Pick & Adidas Originals Now Open at Al Hamra

Post by Mark

Pick opened up in Al Hamra Tower last week and I personally think this is their best location yet due to the amount of people who work in the tower. Currently there seems to be a queue all day long during office working hours but I overheard they’re getting a second cashier to cope with the high demand.

A standalone Adidas Originals also opened up in the basement of Al Hamra. Previously Adidas Originals was part of the regular Adidas store in the basement, but that location got shut down and they opened up this new Adidas Originals shop next to the old one. The mall is finally turning into a much more interesting place, even WH Smith Bookshop is opening up in the basement.

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Kuwait on VICE: Fast Food of Arabia

Post by Mark

As Americans become increasingly health-conscious and junk food sales plateau in the States, fast food companies are spreading to new global markets, expanding their revenue — and the waistlines of their customers.

VICE correspondent Gianna Toboni travels to Kuwait, now one of the most obese countries on the planet, to witness the health effects on a country deep in the throes of an unlikely obsession with U.S. fast food. “Fast Food of Arabia” airs on HBO Friday, April 21 at 11pm.

I just watched this episode a few moments ago and although it doesn’t bring to light anything we (as in people living in Kuwait) didn’t already know, it did make me realize two things:

1) Some of the most prime seaside real estate is occupied by fast food chains
2) There needs to more education by the government on healthier living

I don’t have any numbers to back this up but I personally don’t think Kuwait is as obese as it used to be 10 years ago when I first brought to light the obesity issue. Back then we didn’t have close to as many gyms as we have today, people were a lot less active (even I used to be an overweight couch potato) and we definitely didn’t have as many healthy food options as we do today. But there still are a vast majority of people who don’t know how to eat healthy. We tend to assume everyone knows what is good or bad for them but thats not the case which is why I think there needs to be more education on this subject. Maybe nutrition classes should be mandatory in schools or something along those lines.

Here are also some interesting dates I got from this episode of VICE:

First KFC in Kuwait – 1973
First Hardees in Kuwait – 1980
First Pizza Hut in Kuwait – 1982
First Mcdonalds in Kuwait – 1994
First Burger King in Kuwait – 1997

I also found out that the Hardees in Kuwait was their first Hardees outside of the U.. So now I’m interested to know the story on how that came to be.

This episode of VICE is 30 minutes long but only the first half focuses on Kuwait so it won’t take too much of your time. Based on Gianna Toboni’s instagram account, she filmed this in Kuwait last August. If you have HBO NOW, you can watch this episode [Here]

Update: If anyone wants the lyrics to the Domino’s Pizza cult song, here they are:

Who are we?
Domino’s Pizza!
What are we?
Number 1!
What’s our job?
Make more pizza! Have more fun!
Make more pizza! Have more fun!
Make more pizza! Have more fun!

Domino’s asking all the right life related questions…

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Are We Getting a 7-Eleven?

Post by Mark

No idea if this is a legit 7-Eleven or not, but its popping up in Salmiya on Salem Mubarek Street. I’m guessing its the real deal since the logo doesn’t look altered, usually copy shops alter the logo because they think they could escape copyright infringement that way. There is even an instagram account as well called @7eleven_q8 that says coming soon, although there is no way to tell if they’re connected.

Thanks Hussain

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Who Makes the Best Dosa in Kuwait?

Post by Mark

My favorite dosa place in Kuwait has been Saravanaa Bhavan for some time now. But I’m kinda bored of it and want to try out a new place. Can someone recommend another Indian restaurant that does great dosas?

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CHKN and Elevation Burger Now on Carriage

Post by Mark

Since we’re on the subject of fried chicken this morning, my favorite chicken sandwich place, CHKN is now on Carriage along with Elevation Burger. CHKN was the only reason I installed and started using Talabat in the first place, so now that its on Carriage, I guess no more Talabat for me. Netflix, CHKN and DOH!, all day and all night!

