Posted by Mark

Album cover spoofs, goofs, tributes, send ups, near misses and coincedences. This is the all-new Knockoff*Project. There are over 100 new knockoffs… stashed all over the place. [Link]

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Death by Fart

Posted by Mark

OMG I think I am going to die. Geo my dog just farted twice in a row in the living room where I am sitting and now it really stinks. I am breathing through my mouth from under the blanket and I can still smell his fart. Its really a killer-fart, I swear I am going to pass out before I can finish this post!

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What I am currently watching

Posted by Mark

Greys Anatomy

Below are a list of TV shows I am currently watching, what I think of them and what episodes I just finished watching.

Grey’s Anatomy (Pictured above)
Season 2, Episode 18
Really entertaining and addictive, I am watching 2 a day.

Season 1, Episode 12
Used to be my favorite show, I missed out on a lot of episodes when I was in university so I just started watching them all over again. I got 9 seasons which means I should be done by Christmas!

Prison Break
Season 1, Episode 13
I hated the show when I first started watching it because I didn’t like the main guy. Now though I still hate him but I really like all the supporting actors who are pretty fucked up but in a cool way.

Season 5, Episode 12
The best show ever, I have said it a million times already and will say it a million more times, Jack Bauer is just the coolest character ever. I was watching the movie Stand By Me the other day and it turns out Jack played the role of this delinquent teenager. It was an old movie and he was really young in it but he still looked a lot like Jack does now which made things weird.

Family Guy
Season 1, Episode 8
I watched the movie first, then I watched season 4 and now I am watching season 1. Doesn’t make sense I know but better then nothing.

Arrested Development
Season 3, Episode 10
I only have 3 more episodes left and I am scared to watch them. Arrested Development got canceled last year and the show ends at episode 13 of season 3 so once I am done, I am done forever. I never want the Arrested Development experience to end so I am watching only 1 episode a week but I know in three weeks time it will be all over, one of the funniest shows ever made will be over. Its sad.

The IT Crowd
Season 1, Episode 4
“Yeah, you do know how a button works, don’t you? No, not on clothes. No, there you go, I just heard it come on. No, that’s the music you hear when it comes on. No, that’s the music you hear when… I’m sorry, are you from the past? ”

Reno 911
Season 1, Episode 3
This show is like a spoof of the TV show COPS. Sometimes I find it really corny but other times I can’t stop laughing.

Knight Rider
Season 2, Episode 3
KITT was really pimped out. He had a built in video game system, GPS navigation, video conferencing, Nitros, night vision, voice activation… some really high tech stuff..

Desperate Housewives
Season 2, Episode 15
Its not as fun as season 2 but doing a hell of a lot better then Lost (read below)

Season 2, Episode 15
I have no clue why I am still watching this crap. Season 2 has been a disaster, the show has become extremely lame, boring, uneventful and repetetive. What started off as one of the most exciting shows ever has taken a 180 degree turn for the worst. Total crap.

Curb Your Enthusiam
Season 1, Episode 8
Larry Davids charactar is a mixture of Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza. He’s a bit weird at first but you get used to him.

Season 1, Episode 10
This show started off boring but it started getting really good around episode 3. Its about a school mum who starts dealing weed to make some money. First season is only 10 episodes and now I have to wait till July for season 2, I can’t wait.

Update: I added Weeds, don’t know how I forgot about it.

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Finding Geo a Job

Posted by Mark

I was thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if Geo (our dog) worked during the day like me and Nat? He is naturally a herding dog so he could end up working on a farm or something. It would be cool, I could drop him off to work in the morning on the way to my office, when I am done I could pick him up and bring him home with me. He could spend the day working on the farm herding the sheep and earning some cash which he could use to spend it on whatever he wants. It would also keep him entertained and active. Ofcourse I am not being serious here but it is a cool idea..

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For Sale: 14inch Apple Powerbook G3

Posted by Mark

14″ Apple Powerbook G3 500mhz
640MB RAM, 20GB Harddrive, Combo Drive (DVD+CDW)
2xUSB, 2xFirewire, VGA port, Ethernet, Modem

Included accessories:
1) PCIMIA card for extra USB (2 ports)
2) Original DVD drive & 250MB zip drive with 3 x 100MB disks
3) External 750 zip drive (USB) with 1 disk
4) Orginal VGA to External Display adapter

Battery cells recently replaced so great battery life. Powerbook runs OSX.

