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Paris Hilton Hacked

paris hiltonParis Hiltons T-Mobile Sidekick II was hacked awhile back. Now most of her private info is online. The Sidekick II is a phone with PDA like features and also has a camera built in. Today three of my favorite sites had links to places where you can see what was on her phone.

These sites might not be safe for work because they might contain Paris nudity.

Here are three links:
7 Pounds

Update: I just read somewhere that the Secret Service is now also investigating the T-Mobile hacking. Sites hosting the Paris Hilton stuff are being shutdown 1 by 1 so the above links might not work anymore.

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Mac and More

Apple LogoJust got word that an Apple store opened at Galleria 2000 called Mac and More. The store belongs to IOC, the same guys who put the Apple stuff at Eureka and Virgin. They are supposingly getting the Mac Mini next week. Tivo Guy who now has a blog gets it tomorrow. I am sure he will take many pictures for us fans 🙂

Update: The store it seems does NOT belong to IOC. Check this

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Dunkin’ Donuts Kuwait

A few months ago I saw the following on

Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s leading coffee & donut chain, with over 5,500 stores in 40 countries. Continental Food Est. is the franchisee for Dunkin’ Donuts in the United Arab Emirates, and currently operates 26 Dunkin’ Donut stores throughout the UAE. Continental Foods Est. has been granted the franchise for Dunkin’ Donuts in Kuwait and is planning to open the first store by the end of 2004.

Its 2005 now.. where are you Dunkin’s Donuts??

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The Sultan Center Website

sultan center logoI just went to to sign up for an Advantage Card. I found their application form a bit too nosy but most of the questions are optional to answer. The website is interesting, and seems regularly updated. They have a Just Ask section where you can ask for a product which isn’t available in Kuwait and they will order it for you. I asked for A&W Root Beer.. NON diet. For some reason they only get the diet version in Kuwait which sucks. They have a New Arrival section on the site which is cool and if regularly updated then thats really cool. The site is quick loading and easy to navigate. They have a carreers section for those of you looking for a job. So overall I think the website is actually pretty good. Shall we say… 4 out of 5?



I’m fucking sick.

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iPod mini with Color Screens

OK I hope this is not true because I would be really jealous if it happened!

ThinkSecret is reporting that the next update to the iPod mini will include a 5 or 6GB hard drive and full-color screens. The price will remain the same, at $250. Expect an announcement within the next two weeks, they say.

Urgh! Just when I was starting to get comfortable with my blue ipod mini they will be releasing new ones with colored screens! SUCKS!

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The Joy of Tech!

Ok, a lot of posts today but just because I need to fill this blog up a bit. Just read todays Joy of Tech cartoon, its making fun out of Windows.. really funny check it out.. The Joy of Tech!

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Our New Blog – 2:48AM

I just finished working on the site’s template. I think I am nearly done. I created this blog as a B-Side to Miskan. Basically I sometimes I have little things I want to say and I can’t say them on Miskan because I can only post once a day there. With this site I can post whenever I want, about whatever I want and even post pictures which didnt make it to Miskan . As a bonus, my wife (nat) is also gonna start posting here. She never had a blog before so this will be her first time. I would also like to thank Tivo Guy for hosting this blog on his server. Thank you!


Improv Everywhere: We Cause Scenes

I found this site by following a link called “Great McDonald’s prank“; these guys put a tuxedoed attendant in the bathroom of the Times Square McDonald’s. I thought it was very funny. Turns out the same guys have actually done many other “missions”. Check out this link:
Improv Everywhere: We Cause Scenes

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I keep passing by this sign on my way to the office and I seem to be the only one who gets it. Fist for Security & Safety. Get it? Fist… like in fisting? Urgh.. nevermind…