Kuwait – The worst country to be an expat

Posted by Mark


According to the latest 2014 Expat Insider report by InterNations, Kuwait ranked last ast the worst country to be an expat. The report is based on responses from 14,000 expats in 160 countries and the categories measued quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, family life, personal finance, and overall satisfaction living abroad. According to the report:

Kuwait ranks last in the overall country ranking. This is largely due to its low results for personal happiness and in the Ease of Settling In Index. Expats in Kuwait do not think it is easy to settle down there, make friends, or feel at home. Only 5% of survey participants feel completely at home there, and only 7% find it very easy to make local friends.

That reasons sound right but I’m not sure how Saudi Arabia managed to rank as a better place than Kuwait. Check out the full report [Here]

Update: Due to the lack of maturity by some I’ve decided to close this post for comments.

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Don’t Swim in Abu Al Hasaniya

Posted by Mark

According to a video on @q8needsyou, untreated sewage is washing up ashore in Abu Al Hasaniya. It’s super gross so I’m not gonna embed the video here or post a screenshot of it which is why I’ve instead embedded a video of Clay Davis from The Wire. If you want to watch a video of untreated sewage covering up the beach, click [Here]


Thanks Khalid

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Posted by Mark


There’s a local instagram user going by the handle @cannibal_q8 (pictured above) who has been posting videos of himself killing animals. In the first video I watched he skins a live rabbit on the street using his teeth while in the second video I watched he shows off a cute little desert mouse before biting it’s head off on camera. No idea how instagram is allowing these videos to remain up but supposedly local authorities are looking for him.

Just a fair warning, the videos I’ve linked to above are pretty graphic.

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Restaurant files complaint against a blogger

Posted by Mark


Does anyone know which twitter user they’re talking about in the article? [Source]

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Pink Towers

Posted by Mark


Does anyone know why the towers were lit up pink last night?

Update: Turns out its in celebration for the UN naming the Amir a “Humanitarian Leader”. More information on that [Here]

Thanks Ziad!

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Drama in Mishref

Posted by Mark


Since it’s a slow news day, here is a video and photo from a house thats under construction in Mishref that caught fire awhile ago.


Thanks Wahab

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ATM scam hits hundreds of customers in Kuwait

Posted by Mark


Looks like ATM skimming has made its way to Kuwait:

More than 400 people have reportedly had their accounts hacked in an automatic teller machine scam in Kuwait City.

They said security footage showed a small scanning device had been attached to the ATM, which enabled the hackers to scan the card information and personal identification number (PIN) of the victims.

The information was then sent to the Dominican Republic, where is believed a fellow scammer used the details to create fake cards and withdraw money from ATMs in the Caribbean country. [Source]

What is ATM skimming and how to protect yourself? Check out the video below.


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Huge fights results in 2 deaths

Posted by Mark

Kuwait Punjabi Clash Video by PunjabLatestNews

A huge fight took place between a group of Indian and Egyptian workers ending with 2 of the Egyptian workers dead and 25 Indians arrested by the police. I found the video above which shows a bit of the fight but haven’t been able to find another video nor find out the reason behind they fought in the first place. [Link]


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Kuwait’s Metro Project is a Go

Posted by Mark

Work On ‘Metro’ Rail Project Starts In 2017
Ministry of Communications has finalized the layout of the 61 stations of the Metro Project which will be distributed along three railroads to cover all areas and governorates of Kuwait, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting informed sources.

They explained that the ‘Metro Project’ which is worth about $20 billion, is being implemented based on a contract of partnership between the public and private sectors, adding that the work will start in the year 2017.

They revealed that the first railroad covering 23.7 kilometers will start from Salwa area and end the station of Kuwait University, passing through 19 stations. The second railroad covering 21 kilometers will start from Hawally area and end at Kuwait City, passing through 27 stations. The third railroad covering 24 kilometers will start from the airport and end at Abdullah Al-Mubarak area, passing through 15 stations. [Source]

Based on the information above and the metro map below, it looks like the first line that will be built is line #1. If you can’t see the stops clearly, here is a link to the larger photo [Link]

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Kuwait taking part in the World Championship Tank Biathlon

Posted by Mark


Kuwait along with Armenia, Belarus, Venezuela, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Mongolia, Russia and Serbia is participating in the 2014 Tank Biathlon in Russia. The championship is being held in four stages:

The first one – an individual race – will be held from August 4 through 6. August 4 will see the first crews competing in three races with four tanks in each. The first race will include tank crews from Angola, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Serbia. The Russian national team will be performing in the second race along with teams from China, Kuwait and Armenia. The first day of the championship will end with a race among the crews from India, Belarus, Venezuela and Kyrgyzstan. The individual race envisages a seven-kilometer three-round itinerary.

The second stage – the sprint – will be held on August 8-9. The sprint distance, as is traditional in biathlon, will be the shortest one: three kilometers. It will be this stage that will set the sequence and temporary start-time gap in the pursuit race.

The third stage – the pursuit race – will be held on August 11-12. This type of biathlon race will be based on the results of the sprint (individual start) race.

The final stage will see the first four teams resulting from all three stages identifying the winner during a relay race. Three crews from each national team will make three four-kilometer rounds on one tank (with crew replacement). [Source]


I didn’t know such a competition existed and Kuwait seems like the odd one out amongst the 12 countries. Video from the first day of the championship is already online, you can see Kuwait come in at the 2:14:44 mark.

Thanks Abdul

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