Asking Price: KD150

Here are some pictures of the Powerbook and accessories:
[1] [2] [3] [4]

If you are interested in the Powerbook and want to check it out in person you can contact the owner Anthony on 9503690 or by leaving a comment below.

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Seventeen Inch

Posted by Mark

I have had a 17inch Powerbook with me now for a couple of days and I have to say I really hate it. I hate it so much that I am sitting here typing this post on an old clamshell ibook. I tried using the Powerbook but its just too huge and uncomfortable to use while lying down on the couch. I really tried to like it but I wasn’t able to and I kept falling back on my clamshell for my browsing. Too bad, I really liked the high resolution screen.

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DreamHost Discount Coupon

Posted by Mark

I currently have a reseller account at Fasthosts where I pay around $90 a month to host as many sites as I want with them. That was a good deal 6 years ago when I first signed up but now its really expensive compared to whats available in the market. So I did a lot of research trying to find a replacement and I ended up finding one with a really deal, DreamHost.

For anyone here who is thinking about starting a blog or is looking for a webhost for their domains then you should consider DreamHost. They currently have a really good offer going on where for only $9.95 a month you get 20GB of webspace with 1TB of bandwidth every month and the ability to host an unlimited number of domains with them. Setting up WordPress (the software that runs this blog) is very easy with DreamHost, its just a click of a button, plus if you sign up with them now they give you a free domain name so you can have your blog up and running for only $9.95!.

I used a $50 discount coupon when I signed up but I found a $60 one. The coupon code is: 60DOLLARS. Use it when you sign up to get an instant $60 discount.

It’s really hard to find a better deal so check them out and don’t forget to use the coupon code to get your $60 discount. [Link]

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Review: Walk the Line

Posted by Mark

Walk the Line

I had heard a lot about Johnny Cash but I only really heard his music for the first time back in January. The first song I had heard by him was Hurt which was a remake of a Nine Inch Nails song and it just gave me goosebumps. When I heard about Walk the Line which was based on his life story I had to watch it, even though I had only been listening to his music for just over a month now there was something about him.. his voice.. it just wanted me to find out more about him. In the video for Hurt it looked like Johnny Cash had been through a lot in his life and if this movie was all about him then I was eager to watch it.

Well there is good news and bad news. The good news is this movie was really beautiful. Joaquin Phoenix was just incredible, I have never seen him act this well before, he really shines in this movie and the same goes for Reese Witherspoon, whoever cast her to play Johnny’s wife is very gifted because after watching this movie and seeing pictures of Cash’s wife I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing her in the movie.

Now the bad news, I was expecting this movie to focus on Johnny Cash’s career from the beginning till the end but sadly it only focuses on his early days up till the late 60’s. I wanted to know more about Cash, I wanted so much more and this movie just left me hanging. Its still a great movie but it just kept me wanting more. I don’t know if I would recommend this movie to someone who isn’t into Cash, Nat for example found the movie just “OK” but I think she liked it a bit more after I made her watch the video for Hurt.

If you don’t know who Johnny Cash is then this movie won’t mean much to you. Me, personally, I give it a 4 out of 5.

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Quake 3 SuperSized

Posted by Mark

One of my favorite games ever is Quake 3, its also the only game I ever purchased original for my Mac. I was just checking Digg now when I found a link to a guy who got Quake 3 running on 24 screens at a resolution of 10,240×3,072. I would really love to have that setup, imagine how cool Red Alert would be at that resolution! [Link]

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Activities in Kuwait Tidbits

Posted by Mark

I found some cool info in Kuwait Explorer I didn’t know about, here are some interesting stuff I found:

– Single round of golf at Ahmadi course is KD5, annual membership is KD175
– Horse riding lessons at equestrian club costs KD3 per half hour
– Kuwait Darts & Social Leage [Link]
– If I had time I would do some Kung Fu [Link]

So far I really am liking the book Kuwait Explorer.

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