Avenues Phase 4 Construction Site Catches Fire

Post by Mark

A short while ago fire was reported at the construction site of Avenues Phase 4. Firefighters are currently arriving at the scene, no open flames can be seen from the main road (as of now) but theres lots of smoke.


According on an engineer from the site, the fire is located in the “Forum” area of Avenues Phase 4 which you can see on the map above.

I’ll update this post with more pictures and information as I get them. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a major fire like last weekend.

update: Looks like the fire was put out before it spread

Thanks Dragos

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New Renderings of Avenues Phase 4

Post by Mark


Here are a batch of Avenues Phase IV renderings I hadn’t seen before. I love the area above which looks like a narrower cozier version of the Grand Avenues. The new phase is currently scheduled to open early 2018, to check out the previous renderings I’ve posted as well as more information on the new phase, click [Here]

Images from PACE via lovelykuwait

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More Renderings of Avenues Phase 4

Post by Mark


A reader found some previously unreleased renderings of the new Avenues Phase 4. One of the renderings gives a general idea of how one of the hotel towers will look like. Not sure what kind of view the rooms will have though since Al-Rai isn’t very pretty. If anyone knows what the two hotels will be called please let me know. Also looks like we might be in the race to break the world record for the largest disco ball.



Thanks lovelykuwait and Khaled. [Image Source]

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New Renderings of Avenues Phase 4 and Map

Post by Mark


I managed to get a hold of some new renderings of Avenues Phase 4 from the marketing department at Avenues as well as a map to help visualize where everything will be located.

You can download the hires version of two maps [Here] and [Here]

I’ve already posted some renderings before but they sent me new ones I hadn’t seen before so I’m sharing them all below along with a little snippet of information which they had emailed me. Based on the map it looks Avenues will be around 20% larger than it’s current state once the final phase is completed.

Avenues Phase IV includes expansions of existing districts that have been highly popular with visitors, including Prestige, Grand Avenue and The Souk. New districts with modern and diverse concepts will also be included to build on the shopping and entertainment experience. The new districts include Arcadia, The Grand Plaza, The Forum, Electra and The Cinema, as well as a five star hotel and another four star hotel.

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Avenues Phase 4 Updates

Post by Mark

The Mabanee 2014 annual report recently got released and with it some updated information on the Avenues Phase 4 project:

– There will be two hotels not one, a five-star hotel and a four-star hotel
– The final new districts are: Arcadia, Electra, The Forum, The Grand Plaza and The Cinema
– Grand Avenue, Prestige and the Souk will all be expanded as well
– The new opening has been pushed back to the first quarter of 2018

Mabanee, the mall’s owning company is also building The Avenues Riyadh, The Avenues Khobar and The Avenues Bahrain. The total Phase 4 expansion will be adding 400 new stores to the Avenues, taking the total up to approximately 1200 stores. I honestly have no idea what else is still left to open, we pretty much have everything already as it is.

Check out my previous posts on the Avenues Phase 4 [Here]

Thanks Khaled

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Avenues Phase 4 Renderings

Post by Mark


A reader has sent me 3D renderings of the new Avenues phase 4 which is set to be completed by the end of 2017. I previously posted about Avenues Phase 4 back in October and I’m guessing these renderings are of the new “Electra District” which is modeled after Times Square in New York and the Orchid District which is an area with boutiques and hanging gardens with restaurants at the center. The Electra District looks pretty trippy from the outside. I like.




Thanks George

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The Avenues Phase 4

Post by Mark


Construction work on The Avenues Phase 4 has begun and the new extension will officially include the following:

– A five-star hotel
– Grand Avenue extension
– Prestige extension
– The Electra District, modeled after Times Square in New York
– The Plaza District, inspired by Piazza San Marco in Venice
– The Orchid District, an area with boutiques and hanging gardens with restaurants at the center
– More entertainment options


They are planning to have Phase 4 completed by late 2016. You can see a rendering of the Orchid District as well as the hotel in an old Avenues Mall animation [Here]. Not sure how accurate those two areas are but everything else in the video was already built and in reality looks similar to whats in the video.

Thanks ChaoticTranquility

Update: According to a contact of mine it seems I might have highlighted both Phase 4 and 5 in yellow on the first map on top. Also I was informed there is a plan for an underpass or bridge similar to Marina Mall that would cross over (or under) the Ghazali highway to the other side where more phases will be built in the future (check map below).


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Avenues Phase 1 to 4

Post by Mark


The architectural model above shows how the Avenues will end up looking like once the final phase 4 is completed. The two tall buildings are the Conrad Hotel and Hilton Garden Inn. You can view a larger version of the image above [Here]

Thanks lovelykuwait!

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Avenues Bahrain

Post by Mark

Over the weekend I was in Bahrain and dropped by the recently opened Avenues there to check it out since I had some time to kill. It’s pretty tiny compared to Avenues Kuwait but they’ve got great outdoor seating that overlooks the bay.

I’m not sure how many phases Avenues Bahrain has, I think just two with the first phase currently the only one open. The first phase looks like Grand Avenues here in Kuwait just a bit longer and tighter. Currently not much is open there and what is open we have in Kuwait, so it’s probably not worth checking out yet.

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Conrad Hotel and Hilton Garden Inn Opening at The Avenues

Post by Mark

Although rumors were originally pointing towards St. Regis and Four Points Hotel opening up at The Avenues Phase 4, it now looks like it’s going to be Conrad Hotel and Hilton Garden Inn (official announcement should be released soon).

I was actually hoping St. Regis would open up since I was really impressed with the one in Doha but Conrad should be nice and fancy as well. On the other hand, Hilton Garden Inn reminds me of those soulless hotels near airports.

The Avenues Phase 4 is expected to launch first quarter of 2018.

Thanks ChaoticTranquility

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