Krispy Kreme is open already?

Post by Mark


A user in the forum posted that they were giving away free Krispy Kreme donuts at Marina Crescent TGIF on the sea side. If they opened already then thats pretty fast. It took Dunkin Donuts like what? 1 year to open?

Picture above is taken by LeP the user who got the free donuts.

a friend of mine whos brother has something to do with Krispy Kreme just told me they are opening on Eid.

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Post by Mark

I just found out how much my bike is gonna cost to fix.

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No Break

Post by Mark

I just got back from Razzi Hospital. Turned out Mubarek Hospital messed up my hand cast and my fingers ended up swelling. The doctor today also told me I didn’t have a fracture which is very good news. He had yesterdays cast removed and they put me another better one instead. He told me to come back next week to have it removed. Now I just need to find out when my bike will be ready. Thanks to all the well wishers. My First Crash post didn’t get more comments then the Shark of Kuwait post but never the less it was close enough.

Oh and they finally gave me some pain killers!

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300 Trailer is Out

Post by Mark

The official trailer for the movie 300 is out, looks really really good. [Video]

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Eat Like Snake

Post by Mark

A strange Burger King triple whopper commercial. [Video]

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Tips after my fall

Post by Mark

Here are some riding tips from Marzouq to me:

– Never hit the breaks when going through a turn or the front of the bike will go out and you will end up on the floor

– Do not hold on to the bike when your falling, push away from it (I think thats why you hurt your wrist)

– Avoid the little white pucks they are the root of all evil, they make you slip!

– Always ride with a friend whenever possible in the beginning

– Know who to call in a situation

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My First Crash

Post by Mark


Today I met up with Marzouq again to go riding. We met in front of Galleria 2000 like yesterday and we headed off onto the Gulf road. As we were getting onto the gulf road from Salmiya I fucked up and ended up crashing onto the ground and sliding towards the curb.

I am still not sure exactly what happened. I have played the scene over and over in my head and my current conclusion is I was taking the curb at a speed faster than I was comfortable with and I stupidly pulled the brakes too hard and locked up the front wheel making it slide under me. I crashed on to the ground and me and the bike both slid towards the curb.

It all happened really fast except one part felt like it was in slow motion. The view suddenly shifted to inside the helmet and I was on the floor sliding towards the black and yellow curb and I can very clearly see my helmet visor getting scratched and finally I stopped.

I got up, and looked around to see if any cars were coming. I saw Marzouq had already stopped his bike behind me so that the cars could drive around us. I then proceeded to lift my bike up when Marzouq came and took over and told me to go sit down. He asked me if I was hurt and I looked down and saw my jeans had torn at my knees and I was bleeding. I went sat down, took out my camera and started taking pictures of Marzouq moving my bike and then of my injuries.

My left knee was scraped, the left side of my waist also, I had a tiny scrape on my left elbow and another scratch on my right leg. Finally my left wrist was hurting me a bit.

We parked the bike and noticed the left foot rest had brkoen off so we called TriStar to come pick up the bike. They told us they already had found out about the crash and the bike truck was on its way. Talk about excellent customer service. Marzouq wanted to take me to the hospital but I told him to pass by my place first so I could change and take Nats car.

I got home, took off my watch (knew I needed to take it off for the xtray), got into shorts and a tshirt and left again with Nat and Marzouq. We got to the hospital and two hours later I left with bandages everywhere and my left hand in a cast. Yes, I have been typing this post with one hand, its a pain!

I am back home now. I am disappointed my hand is in a cast because it means I won’t be riding for a while. My favorite jeans are ripped which totally messed up my wardrobe. But, I am glad I came out of the fall with minor injuries. If I was an unsafe rider wearing shorts, tshirt and no helmet you can bet I wouldn’t be here typing this post. I regret not having gotten biking jeans. I was actually gonna post about Draggin Jeans the other day. If I was wearing them me knee wouldn’t have gotten messed up.

Here are some pictures, the ones marked GRAPHIC are you guessed it, graphic pictures.

