Life Expectancy in Kuwait

Posted by Mark


Fast Company released an infographic showing the life expectancy of nearly every country in the world including Kuwait. In Asia, Kuwait came in at 11th place with a life expectancy of 77 while Macau and Japan both topped Asia’s list with 84. Regionally, both Bahrain and Qatar performed better than Kuwait with a life expectancy of 78.

So where would you have to be born to live the longest? The answer is Monaco where the life expectancy is 90 years of age. Check out the full article [Here]

Thanks John

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Who said you can’t startup from Kuwait?

Posted by Mark


Just a bit of positivity to start off the day (yes my day starts at noon). Local startup FishFishMe have secured $200,000 from investors to expand their operations globally. FishFishMe is an online platform to book fishing charter boats and they’re already pretty global as it is but with the new investment they’re hoping to expand even more while also improving their current offerings. If you haven’t checked out FishFishMe before you should, here is a link to their [Website]

Goes to show, a good idea is a good idea no matter where you’re based.

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Beer prices in Kuwait one of the highest in the world

Posted by Mark


One of my favorite news sources Quartz just published a list of the cheapest beer prices in the world as well as the most expensive. On the list of cheapest beer prices, Saudi Arabia came fourth which kinda makes sense since I know non alcoholic beer like Barbican are super popular there. Quartz also put up a list of the most expensive beers in the world and thats where Kuwait comes in.


According to their data, the price of 0.5L of draught beer is $6.48. Problem is I don’t know of any place in Kuwait that serves draught beer (that’s beer from a tap). Quartz assumes the reason the price of beer in Kuwait is expensive is because it’s illegal and link to a post of mine from last year in which I had published the prices of alcohol in Kuwait (taken from a newspaper). Problem is if the price was based on illegal alcoholic beer then Kuwait would top the chart. The price I had posted was around KD150-KD180 for a case. A case has 24 cans and KD150 is around $530. 24 cans x 330ml = 7.92L ÷ 0.5L = 15.84. $530 ÷ 15.84 = $33.4. So the price of 0.5L of beer in Kuwait is $33.4 which is a lot more than $6.48.

Anyway check out their article [Here]

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Drink, get deported and have a Happy New Year

Posted by Mark

According to the Arab Times, any expat arrested tonight for drinking alcohol or being drunk will be immediately deported. So be cautious and have your wasta on speed dial.

On a more serious note though, don’t drink and drive tonight. Here are some cab number in case you need them:

London Limo – 60005466
Kuds Taxi – 22413414
Salwa Taxi – 25658203
Al-Rissalah Taxi – 25730398
Al-Areej Taxi – 1808022
More numbers [Here]

Happy New Year.

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Posted by Mark

A woman in Kuwait has filed for divorce one week into her marriage after she discovered that husband did not like to eat peas with a fork and preferred to use bread. Accusing him of failing to abide by table manners and proper eating etiquette, she said that she was disgusted by the “shocking sight” and could not stay with her husband the rest of life and wanted a divorce, local daily Al Qabas reported on Monday.

In another case, a woman told her lawyer that she wanted to divorce her husband for insisting on squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle and not the end. “We are always arguing,” she reportedly said. “I keep telling him that he should squeeze in the end of the tube, but he stubbornly refuses and keeps squeezing it in the middle. He is so obstinate.”


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Kuwait Zoo to start selling animals

Posted by Mark


According to Kuwait Times, the zoo is going to start selling some of their animals because they have too many of them and not enough space. My recommendation is to go for a Pygmy Goat, they’re just too damn cute (they’d make great funny YouTube videos). [Link]

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Calls to revive Kuwait s motorsports racetrack

Posted by Mark

Kuwait was the first Gulf country to grow a motor racing industry. But it lost out and these days, Bahrain and the UAE host prestigious Formula One races while the last proper track in Kuwait closed a few years ago.

Kuwait actually has a motor racing heritage dating back to 1964 not 74 (like mentioned in the news report) if you consider the Ahmadi karting track. [YouTube]

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Kuwait getting more corrupt

Posted by Mark

The 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index is out and Kuwait is still dropping down the list every year. In 2011 Kuwait was ranked 54th place worldwide, then last year we dropped down to 66th place and this year we dropped down further to 69th place. Below are some of the rankings:

1- Denmark
14 – United Kingdom
19 – United States of America
26 – United Arab Emirates
28 – Qatar
57 – Bahrain
61 – Oman
63 – Saudi Arabia
66 – Jordan
69 – Kuwait
94 – India
94 – Philippines
114 – Egypt
127 – Lebanon
144 – Iran

You can check out the full list [Here]

Thanks Tariq

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Did you feel yesterdays earthquake?

Posted by Mark


Some readers reported feeling an earthquake yesterday around 5PM. Turns out an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 hit Southern Iran yesterday, around 300km north of Kuwait. [Link]

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3 Kuwait addicts hide drugs under dog

Posted by Mark

Three Kuwaiti drug addicts and their massive dog were in their car heading out of their capital when a police patrol waved them to stop after suspecting their behavior.

The three quickly put the narcotics in a plastic bag and hid it under the dog before asking it to lie on the bag and stay there.

When the cops told them to get out to search the car, one of them warned the police not to come near the dog on the grounds it is savage and could be easily irritated.

“But the police insisted on searching the car…they were surprised to find that the dog is very calm and obedient…when they led the dog out of the car, they found the bag which contained hashish and other drugs,” Alanba daily said. [Source]

I thought this was funny to share.

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