Travel Software

Posted by Mark

I know a lot of people will be traveling to Europe during the Eid so I just wanted to share some handy travel software that will work on Nokia phones and in some cases other smartphones, iPods and PDA’s.

I already previously posted about A-Z Maps which I purchased before I traveled to London for the first time last month. It was an incredibly easy to use software which allowed me to navigate London very easily as if I had been there before. The company has maps for other cities also including Paris, Barcelona and Helsinki. The map starts up instantly when you run it and then you just type the name of the street you are in and the software will show you where you are on the map. It’s also not expensive costing around KD10. More details on this software is available on the publishers website.

ipod map

Another software I recently purchased in my preparation for my London trip later this month is Tube 2. When I was in Paris last month I had a hard time navigating the underground subway system and this software will be making my life a lot easier this time around. I purchased two versions of the software, the Tube 2 London and Tube 2 Paris. How it works is you type the name of the station you are in and then type the name of the station you want to go to and the software will visually show you your route on the underground map AND it will also give you step by step instructions. Here is an example of a trip from the Marble Arch to Waterloo station:

Marble Arch to Waterloo
Time: 13 minutes
Changes: 1

1. Marble Arch to Bond Street
Depart Marble Arch via the Central line (Eastbound) towards Epping for 1 stop.
Service runs every 5 minutes.

2. Bond Street to Waterloo
At Bond Street change to the Jubilee line (Southbound) towards Stratford for 3 stops.
Service runs every 5 minutes.

3. Waterloo
Arrive at Waterloo.

As you can see it makes things a lot easier. The software costs like KD3 and its available for the London, Paris and New York subway system. You can get more information from the software publishers website. They also have versions that work on iPods but they work differently.

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Love and Date

Posted by Mark

How many people received the following SMS yesterday?

Love and date !!! Call me now: 002434200061

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In Rainbows Reminder

Posted by Mark

Just a reminder, the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows is going to be released tomorrow as a download. The album will come as a 48.8MB zip file which will contain 10 new songs in MP3 format (160kbps). The album doesn’t have a price, YOU price it. Basically you decide how much you want to pay for the album. I figured $10 is fair so thats what I paid, tomorrow morning once the album gets released I will get a code by email which will allow me to download the album. Can’t wait… [Link]

update: I downloaded the album today morning and I’m currently listening to it at work!

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Pink Ribbon Cupcakes

Posted by Mark

pink cupcake

Taken from the Little Treats website:

Pink Ribbon Awareness
It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. we will be donating our profits from this line to Kuwait’s Cancer Association. Join us and be part of the community!!

You can order the cupcakes by phone or visiting their store in Wataniya Complex, Salmiya.

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Girls’ locker room fight

Posted by Mark

Found this article on CNN about a girls’ locker room fight which showed up online so I searched for it on YouTube and I found it. If you like UFC you will like this. [YouTube]

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World’s Largest Swimming Pool

Posted by Mark

Seeing pictures of this one kilometer long pool (the worlds largest) makes me want to go through our hot summer all over again. [Link]

Thanks Anas!

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Choowy Goowy website redesigned

Posted by Mark

Choowy Goowy

The Choowy Goowy website has been redesigned. It’s now flash based (urgh!!!) but the site does look much better than it did before. They have all their latest cookie flavors listed including our Mark & Nat oreo cookies. So check out their website and leave any comments or feedback on the new design below. [Link]

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Ordering stuff from the US including the iPhone

Posted by Mark

iphone order

I thought a lot of people knew about this already but I am still getting emails from people telling me they tried ordering an iPhone from the Apple Store but that its asking them for a US shipping address.

What you need to do to order an iPhone from the Apple Store or any electronic item from Amazon for that matter is to set up a US forwarding mailbox. Basically its a mailbox thats located in the States and anything that arrives in it will get forwarded to your address here in Kuwait.

There are four companies in Kuwait that offer this service and I’ve tried all four of them, my favorite and the one I use the most is U Shop We Ship. The main reason I prefer it over the competition is the fact that signing up to their service can be done online and all payments for the shipments can also be paid online. This makes things really practical. Items usually take 3 to 4 days to arrive to Kuwait once shipped from your US mailbox.

I know a lot of people have tried ordering iPhones from the Apple Store and have had their shipments canceled. I don’t know why thats happening and why it works with some people and not with others. I myself have ordered 3 iPhones with the last one around 10 days ago and I haven’t had any cancellations yet. I’ve also received the iPhones quickly without paying any custom fees. I don’t have any advice or tips on how to avoid getting your order canceled, I guess it could be random thing.

update: To find out what firmware you have on an un-activated iPhone do the following dial *3001#12345#* and then push “Call”

If you see 03.12.06_G then your firmware is 1.0.0
If you see 03.14.08_G then your firmware is 1.02
If you see 04.01.13_G then your firmware is 1.1.1

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Crime Scenes at Shaab Park

Posted by Mark

crime scenes

A bunch of 16 year old girls put together a horror walking game in their school carnival last year and because it turned out to be a blast they decided to set up a larger version at Shaab Park so it could be experienced by more people. They’ve rented a hall at Shaab Park and the game which they’ve called “Crime Scenes” will be running for the first three days of Eid (13, 14 and 15th of October) from 6 to 10PM.

The game is the girls creation and they put everything together themselves, it’s also the first time a game like this has been set up in Kuwait. The downside to all this is that due to the fact that the young girls are running the horror game themselves, they are only allowing boys under 10 and women of any age to participate in their game.

For more information you can check out their ad [Here]
and a YouTube video [Here]

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KWD 20 Counterfeit Warning

Posted by Mark

fake KD20

Last month HSBC sent out a memo noting that they recently seized an unusually larger number of counterfeit KWD 20 notes. They have a PDF file explaining how to spot a counterfeit which you can download by clicking this [Link]

Thanks John!

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