Elect me as mayor of Salmiya

Post by Mark


I live in Salmiya, Salam Mubarek Street. The “old” Salmiya. I live right on the main shopping street and have been living on this street for most of my life.

Pre 1990 I was living in the building that had A&W, after 1990 I moved to the building across the street from it and thats where I have been living ever since. As you can imagine, I know the street very well. How well?

I remember The New Super Market before it closed down, I remember when Dairy Queen was open here and then shut down and Jashanmal opened instead. I remember buying my Thermos metal lunch box with the Dukes of Hazzard picture on it from there. I remember the night A&W opened with Mister Donuts right next to it. I remember when Majda el Roumi the famous singer came to open a perfume store right across the street from my building. I remember Hungry Bunny, I remember how after they renovated a cookie store opened inside it which had the best chocolate chunk cookies ever. I also remember the sad day when that cookie area inside got closed down.

I remember the high end stores like Channel, Versace and Cartier. It was a high end street and Rolex and Mercedes are still open here today serving as a reminder to what was once a beautiful street. I remember when Kids R Us opened and I remember what was there before it opened and after it closed. I remember the most popular music stores of their time, Soul II Soul, Bells and Swan Lake. I remember buying my original copy of Windows 95 from Computer World, I remember the small video game store on the ground floor of the same building, he had a NeoGeo in the display and I used to watch the Samurai Showdown demo play while I gazed through the glass hoping to own the system one day. I got my first Swatch from Fay stationary, I remember getting my Peter and Jane books from Family Bookshop. Fay shutdown, Family Bookshop is surprisingly still open.

Well my Salmiya isn’t what it used to be. All the upper scale stores shut down and everyones attention moved up to the Sultan Center area. All thats left here are low end stores all selling the same shit. The whole street has turned into a garbage dump. The sidewalk tiles are damaged, the trees look unhealthy, and the worst thing of all, Salmiya is slowly slowly losing its soul.

I was taking a late night walk just a while ago and I noticed the building that housed Swan Lake was going to get demolished. Thats when I realized I need to do something.

Why do old buildings get demolished and not refurbished? Salmiya (and Kuwait even) would look so much nicer if the old buildings were just redone up. Look at what was done with Beirut. They could have demolished everything and sprung up modern glass buildings but instead they decided to keep Beirut’s soul intact. Why can’t that be done here? My Salmiya really has a lot of history, how many other shopping streets in Kuwait can even begin to compare. No other has sidewalks wider then here nor is any other street located in such a good location. No other street has as much history! The Swan Lake building has a style, it can be cleaned up, updated and reopened but instead its going to get demolished and replaced by a cheap ass low end tiny crappy wannabe mall.

I want to be elected as the mayor of Salmiya. I would clean it up, repaint it, re-tile it and revive it. I don’t know who the mayor is now (if there is even such a position here in Kuwait) but I do know that he can’t be a true Salmiya dweller or else he wouldn’t let it die and rot like this. Vote for me, I won’t let everyone down.

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Post by Mark

iPod Dent Xpress

I went to pick up my cheque from Dent Xpress for the monthly banner and on my way out the owner gave me a black 80GB iPod video as a gift! It was a thank you gift because he got a lot of referrals from my site.

I am so giddy, although I have a black 60GB iPod video (which will now go to my younger brother) the new one is scratch free, has a larger hard-disk and a much better battery life. I think the battery life is the most important thing because watching videos drains a lot of battery.

One thing I found interesting was the back of the iPod was engraved with the Dent Xpress logo and phone numbers. I don’t think he did this on Apple.com because they can’t engrave logos. I need to find out where he got the iPod engraved because I could imagine a lot of people would be interested in customizing their ipods like this.

Anyway thank you Dent Xpress!

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Scissors throwing accident

Post by Mark

Daaaaaamn… [Video]

update: here are more accidents [Video]

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Where the boys at?

Post by Mark

lebanese pub

Toxy found this cool article about Lebanon and how the girls there outnumber the guys 5 to 1. But as my friend who’s in Lebanon just told me, “although they outnumber us 5 to 1, Lebanese girls are 5 times harder to date”. So it evens out.

In my university the ratio was like 4 girls to 1 guy. I had one class that was 20 girls and just me… and it wasn’t a child birth education class or some other girly class like that. [Link]

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Bahrain Vs Kuwait

Post by Mark

Seef Mall Vs Marina Mall
Winner: Marina Mall

Gulf Air Vs Kuwait Airways
Winner: Kuwait Airways

Heineken Vs No Alcoholic Budweiser
Winner: Heineken

Bahrain Airport Vs Kuwait Airport
Winner: Kuwait Airport

Bahrain Duty Free Vs Kuwait Duty Free
Winner: Bahrain Duty Free

Jashanmal Bookshop Vs Virgin Megastore
Winner: Jashanmal Bookshop

Ritz Carlton Vs Sheraton
Winner: Ritz Carlton

Johnny Rockets Bahrain Vs Johnny Rockets Kuwait
Winner: Johnny Rockets Kuwait

List might be updated through out the day

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Airport Entertainment

Post by Mark

Airport Fun

Watching Nip/Tuck, browsing the web and chatting with Nat on MSN.

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Go Kart

Post by Mark

Cajie has taken a ton of cool 4 pictures of the Go Karting race which I posted about 2 days ago. Check them out. [Pictures]

update: Here are tons of pictures taken by K.TheKuwaiti

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Bahrain Duty Free

Post by Mark

Its just one shock after another here. I was expecting Bahrain Airport to be crap but guess what? They have a really nice Duty Free, I actually prefer it over Dubai’s. The departure area is also huge, and its really packed with people from all over the world. Its feels like an airport in Europe. Internet is also cheap here, 1 hour for 700 Kuwaiti fils. My flight is in an hour.

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We Deserve Better

Post by Mark

Coming to Bahrain has really depressed me. I have always felt this and I said this the last time when I went to Dubai. Consumers in Kuwait are treated like idiots.

Skyscrapers. In Bahrain they look more like the stuff you would see in Dubai, which is a good thing because they are very modern and futuristic looking. They aren’t rectangular blocks but more like creative spaces. In Kuwait our skyscrapers just look dull. Even places like Water Lemon, Johnny Rockets and Nino’s look wayy cooler in Bahrain. A lot of things seems better designed here.

We also seem to lack luxurious hotels. I briefly visited the Ritz Carlton Hotel here and there really isn’t any hotel in Kuwait I think that could match it when it comes to luxury.

Toys R Us. How is it Bahrain have a huge one and we have a crappy tiny one? How come we don’t have any toy store thats as big as Toys R Us here which by the way isn’t really big compared to the ones in the US and Canada.

I also walked into a tiny bookshop at the Seef Mall. I walked out with 2 books and a magazine. You know when was the last time I bought a book in Kuwait? I think 2 years ago. How come a small tiny bookstore at a local mall had a better quality of magazines and books then Virgin and the bookshop in Muthana combined?

Boring designs, no luxury hotels, small toy stores, and generic books and magazines. It feels like some people in Kuwait think we (the consumers) are not worth the effort. You know why? Because we don’t complain.

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What would Confusious do?

Post by Mark

If you are video chatting with someone, do you still have to type lol when you laugh? Its hard not to.

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