Halo 5: Guardians Out in Kuwait

Post by Patrick


Markaz Al-Kuwait has started selling the collectors edition of Halo 5: Guardians seven days before the world wide release date and for KD150. Amazon in comparison is selling the collectors edition for $250 which is around KD75, so it’s obviously a lot more expensive here.

No word on if the regular version of Halo 5 is out yet, chances are shops will try to sell as many as these collector editions before making the regular, more affordable version available!

UPDATE: As Yousef points out in the comments, the Collectors Edition doesn’t even include a CD of the game, but a code to download it. So even if you buy this version of the game you won’t be able to play it until the release date.

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Zain vs WiMD Download Speed

Post by Mark


The Star Wars Battlefront Beta just got released a few hours ago and both me and my brother started downloading it on our PS4’s at the same time. I have a 10Mbps WiMD connection in Salmiya while he has a Zain 4G LTE internet connection in Salwa. We started downloading around 9:30PM. By 11:30PM I had more than 5 hours left to complete the download while my brother with his Zain connection had 51 minutes left.

This isn’t a very scientific test obviously but it’s an interesting comparison nevertheless. With Zain’s new 1TB for KD20 a month deal, it might not be a bad choice at all.

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Metal Gear Solid V is Out in Kuwait

Post by Mark


For the gamers here, Metal Gear Solid V is out in Kuwait ahead of the official launch date by 5 days. I picked up my NTSC copy from Kuwait Toys Center in Rihab Complex a few moments ago for KD20. Thats the cheapest price I’m aware of for the PS4 NTSC version as of this post in Kuwait. I think the shop is going to be open all day because of the rush for this game. When I was there at around 2:45PM there were three other people in the shop with me all there to get the same game. Not sure how many more copies he has but if you want one you could call them up and have them set aside one for you. [Link]

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The Kuwaiti Breakfast Game

Post by Mark


Reyoog is a locally created breakfast game for the iPhone where the aim is to try and fulfill as many breakfast orders as you can in 3 minutes. The game is in Arabic without an option for English since the dialect is all in Kuwaiti. The game isn’t free, it costs 99 cents which might or might not be worth it for you. If you’re interested in downloading the game just look for “Reyoog” in the app store or click this [Link]

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Badilha Video Games App

Post by Mark


Although visually not pleasing, the idea behind the Badilha app is a great one. Badilha is an app that allows you to buy and sell used video games in Kuwait. Currently your best option is usually heading to Rihab Complex when you want to do that or using my blogs classified section. But, having an app revolving around this idea is much more convenient. If you’re interested, the app is available for both [iOS] and [Android]

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Vintage Gaming Store

Post by Mark


I found a cool vintage gaming store hidden in one of the many alleyways in Rihab Complex. There were a couple of other stores selling vintage consoles and games but this one had the largest collection by far.


The store had a ton of stuff including the NES, SNES, N64, MSX (Sakhr), Dreamcasts, 3DO’s, Gameboys, Ataris, Master Drive, Saturns, Game Gears, and a whole lot more. The store also had old games and accessories to go along with the consoles.


It’s difficult to explain how to find the shop but I’ll try my best to at least point you in the direction. If you take the escalator to the top floor of Rihab Complex, the store would be in one of the dark alleyways in front of you. It’s shop #4 and their phone number is 22626811.

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Tribal Rivals

Post by Mark


Tribal Rivals is a new game by Lumba, a partly Kuwaiti owned studio based out of San Francisco. I posted about their previous game called Desert Tycoon back in 2012 and their new game is less of a sim and more of a Command and Conquer style combat strategy game.


Tribal Rivals is set in early 20th century Arabia and is an epic story of revenge, leadership, and perseverance. The aim of the game is to lead your village, train your troops, start or join a tribe and wage battles against enemies and other players.

Like Desert Tycoon the illustrations are gorgeous and the game is free to download for both the iPhone and iPad. Get it [Here]

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Video Game Console Prices in Kuwait

Post by Mark


Since I’m planning to stay in Kuwait during Eid I figured I’d pick up a new video game console. I’m probably getting a Nintendo Wii U and an Xbox One although I haven’t really finalized my decision yet. But, I have been doing some research and I’ve put together a list below of the different console prices around Kuwait as of today:

Nintendo Wii U Mario Kart Bundle
Xcite: KD135
Blink: Not Available (KD119 Zelda Bundle)
Digumz: Not Available (KD112.9 Zelda Bundle)
Digumz Store: KD135
Rihab Complex: KD130
Mr Babu: Not Available (KD99.9 Zelda Bundle)
GamesQ8: KD135

Sony Playstation 4
Xcite: KD149.9 (KD142.9 with inFamous Second Son)
Blink: KD124
Digumz: KD124.9
Digumz Store: KD135
Rihab Complex: KD118
Mr Babu: KD119.9
GamesQ8: KD125

Xbox One 500 GB + Kinect
Xcite: KD209 (KD148 Without Kinect)
Blink: Not Available (KD137 Without Kinect)
Digumz: KD152.9 (KD134.9 Without Kinect)
Digumz Store: KD155
Rihab Complex: KD150 (KD135 Without Kinect)
Mr Babu: KD155
GamesQ8: KD155 (KD135 Without Kinect)

Update: Added the prices from the GamesQ8 online store.

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KDD Penalty

Post by Mark


To coincide with the World Cup, KDD have released a football game on iPhone and Android phones called KDD Penalty. I downloaded the game and tried it out and honestly, I found it buggy and boring. I have no idea why they would release this game, there isn’t anything in it even to connect it to the brand other than the KDD logo plastered here and there. If you want to download it click [Here]

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Crazy PS4 Deal

Post by Mark


Blink are going to have a “crazy deal” on the new Sony PS4 this week where they’re going to offer up the 500GB US version of the PS4 for just KD99. Not sure how much quantity they will make available They’re going to make only 5 to 10 units available and you’re going to have to check their website on Monday or Wednesday at 10AM or 6PM to catch the deal. Check out their website for more information [Here]

via 248AM Gaming

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