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Bonchon Chicken Now Open in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Bonchon Chicken, the popular Korean fried chicken and wings restaurant has now opened in Kuwait. According to their instagram account they’re still in a soft launch phase and are open from 3PM to 10PM. They’re located in Dhai Complex in Bida’a and you can get the exact location as well as more details from their instagram page @bonchonkwt

Thanks Jen

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Beehive Installation with Just Bee

Post by Mark

Just Bee is a local honey business that provides raw and local Kuwaiti honey. You might have come across them at Qout Market but what a lot of people don’t know is they are promoters of urban beekeeping and that they have a beehive installation service. Just Bee don’t have their own beehive location, all their honey that is sold is produced from beehive hosting. This past season for example, their honey was harvested from 8 different locations that includes people’s homes, chalets and farms (Salmiya, Khaitan, Sharq, Qurtuba, Messila, Abu Al Hasania, Nuwaiseeb and Wafra).

At Just Bee we promote Urban Beekeeping and our vision is to be able to provide our community with honey from every area in Kuwait, to do that we need to team up, and we do that by allowing locals to host beehives for us.

So how does it work?
The first thing they do is come over to your home and do a site consultation. The beekeeper needs to asses the space, check how suitable it is or not for the bees, and recommend needed shelter for the bees to protect them from the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer. They usually ask the host to let them set up a minimum of 6 hives so that it’s worth their time and effort.

All the work is on them, they handle the installation and all the costs involved with the hives. They also supervise the hives by visiting them as much as every two weeks. By the end of the season, they harvest the honey and give you 10% of the honey that has been produced as a barter for the space that you have given them to set up the hives.

The honey is then branded with the name of the Area, making their honey literally come from the homes of the people.

Kuwait produced these beautiful and varying colors of honey! In order from the left: Abdili, Nuwaiseeb, Sharq, Zahra, Egaila & Mishref

How many times do they harvest honey?
There are 2 seasons of harvest during the year:

– June/July where they harvest the Multifloral Honey, usually light in color and crystalizes within a month or so. Varies colorfully from one area to another.

– December where they harvest the better known Sidr Honey from the Ziziphus/Sidr tree that produces the Knarr, Jujube fruit. It is much darker and remains liquid if not, a lot of other floral sources are mixed in when the bees are gathering nectar to produce the honey.

Depending on the season, each beehive can produce between 3KG to 5KG of honey.

I love this idea a lot and if I had a home with a garden I would have definitely hosted some hives. If you on the other hand live in a home or have a chalet or farm and love honey, then get in touch with Just Bee and host a hive. Their instagram account is @justbeekw and their website is justbeekw.co

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New Restaurant: BARBA.

Post by Mark

Barba is a new place that recently opened up in Shuwaikh by Amr Alrefai, the same guy behind Solo Pizza as well as his wife and brother. I love the space which was a warehouse that was converted into the restaurant so you have really high ceilings and lots of space which they’ve filled up with long communal tables. The concept of the restaurant is also interesting, mostly because of the different things going on throughout the week. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, this is the current schedule they have:

Monday: Pasta Night with Susanna (walk-in)
Tuesday: Pizza Party (walk-in)
Wednesday: Pizza Party (walk-in)
Thursday: Guest Chefs (booking)
Friday: Smokey Fridays (BBQ)
Saturday: Currently closed but they’ll open for brunch soon
Sunday: Closed for private events

This Thursday for example their guest chef is Faisal AlNashmi, the guy behind Street and Table Otto so should be an interesting menu. This past Friday was BBQ Chicken night and this upcoming Friday supposedly will be filled with lots of grilled meat. So I really like the fact how there is always something taking place.

Currently Barba is in it’s soft launch phase, so their opening hours are from 7PM to 10PM. They’re located in Shuwaikh in the same building as ARABICA and Healthy Feast but in the back (take the side alleyway). Here is the location on [Google Maps] and you can also follow them on instagram @lets.barba

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Tiger Tiger Now on Carriage

Post by Mark


Tiger Tiger the popular pan-asian pop-up restaurant is now available on Carriage. Previously, the only option if you wanted to have Tiger Tiger was find them at a weekend market, or wait for one of their pop-up events. Their menu on Carriage is also similar to their pop-up menu with just 3 appetizers and 3 main courses. You can check it out on the Carriage website [Here]

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DOH! Donuts Now On Carriage

Post by Mark

If you’ve been meaning to try out the hand crafted artisanal donuts from DOH! but been missing them at events, well they’re now available on Carriage.

They’re ridiculously good donuts and their packaging is super cool as well. A dozen donuts will set you back around KD13 with delivery, but you can buy them individually as well. If you don’t have the Carriage app, here is the online [Link]

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