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Update on Mardi Gras Kuwait

I managed to get more information on the Mardi Gras event that will be held at the US embassy. To keep it short, its invite only.

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Mardi Gras Kuwait

The US Embassy will be having a Mari Gras event on April 18th at the US Embassy starting at 6PM. I will try to get more information on this event but I am guessing there will be a lot of beer available and I am hoping a lot of girls flashing, but most probably no topless girls just beer.

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Pictures from the Ferrari road show

ferrari road show

Last weekend (March 23) was the Ferrari road show. 35 Ferrari’s participated in the event and they drove 70KM from Sha’at en-Gifa’a on Bida’a Road to Kempinski Hotel Julai’a. Here are 3 pictures from that event.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Note: Pictures were not taken by me.

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The Flying Bulls

The Flying Bulls

Come and view the thrill of The Flying Bulls and their air show here in Kuwait on the 23rd in Al-Kout Mall and 24th of March in Marina Mall Crescent at 4pm. Brought to you by Red Bull Energy Drink – It gives you wings!

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Kuwait Dog Show Event Details

Just got the dog show forms and they are scanned and attached to this post. Here are the details of the event again.

Event: First Dog Show in Kuwait
Date and Time: Friday April 7th, 2-6PM
Location: British Embassy Gardens
“Join us for a great day out with bric-a-brac stalls, face-painting, fun competitions & great raffle prizes!”

Admission Form Front
Admission Form Back

Note: You don’t need a dog to join in the fun!

We will be entering Geo in the “Most Adorable Dog” and “Best Puppy” categories.

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Have a Great Shani Day!


Have you gotten your loved one a Shani today?

Special greetings to:
K the Kuwaiti
Savior Machine

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World Space Week in Kuwait

space man

The World Space Week (WSW) will be held for the first time in Kuwait at The Scientific Center on Thursday 15th and ends on Wednesday 21st December, 2005.

There will be daily space activities for the public and school visits during business days. The KCS already prepared to have a space theme during the special week such as supplying their gift shop of space food, space toys and other space souvenirs. Starting from Thursday, the theme of the Discovery Place, children’s workshop, will be about space. There will be a portable planetarium with star shows for the children. As for the preachment program, they will set computers in resource rooms and set space books corner. (Discovery Place must be reserved).

In I-Max theater, the Space Station movie will be played twice during the space week on 2-Dimension on Saturday and Monday from 1:00 pm- 2:15 pm.

In the central hall of KSC building, there will be a space photo exhibit giving a summary of space history and what World Space Week celebration is about. In addition, there will be other exhibits are being held.

The central hall will be decorated with 30 different countries from which their countrymen went to space such as Russia, The United States of America, Saudi Arabia and so on.

In the Dhow harbor, there will be radio activities operating on HF and UHF bands using the special call sign “9K2WSW” for the event. A/Qader Abul (9K2DJ), a member from Kuwait Amateur Radio Society will be operating on the radio live with other four radio operators (including Astronaut Girl, Maryam). He will station the the radio on his car, a Hummer with mounted antennas.

The radio operators will explain to the kids and public how space is important in our daily communication such as the sun cycle. They will also explain the radio station on board the International Space Station and how to make contact with astronauts and cosmonauts in space. They will explain satellite (space) communication, how to track them on computers and understand the terms that are used.

For more information call 848888.

[source So I Want To Be An Astronaut]

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Did anyone go to the gay party this weekend called Discock? I heard it was dedicated to Madonna or something…

Update: Someone already posted about it [Link]

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Ramp Rebels they are not

Just got back from Marina Crescent. I went to have lunch there and check out the Ramp Rebel Tour which was being held there this weekend. I have to say I have seen both Ozzy and my brother skateboard with more passion and skill while playing around at home then the two skateboarders I saw lazily play the half pipe. Maybe they were tired or bored but they were definitely not interesting to watch. I stayed there for like 20 minutes watching them just go up and down the half pipe dully and then falling half the time without doing anything. The only reason I stayed that long was because I was trying to find some shots to take with my Holga camera. I think I got some cool shots and once I develop the pictures I will post them here. I used colored film this time around.

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Ramp Rebels Tour 2005

ramp rebels tour

I was at Eastpak yesterday night when I found a flyer for the Ramp Rebels Tour. They are in Kuwait for two days and will be performing at Marina Crescent. Today is the first day and the show starts at 2PM all the way till 5. Tomorrow (Friday) they will be performing at the same time and it will be their last day.

The Ramp Rebels Tour is a BMX and skateboarding show. The show features Ben Hennon (BMX), Ben Manuel (BMX), Julian Dykmans (skateboard) and Hugo Liard (Skateboard).

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Kuwait Advertising Awards Update

The Kuwait Advertising Awards it currently taking place at the Salwa Events Hall near Marina Crescent. I just got a message from my sister who is at the awards ceremony. The event started 1 hour late at 7 and they started of with speeches, according to her its very boring. I received another message from another art director from my agency who is there and according to him the event actually turned out to be very formal, so Nataly was right when she said it was a formal event.

Update: My sis called me after the event finished. Basically out of 22 awards my agency (JWT) took half of them while Nats agency (Saatchi&Saatchi) took the other half. Just to make it clear out of all the awards Saatchi took none were for Kuwait work, and out of all the awards my agency took only 1 was for Kuwait. The event supposingly was very unorganized and chaotic, my sister should be posting about it tonight on her blog.

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Kuwait Advertising Awards

The Kuwait Advertising Awards are being held tomorrow at 6PM and its supposed to be formal wear. Who the fuck gets dressed formally for an evening out at 6PM? Why didn’t they make the awards show at like 9 or 10PM? Most of the agencies finish work at 5 or 5:30 but no one usually makes it out before 6PM. Even if I make it out at 5:30 by the time I get home its already 6 and then I need to shower, get dressed and leave it would already be 7PM!

Anyway, I hope I am allowed not to go to it. I really don’t like social events.

Its NOT formal. Nat told me formal and she heard it from her agency but its not true.

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More Highlights from the Kuwait Car Show

Yesterday I posted some highlights, here are more:

– Ferrari F1 car on display
– Ford GT on display
– New Jaguar XK on display
– Audi RS4 on display
– Carrera GT on display
– Mazda RX8 on display
– Audi Q7 SUV on display (hidden in private room)
– Eleanor on display (Gone in 60 Seconds)
– Porsche Cayman on display
– New Subaru Impreza STI (Not for sale)
– Mitsubishi Evolution IX
– Renautl Megane Turbo
– Hummer H3
– BMW M5

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Car Show Preview

Was just talking to my sister Rampurple, she gave me some info on what to expect at the car show which starts today.
Here is the scoop so far:

– They have the Golf GTI and the new VW Passat on display
– They have the new Dodge Charger on display
– Eclipse is finally coming to Kuwait, new model on display
– Renault Megane convertible on display
– Nissan Tiida and Toyota Yaris on display
– Lots of vintage cars on display
– Renault has their F1 car on display
– Lexus has a concept car called the LFX on display
– New 2006 Nissan Pathfinder on display

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Rock Concert

I just got the following message with bad punctuation about a rock concert that will take place in Kuwait but it doesn’t even say where the place is and I have no clue who sent it to me:

Rock Show on 24th of November ! ,thursday, doors open at 6 . Band silent scream . For tickets call: rashid 9551602 or max 6224577 . “BE THERE” !!