Jack Bauer Drunk

Post by Mark

A video of Jack Bauer drunk. This is from last year. [Link] #

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10 Reasons To Drink More Water

Post by Mark

– Get Healthy Skin
– Flush Toxins
– Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Attack
– Cushion And Lube Your Joints And Muscles
– Get Energized And Be Alert
– Stay Regular
– Reduce Your Risk Of Disease And Infection
– Regulate Your Body Temperature
– Burn More Fat And Build More Muscle
– Get Well

[Link] #

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Hazel the Mac Finder Organizer

Post by Mark


My desktop is cluttered with a ton of jpgs, urls, txt files and other random shit. In fact, the majority of Mac users desktops are cluttered. Its a Mac thing.

This is where Hazel comes into play. Hazel can help you keep your desktop and any other folder organized. You could create rules that will tell Hazel to do a certain thing once these rules are met. For example, you could tell it that any JPG that is placed in the Desktop to automatically take it and place it in the Pictures folder. Or if you find a movie file place it the movie folder. You could also set rules based on time, for example you could tell it to delete files from the trash that have been there for more then a week. Its really flexible and you could really do a lot with it.

Problem is its not free, but what I am doing is trying it out and if it turns out the software is actually practical I will pay for it. Check it out. [Link]

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For Sale: 6GB Silver iPod mini

Post by Mark

ipod mini itrip

A friend of mine is selling his silver iPod mini. The iPod is 6GB and he is selling it with his Griffen iTrip (FM transmitter) and silicon protective case. The iPod comes with the original box and manuals.

His asking price is KD40 (negotiable)

If you are interested call him on 6867610

update: iPod is SOLD and is no longer available.

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Bullz Auto

Post by Mark

Pimped H2

On my way back from dinner yesterday around 10:30PM I noticed a new store had opened just before Marina Mall opposite Eastpak. The store located under the Ponderosa restaurant is called Bullz Auto or something like that. According to a friend of mine it opened up on Thursday.

I took a quick stroll through the store and they basically sell stuff for pimping your car. They had a ton of rims, front and rear car lights, sound systems and a ton of small accessories. Downstairs was closed but it looked like they had clothing, could be biking gear or something.

I only had my phone cam with me so the pictures are crappy. Outside they had a pimped out Corvette and Avalanche while on the inside they had a pimped out H2 with 28-inch rims. I will pass by another day and hopefully take better pics and check out what gear they have downstairs.

Here are some more pictures:
Part of their rims display
Pimped out Avalanche
Pimped out Corvette

update: its called Auto Bullz not Bullz Auto

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For Sale: CAMPER Men’s Pelotas

Post by Mark

Camper for sale

I ordered a pair of CAMPER shoes from Amazon.com but they shipped me the wrong model. I was going to send it back to them but figured maybe someone here would be interested in purchasing it. Its brand new and never worn. Only 1 shoe was taken out of the box when I first got the package so I could check the model and then it was put back in again. Its black with a bit of beige like in the picture above. The shoe size is 12.

I paid KD43 for the shoe with shipping on Amazon plus another KD9 to have it shipped to Kuwait so in total I paid KD52. Price I am asking for is KD40.

If you don’t know what CAMPER is go here.
They are basically extremely extremely comfortable shoes.

If anyone is interested email me.

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Qualitynet site redesigned

Post by Mark

Qualitynet have redesigned their site. I tried accessing it earlier with just qualitynet.net and was getting the old site but i just tried it now www.qualitynet.net and I see the new site. [Link]

Thanks 767

update: been playing with the site for a bit and its a lot cleaner and easier to navigate then the older one.

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Pimp my car Middle East

Post by Mark

pimped out taxi

My friend just asked to borrow my camera because he wanted to go shoot pictures of his car. I asked him why and he told me MBC have this thing at the moment where if you are bored of your car or don’t like it, send them a picture of it and they might choose to pimp your ride. So I checked the MBC website and it turned out to be true, they are now accepting applications.

If you want MBC to pimp your ride head over to their website and fill in the application form. [Link]

note: original unpimped picture of the taxi is taken by B.Oz

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Review: Crest White Strips

Post by Mark


I got the Crest White Strips Premium earlier in the month so I could try them out and post my experience. Thing is I never took a before picture so I could compare the color of my teeth before I used the strips. I should have done it because I really can’t see a difference in the color of my teeth although Nat thinks they are whiter now. Maybe they are whiter but not as white as I expected them to be.

Since I don’t have a picture of how my teeth was before I really can’t make a fair review of the product. But if I was to use my memory I would have to say the Crest White Strips didn’t do as much as I expected them to do. Maybe my expectations too high since I was expecting my teeth to be a brilliant movie star white after just 7 days but the result turned out a lot less glamorous.

Putting on the strips was a bit of a pain and once you do get them on you need to leave them on for 30 minutes. I can imagine people with small mouths might have a hard time trying to fit their fingers and the strips into their mouth. Once you put both the upper and lower strip on you suddenly start building up saliva in your mouth. You can’t swallow because the swallowing action might move the strips off your teeth. You can’t spit out the saliva for the same reason. You can’t talk at all and after 30 minutes your lips get really really dry because you can’t moisten them. I spent most of the time lying down on the couch with my head tilted back watching 30 minute sitcoms. Once the 30 minutes are up removing the strips are really easy and you just wash out your mouth with water.

Would I recommend the strips? Yes I would because they are only KD12.5 which is a small fraction of the cost if you wanted to do it professionally at the dentist. You can either pay 100KD or something of the sort and whiten your teeth at the evil dentist or, pay KD12.5 and test your luck out with these Crest strips on the comfort of your couch while watching a rerun of Seinfeld. And hey, if it doesn’t get as white as you were expecting them to get you can always buy another pack and go through the whole process again. Final score is a 4 out of 5, anything beats going to the dentist.

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New season of cartoons

Post by Mark

For those of you who download the latest shows via torrents, the new season of The Simpsons, American Dad and Family Guy just started.

The Simpsons S18E01
American Dad S03E01
Family Guy S06E01

Thanks mocman

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