Don’t miss the Shakshooka Market tonight

Posted by Mark

Shakshooka, the nomadic farmers market is taking place tonight from 6PM to 8PM at the new SIRBB Circuit in Shuwaikh. Due to more venders participating this week the market will be open for 2 hours instead of the usual 1. Also as an added bonus the GulfRun karting practice sessions will be taking place at the same time (more info here). Here is the location for the circuit on [Google Maps]

Don’t forget to bring cash and a carrying bag if you will be buying stuff.

Photo above by @faisalthef

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Korean Movie Night

Posted by Mark

The embassy of the Republic of Korea are holding a ‘Korean Movie Night’ this coming Friday. It’s kinda perfect timing with the release of Oldboy in theaters which is a remake of probably one of the best Korean movies ever made also called Oldboy. Here are the details on the movies showing and their timings:

Friday, December 6th 2013 at 4:00PM
Amid national chaos and fear for his life, tyrannical King Gwanghae orders his trusted councilor Heo Kyun to find a royal body double. He hires Ha-seon, a peasant mimic who bears a perfect resemblance to the King. When King Gwanghae collapses from a mysterious poison, Ha-seon reluctantly becomes a King. He must follow his conscience to save his country from collapse, avoid assassination, and pull off the biggest masquerade in history.

Friday, December 6th 2013 at 7:00PM
A story about love between a mentally ill father and his lovingly adorable daughter. Which is her father, accused of murder and rape.

Admission is free for both movies.
Both movies will be playing at Cinescape Laila in Salmiya. [Map]

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Waraq Art Exhibition

Posted by Mark


Visual Therapy is holding their 2nd art show tonight at Bayt Lothan. The art show will be themed around “paper”:

With its diverse use of forms and textures, paper remains one of the most versatile mediums for artists. Waraq is a group exhibition that seeks to explore the unconventional use of the paper medium. Techniques include cutting, folding and even carving. Different paper based items, such as newspaper, are also utilized. Through this, Waraq intends to reexamine the identity of the paper medium revealing its potential to take on a variety of forms.

Featured artists:
Wael Al Khars
Deena Qabazard
Mohammed Al Kouh
Shahad Al Asfour
and live music by Temple Tree

Location: Bayt Lothan [Map]
Date: Sunday, December 1st 2013
Time: 6:00PM to 9:00PM

For more information visit

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Independent Palestinian Film Festival this weekend

Posted by Mark

This weekend it’s the Independent Palestinian Film Festival at Cinemagics. If you’re passing by Shakshooka tonight you might as well pass by Cinemagic and watch a movie on the roof since it’s right next door (Take the elevator up to the roof between LG and Panasonic). Here are the movies for this weekend:

Thursday November 28th, 2013 from 6PM to 10PM
Independent Palestinian Film Festival Day 1
Nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Film Category, Ajami is a poignant portrait of Palestinian Muslims and Christians living in an impoverished district of Jaffa

A worldwide crowd-pleaser, this documentary is a testament to the potency of peaceful resistance & the human spirit. Budrus will dispose of any preconceptions one may have of the conflict.

Saturday November 30th, 2013 from 6PM to 10PM
Independent Palestinian Film Festival Day 2
A strong single mother and her son leave the West Bank to search for greener pastures in America. They are naively unaware however that they have left post-Intifada Palestine only to enter another hostile territory, post-9/11 America.

Of all the countless films revolving around the Israel-Palestine conflict, none are more compelling than this Academy Award nominated documentary. The resin being that Palestinian children, who of all others are affected the most by the war, are rarely provided the luxury of expressing their thoughts and emotions in front of a world audience.

For more information on Cinemagics rooftop movie nights click [Here]

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Missed the airshow? Watch it here.

Posted by Mark

If you missed the RAF Red Arrows airshow yesterday you can now watch it on YouTube. It’s a raw unedited video around 20 minutes long of the whole show. Skip through the video to find the interesting bits. [YouTube]

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Missed Samsara? Watch it here.

Posted by Mark

If you missed the Samsara music event this past Saturday like I did, you can now watch some snippets from the show above. [YouTube]

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The British Ladies Society Winter Bazaar

Posted by Mark

winter bazaar

This Friday the British Ladies Society are holding their annual winter bazaar. The bazaar will have over 100 stalls and the BSK orchestra and choir will also be performing. Hot and cold food will also be available. If you’re interested in passing by below are the details:

Date: Friday 29th November, 2013
Time: 10AM to 4PM
Location: The British School of Kuwait [Map]

Download the flyer [Here]

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RAF Red Arrows Airshow

Posted by Mark


The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows are going to be performing tomorrow in Kuwait as part of their Middle East tour. The RAF Red Arrows are considered to be one of the world’s premier aerobatic teams and they just finished performing yesterday in the UAE. If you’re interested in watching the show below are the details:

Date: Tuesday 26th November, 2013
Time: 1PM
Location: Marina Crescent and the vicinity

Update: I got the 1PM timing from the Red Arrows Facebook page but according to Arab Times it’s at 3PM.

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‘The Wizard of Oz’ by ASK

Posted by Mark

Wizard of Oz

The American School of Kuwait is holding a production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ at the ASK auditorium. There will be four showings held over a three day period and they’re selling tickets for just KD1. Here are some details:

Show Times:
Wednesday November 27th, 2013 at 2:45PM
Thursday November 28th, 2013 at 6PM
Friday November 29th, 2013 at 1PM
Friday November 29th, 2013 at 6PM

Ticket Prices: KD1

Location: American School of Kuwait [Map]

Tickets are available before the show in the reception area of the auditorium.

Update: I just received an email from the director saying that they just found out the show is for ASK students and their families only.

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Out of Kuwait Video

Posted by Mark

Out of Kuwait Saad Aldosari from John Parks on Vimeo.

The video above is of the “Out of Kuwait” exhibition that is currently being held in London. The exhibit brings together the works of thirteen emerging Kuwaiti artists and you can see some of the works that they’re exhibiting in the video above. The exhibit is running for four more days so if you’re in London check it out [Link]

Note: A higher quality version of the video above is available on BBC [Here]

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