress in hospitals in Montreal isn’t just reliant on doctors, nurses or administrators alone, it comes from the community we service.

Think of how much you and I can do to help our hospitals, maybe we can educate diabetics, help inspect rooms or just set up donation pools and funds to build initiatives and not just giant buildings or buy equipment with no further planning involved.

Trying to do this in Kuwait will take an effort on both parts, hospitals have to be willing to accept donations, volunteers and also train them while on the other hand people have to be committed to making their hospital the best they can. Success in this field is never due to one individual and I’m probably as guilty as you are for neglecting my local hospital when it is clearly in need.

Post written by Saud, a Kuwaiti doctor living and working/training in Montreal. Twitter: @saudnz

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