55 Dinars Burger, shall I go for it?

Post by Mark


I am not sure if I should try the KD55 burger next week while I am in Thailand so I decided I will let you guys decide for me. The Trilogy Burger at Trader Vic’s in Bangkok costs KD55 ($200) because of the very expensive ingredients. If you guys vote that I should try the burger then I will do it, take pictures of it and post my feedback on this blog. Since I’ve already gone through most of the best burgers in Kuwait as part of my Best Burger in Kuwait Challenge then I think it would be interesting to see how the Trilogy Burger will compare. If you guys think its a stupid idea and not worth it then you can vote a no.

Should I try the KD55 burger?

Yes (69%, 587 Votes)

No (31%, 267 Votes)

Total Voters: 854

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Update: Some readers suggested it would be better not to waste money on this burger and to feed the needy instead. So what I’ve decided to do is also donate $200 to the World Food Programme. That way if the result is YES to having the burger I won’t have to feel guilty. $200 will be enough to feed 133 children for a week. You can also help by donating to the WFP. [Donate Now]

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The KD50 Burger

Post by Mark

Trilogy Burger

I am going to be in Thailand next week for work and there isn’t much I am looking forward to except for this burger I read about once that costs like KD50. Someone had a posted a link to it under my Slider Station burger review and ever since then I’ve been wanting to try it. So I was just checking online to see what place that burger was available in and to my surprise it turned out this special burger was being served at Trader Vic’s which is located in MY HOTEL! From all places in Bangkok that I could have stayed in I ended up staying at the exact same hotel where one of the most expensive burgers in the world is served. If that’s not a sign I don’t know what is.

Why is the burger so expensive? Well here is a run down of its ingredients:

Matsusaka beef (KD52 per KG)
Morel Mushroom (KD107 per KG)
Black Truffle (KD70 per KG)
Foie Gras (KD15 per KG)
Gold Leaf (KD2)

Only thing I am worried about is that I am a fast eater so paying KD50 for a burger I am going to gulp down in 5 minutes is a bit too much. Maybe this week I should start training myself to eat slower… [Link]

Update: I just called the hotel, the burger now costs around KD55. I guess even this burger is effected by inflation. I was also told I need to book the burger ahead of time which makes sense.

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A History of Home Video Games

Post by Mark

Coleco Telstar Arcade

This site has pictures and info of practically every major home video game system starting from 1972 up till now. Some really great stuff. [Link]

Pictured above: Coleco Telstar Arcade (1978)

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Bert & Ernie tries Gangsta-Rap

Post by Mark

Some guy was bored so he took a bunch of Bert & Ernie clips and edited them so they look like they are gagsta rapping. [YouTube]

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First Impression: Infiniti G37s Coupe

Post by Mark


I used to find Lexus and Infiniti pretty boring but not anymore. My experience with the G37s was short and slightly confusing. I was expecting it to be an aggressive loud sports car but it wasn’t. I was expecting it to be ridiculously fast but it also wasn’t. The thing is the car has 330hp which is nearly as much as the previous generation BMW M3 and that was a brutal car. But the G37 is completely different, its a quiet fast car. Its the kind of car in which you’ll accidentally hit 160km/h on the Gulf Road while thinking you’re doing 40. Its fast but you just don’t feel it.

G37 interior

The interior of the car is very cozy and its probably my favorite thing about the car. I found the seats Lazy Boy comfortable but thats because my Z4 has hard tight sport seats while my Wrangler, well its a Wrangler. I also really liked the the black leather interior but I would have done without the wooden trimming. But again thats because I keep thinking it’s a sports car and not a very comfortable luxury coupe that can go fast. The car also has all the goodies like iPod inputs, navigation system, reverse camera, key less entry and a start button. The car I drove had a bright red exterior but if I was to get it I would probably go with a silver or dark grey color.

The G37s costs around KD14,000 while the non “s” version goes for around KD13,000. The G37s costs around KD13,750 fully loaded. I think the price is very reasonable and the car really doesn’t have any competition in that price range. The Audi TT costs nearly the same but the new TT is pretty dull and its also much smaller while the new Audi A5 coupe costs like KD18,000. The BMW 3 series is also more expensive, the Mercedes CLK is getting a redesign soon and Lexus don’t even have a model that competes with this. Thats why I think the G37 is going to do really well. Its a great Japanese car and you can’t go wrong with it.

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Nissan GT-R with the Stig

Post by Mark


Ok if you are a Top Gear fan then you know who the Stig is and you know that every episode they race a car on the track and time it. Well supposedly in the upcoming episode, the Stig takes the Nissan GT-R around the track and the timing was leaked online. If you don’t want me to spoil it for you DON’T click on continue reading…

Read the rest of this entry »

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Bizarro World

Post by Mark

I am at the BMW dealer getting an oil change but something is strange. The service is actually good and instead of expecting to wait 3 hours for a simple oil change they told me it should take less than an hour. Something is wrong here… this is BIZARRO WORLD!

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Deadly SLR accident in Qatar

Post by Mark

Deadly SLR

A 22 year old male died when he lost control of his Mercedes SLR and crashed in Qatar. Jalopnik has photos of whats left of the car which isn’t much. [Link]

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Infiniti G37 Coupe

Post by Mark

Infiniti G37

I’ve got the new 2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe to test drive this weekend and so far I am liking it. I am not to fond of the red exterior but I love the all black interior. Its rare to find a black leather interior in Kuwait but since I’ve been given the “S” version it comes standard in black which is great. I will take better shots under brighter conditions but since I got the car in the evening this is the best I could do.

Here is a link to the G37 page on the Infiniti website. [Link]

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Local online pet store

Post by Mark


Nat just told me about this website here in Kuwait where people sell and buy pets from. Sounds normal until you actually check the site and realize people are selling everything from ponies and monkeys to crocodiles and cheetahs. My favorite though has to be the rare french dwarf goat, I wish I had a farm so I could get it. [Link]

Update: I called and asked about the cheetah, its 8 months old and the guy is selling it for KD1,200. He had four originally and this is the only one left. Is this even legal? How are people allowed to buy and sell cheetah’s or tigers?? Why isn’t there some kind of control? This is really upsetting.

Update2: Here is a video on YouTube of a guy in Kuwait who had a baby cheetah in his house. Although its very cute keep in mind this is a WILD animal and not a house pet so what he’s doing is very cruel. [Link]

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