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New Delivery Hours + Areas Expansion
We’re expanding our working hours! We’re now open till midnight, some of the restaurants that are open till then are: Eighty Six, Chili Pepper, Slice, Chili’s + many more. We’re also starting breakfast on the weekends starting from Friday, the 25th of November, so you can have your breakfast in bed from places like Crepeaffaire, Urban Café or Baking Tray!


For those of you who don’t know us yet, Carriage is a new food delivery service that offers:
– Restaurants that never delivered before like: Street AlMakan, Bao, Gia
– Live-tracking that lets you track your order in real-time on a map
– No minimum charges
– Fast delivery

We’ve had a lot of new restaurants join us this month like: Feynman’s, for those Solo Pizza lovers who live in the Mubarak Al Kabir/Al Ahmadi areas, Al Raha by Natureland, which serves food from 100% organic ingredients and Sunset Sliders, the new 80s nostalgia slider place which has stuff like the Miami Vice slider and the Death Star spicy chicken. We’ve also just started expanded our delivery to new areas like Ardiya, Andalous and Sabah Al Nasser.


Download Carriage on the App Store and the Google Play Store. You can also order using our beta website, which we’ve just launched. [Link]

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to find out about the latest offers and restaurants joining us.


PROMOTED: Got dirt? Get KLEAN!


We’ve all had the nightmare of finding a good local laundry, shoe cleaning center or a decent service that could have all our stuff cleaned and delivered to our door.

Well, that’s where KLEAN comes in!

KLEAN is a multipurpose cleaning service app for laundry services, shoe cleaning & leather care (handbag cleaning & restoration) that crowd sources trusted cleaning centers to get your stuff cleaned & delivered to your door.


So, how it works is pretty simple:
1. Set your location
2. Choose your service (Clothes, Shoes and/or Leather Goods)
3. Select your pick-up & drop-off time
4. Hit KLEAN!

Once you confirm your order, one of our drivers will be with you at the selected time with your KLEAN bags (one for clothes & one for shoes). All you have to do is, stuff your KLEAN bags with your items and we take care of the rest.

Your receipt will be made and sent to you via email (or you can also check your receipt in the My Orders section) and If you need to know how much your order will cost before you place an order, you can use our price calculator.

Its as simple as that!


Also, we’re offering 248am readers 25% OFF! Use promo code: 248AM25 (valid until 31/12/2016)

So, if you haven’t already, GET KLEAN!

Instagram: @getklean
Email: [email protected]

Download the app: [iOS] [Android]


Sponsored: – Connect with local professionals

We wanted to take advantage of the sponsored posts to reach out and give you guys a walk through our website,

The website aims to give people access to professionals that can solve their contracting needs, and, make the whole contracting process a bit less of the struggle than it already is. We have a little over 500 companies across different categories registered right now, hopefully all with the aim of giving people a bit more power and reach.

With the permission of one of our users, we’ll use their project as an example of how the process works. To kick start a project, click on the request quotations tab where you’ll be required to input your projects detail as in the image below. In this case, the user wanted to install security cameras, and used the space in “Other Info” to add some details to the request. In this case, the user needed 10 security cameras with the ability to record up to 3 months with night vision.


Once submitted, all contractors in the category (“security systems and camera” in this example} will be notified of your new request for free. If you’re curious, they’ll be notified by email and through the moqawalat website. To get more eyeballs on your project, you can feature it on the website, and/or send an SMS to all relevant contractors with your request for 10KD each. The SMS notification in particular has proven to be pretty effective if your goal is to get as many quotes as possible. Rest assured though, you will still be reaching everyone needed if you opt to not pay anything.


Now that the contractors are notified, you will start to receive some quotes. Depending on the details you have provided in your original request, some will be able to give you a quote right away as you can see in the picture above, while others will want further details.

To give further details (or bargain), you can use the website itself to message the contractor and upload additional pictures or layouts if needed.


Hopefully once you’re done with all that, you’ll have found your contractor and agreed on a fix for your problem. Admittedly, the process itself has not been perfected yet as we keep on refining, but it certainly works and hopefully offers a slight improvement on how things are currently done.

One final but key point, several users have complained about finding their registration emails landing in their spam folders, so if you’re going through the sign up process make sure to check your spam folder while we try to figure this out (Sorry!).

If you face any problems using the website or want to get in touch, leave a comment otherwise here’s where you can find us –
Cell: +965 90094055
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @moqawalat
Instagram: @moqawalatkw


Sponsored: The Best Solution for Hair Transplants in Kuwait Using the Latest Technology


Are you suffering from noticeable hair loss or balding? Why put yourself through the hassle and cost of traveling when the best and most effective treatment is available right here in Kuwait.

The Istanbul Hair Transplant Center provides a modern day solution to an age old problem using the latest techniques and technology. An average of 40% of men suffer from hair loss by the age of 35, while women have also experienced hair loss issues due to hormonal, chemical, and environmental changes. Other hair loss issues include eyebrows, eyelashes or beards as well as for those who suffer from a traumatic accident or injury that has caused loss of hair in specific areas. The Istanbul Hair Transplant Center includes a team of qualified and trained Turkish doctors who have had extensive experience in addressing those hair loss issues and are able to complete the entire procedure in just one day with a high success rate.

Please call our center in Salmiya, Amman St. for more information on 18821883 or visit our website [Here]


Sponsored: Learn to Swim – Swim to Compete


Elite Swim Team Kuwait (ESTK), founded in 2005 by Cal Jungquist and Mishari Razouki, is Kuwait’s leading Swim School. ESTK focuses on a reputation of developing a First Class, Middle Eastern, Year-Round Swim Program. We offer a variety of guided age-group programs for children starting from the ages 3 and up, from beginners to the most competitive and skilled swimmer.


ESTK, views swimming as an important part of the overall development of a young boy or girl. Besides the most obvious benefit of physical conditioning, swimming fosters the personal discipline required to persevere, the confidence building of progress in competition, the social growth from travel, learning to accept winning and losing with equal grace, and the sense of values gained from competing as both an individual and a team member


The ELITE programs strives to instill in young swimmers an understanding of, and appreciation for such concepts as high self-esteem, personal accountability, constructive self-motivation, goal-setting, and goal achievement as their ideas relate to their success in training and in competition. It is our belief that the process of achieving is as significant as realizing the achievement itself.

Visit our website at

If you would like to be a member of this program fill up the application found at this link

Details about Elite Swim Team can be found [Here]

if you have questions related to the program kindly contact us at 22913233 or email us at [email protected]