Marzouq moving my bike
My busted knee (GRAPHIC)
My waist (GRAPHIC)
My leg (GRAPHIC)
My elbow (GRAPHIC)
My scratched helmet
Me waiting to have my cast put on

I have to end this post with a special thanks to Marzouq who was a true friend today. Thanks dude!

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Think Different

Post by Mark

Think Different Banners

Last year I posted pictures of the old Apple Store in Kuwait City. Their were three banners in the display from Apple’s old ad campaign called Think Different which I really wanted. I tried my best to get them and even offered to buy them but the Apple dealer (AlSane Group) refused. Finally I gave up and forgot about them.

A few days ago I was at Starbucks with the Mac&More store owner, I had met him a few years back when I had purchased his Twentieth Anniversary Mac. We were talking about Macs in the pre-ipod days and I told him about the posters I had wanted from the other Apple Dealer. He told me he would check and see if he had any left in their warehouse and would call me. Well turns out he found 3 banners and the 3 banners he found are exactly the same 3 banners I had wanted from the other dealer!

The posters are dusty but other then that they are in excellent shape. I can’t wait to put them up and once I do will take more pictures.

On a side note, I just noticed if you do a google search for Apple Kuwait the first few links are all related to me. Can’t get any cooler then that…

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My First Ride on the Gulf Road

Post by Mark


At 4PM today I met up with Marzouq in front of Galleria 2000. I was talking to him online at around 3:30 and he asked me if I wanted to go riding and I was like fine. I hadn’t really been out on the roads yet, only twice around my block but that was it. I was nervous but excited at the same time. I quickly got dressed and took my bike and rode down to Galleria 2000.

Once I got to Galleria Marzouq was already there waiting for me, he told me to follow him and off we went out onto the Gulf Road. Originally I was hoping my first time out on the Gulf Road would be when it was empty, like a Friday morning or something. At 4PM today the Gulf Road wasn’t empty as I was hoping instead it was kinda packed. We rode on the Gulf Road from Salmiya all the way to Shuwaikh. At first I was a really nervous but once we hit TGIF I had gotten the hang of driving in traffic and was weaving through it with no problems. After we passed Kuwait Towers I started to feel even more comfortable on the road. The road also had less cars by then and we were zooming by really fast.

When we got to the end of the Gulf Road in Shuwaikh, we parked our bikes and started taking pictures when another blogger, iDip happened to be passing by. He parked his car and we had a little bloggers meetup before he took off again. Marzouq and I finished taking pictures and then headed back to Salmiya. The ride back was pretty cool. There was a lot of traffic but I wasn’t nervous anymore. Its not that bad riding in traffic, as long as you don’t get an asshole on your tail blinking and honking wanting you to get out of the way. I think the max speed I hit was 130km/h. I know Marzouq hit like 160 with his bike.

It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go back out tomorrow. There shouldn’t be any traffic in the morning so the ride should be even more fun.

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K-Net and Visa Fees

Post by Mark

K-Net and Visa

I am sure at one time or another you tried purchasing an item using your K-Net or Visa card and the merchant asked from you an extra fee because you are using one of these cards. They would give you the excuse that Visa or K-Net charge them a certain amount for every transaction using these cards and that you need to pay it. Well here is what you the consumer needs to know.

First lets start with K-Net. K-Net is owned by the local banks in Kuwait. They do NOT charge the merchant any transaction fee. So if an item costs KD10 and you pay using your K-Net card, the merchant will get KD10. They will not be charged a single fils by K-Net. This is a fact and you can contact 2431280 if you need any further information on this. If a store tells you that they will have to charge you extra because you are paying with K-Net then you need to report that store to K-Net using the number above.

Now Visa is a different story. Visa DOES charge the merchant 4% for every transaction. This means if you buy an item for KD10, the merchant receives KD9.600. Although the merchant pays 4% for every transaction they do NOT have the right to pass on that 4% to you. According to Visa the merchant should not charge the customer for a Visa transaction and neither are they allowed to set a minimum amount in which you could use your Visa card with. So even if the item you are buying costs 100fils, you can pay with you Visa card. In case a store does try to make you pay the 4% transaction fee, report them to your local bank and they will take care of it. If you would like more information regarding Visa, you will also need to contact your local bank.

Hope this information was helpful.

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