Pictures from the Kuwait Stock Exchange

Post by Mark


Back when I was taking pictures for my Miskan project I passed by the Kuwait Stock Exchange and ended up taking some cool pictures. Since the stock market is a popular topic at the moment I figured I would upload all the pictures I had taken that day so people can download them and use them. I’ve gotten a lot of emails from magazines and newspapers asking for the hi-res pictures so here they are all compressed into one zip file.

Download stock market pictures (4.8MB)

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Animal Friends League Christmas Charity Bazaar

Post by Mark


Animal Friends League of Kuwait if holding a charity bazaar this coming Saturday, here is the information I got by email:

Christmas Charity Bazaar

Saturday 25 of October,
from 10am to 2pm

Mulbarak Al Kabeer,
Block 1, Street 25, House 32.

All profits in support of
Animal Friends League.

Please come and browse through the tables pilled up with hand made items, fabric related decorations, Christmas ornaments, pearls, Swarovski crystals, labels… Animal Friends League will have a table promoting their work here in Kuwait with pictures of the animals in need of a friendly home.

Please DO NOT PARK on the street, there is some construction going on right in front of our house and there is plenty of room in the Co-op parking lot.

Please contact AFL if you need more information:

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Demonstrations at the Kuwait Stock Exchange

Post by Mark

KSE Demonstrations

The Kuwait Stock Exchange, the second largest in the Arab world tumbled at opening today. I don’t know what that will mean for us regular folks (more price increases at McDonalds?) but there are currently investors outside the stock exchange demonstrating. The 4th Ring Road blog are dramatically calling this the “KSE Bloodbath” and are currently tracking things and posting pictures of the demonstration, here is their [Link]

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Is Virgin going to shutdown?

Post by Mark

I have a feeling Virgin is going to end up closing down at Marina Mall. I don’t think they’ve been doing good for a long time and the only thing they really have left is their electronics and video games section. Today I was at Marina and noticed Alghanim was opening up right in front of Virgin. Alghanim sells both video games and electronics for cheaper so whats really left for Virgin?

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10 Very Good Reasons Why You Should Grow a Giant Beard

Post by Mark


A funny site. [Link]

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The Nut Tree

Post by Mark


After having lunch at Quiznos yesterday in Baitak Tower I found this cool place called The Nut Tree. Unlike regular nut shops in Kuwait The Nut Tree had flavored nuts like glazed, honey dipped and more. They even had some dipped in chocolate, I ended up getting dried banana dipped in chocolate and also hazelnut dipped in chocolate. Both were REALLY good. When I got back home I googled them and it turned out they’re a small British chain, you can check their website [Here]

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The hunt for the perfect home gym

Post by Mark

Weider 4870

I am lazy, super lazy and there is no way I am going to drive all the way to a gym and work out there for an hour or two when I could be home watching my favorite shows on television. Thats why I decided the only way I would consider working out is if I brought the gym to me.

I went to every place in Kuwait which I knew of that sold home gyms and here is what I found:

Go Sport
They have a handful of treadmills, found a very decent Pro-Form treadmill for KD215. They also carried Weider and Vectra brands of multi-gyms. They only had two small Weider’s gyms with the exact same features, one for KD74 and the other for KD115. What I was interested in was the Vectra gym. Vectra make some of the best home gyms in the world but they are expensive. The Vectra gym they had on display costs KD1,300. Overall I thought their prices were pretty decent specially considering the fact that they’re located in the Avenues.

Loads of treadmills (Pro-Form and other brands). They had a good selection of multi-gyms (mostly Weider brand) but all of them except for one worked using resistance instead of weights. The only one that worked with weights was the Nordictrack 360. It looked cool but after watching the demonstration video I realized it was just too complicated to work. I also felt their prices were pretty expensive.

Ace Hardware
Not much selection there. I think they had only two treadmills which were over priced and they had like three multi-gyms made by an unknown Chinese brand and the prices were also expensive.

Nasser Sports
I heard they had a building next to their Avenues branch that was dedicated to home gyms so I was expecting to find the holy grail… I didn’t. They had a bunch of treadmills, nothing that stuck out and they had a few multi-gyms of some unknown cheap brand. I didn’t find anything interesting.

Sports Corner
They’re located in the old Salmiya where Boushahri used to be. I found the best collection of Treadmills there, they carry around three different brands but in the end I went with a Reebok Series 3 treadmill. They had a 20% discount promo going on but I was able to haggle and get a 25% discount which brought the price down to KD285. They only had one multi-gym which was of some unknown brand, looked pretty flimsy and was already sold out.

They have two branches, one next to the old Video Club in Salmiya opposite Zahra Complex while the other is across the street in the building where Hald Rock Cafe used to be next to NBK. They had maybe three treadmills and I found them all too expensive. No multi-gym.

Wataniya Mall
I found two stores in this small mall which is also located in Salmiya but opposite NBK and Eureka. If you go down to the basement there is a store on right corner and one on the left. The one on the right caters mostly to gyms and not homes. The cheapest multi-gym they had was for like 4000KD or something. They also are the dealers for Everlast and CCM brands. The store on the left side had maybe two treadmills, one multi gym and a few other items. They carry the Carl Lewis brand you need to definitely haggle with them. The same Carl Lewis boxing bag available at Go Sport for KD90 they were selling for KD150. I managed to bring them down to KD100 and probably could have brought them down to KD90 to match Go Sport. Same with the home gym, they had it for KD150 and I brought them down to KD100. I was actually going to get it until I spotted the gym I really wanted at Sultan Center.

Sultan Center
I first went to the Sultan Center in Al-Rai and really didn’t find anything there. I don’t remember seeing a treadmill and they had one multi-gym that was in terrible condition from the brand Body Sculpt or something. Then by chance I was at the Souk Sharq branch when I spotted the Weider 4870 (pictured at the top of this post). It was pretty full featured and I right away knew this was the gym I wanted. I asked a salesman there how much the price was and he told me 300KD which is less than I had expected. A couple of days later I went back to buy the gym and I noticed they had a price tag of 230KD stuck on the gym which was even better! I quickly purchased it and they are now actually installing it for me while I am writing this post.

So, in case anyone is looking for a multi-gym my recommendation is to hit Go Sport unless you want the gym I got which is only available at Sultan Center. For treadmills I think the Reebok’s were really good value for money and they’re available at Sports Corner who had a very nice collection and their prices are negotiable. The Pro-Form treadmill at Go Sport for KD215 is also a really good value.

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1979 BMW M1 for sale

Post by Mark


Will someone in Kuwait please buy this car? Someone is selling a 1979 BMW M1 on eBay for KD50,000 which is a steal when you consider the fact that soulless Gallardos go for more. This is one really incredible car. [eBay]

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Quiznos now open in Kuwait

Post by Mark


Quiznos, the American franchise opened up recently at the Baitak Tower (weird name). I passed by for lunch and it was pretty good (I had “the traditional” sandwich). The staff seemed a bit lost and they have a serious ventilation problem but as long as you sit outside the store its not a problem. 7inch subs were around KD1, 12inch subs around KD1.600 and to upgrade to a combo (fries+coke) its 500fils. Baitak Tower is in Kuwait City, next to the ABK tower where KFH and Alghanim X-Cite are located.

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Spiderman climbs the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut

Post by Mark

Alain Robert (Spiderman) who is famous for climbing famous skyscrapers around the world was in Beirut last week. He climbed the famous Phoenicia Hotel but the whole thing was too commercialized. He had permission from the hotel and the whole event was staged as a publicity stunt for Gillette. Not as interesting as his other climbs, very disappointing. [YouTube]

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