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Audemars Piguet

The other day I watched Terminator 3 and I was a bit surprised in one scene. The scene in question is when Arnold comes to the present time, goes into a bar, steals a strippers clothes and car keys, then goes out to the guys old beat up truck and drives off. Just before he drives off he puts on the strippers watch, an Offshore Audemars Piguet. I found that a bit odd since the watch cost A LOT more then the guys truck. A LOT more then the guy could ever make. It was total bullshit, no stripper working in a bar like that could make enough money to buy a watch like this. So I was kinda put off at the lack of realism in the scene. Anyway, yesterday I found out that this watch store I know in Kuwait has two special edition watches. An Audemars Piguet, Arnold Schwarzenegger edition AND a Montoya edition. So I did a bit of research turns out AP and Arnold have a pretty good relationship and they have worked together on many things from charities to movies.. I found this page that talks about the T3 movie tie in.

Now, lets talk about the coolest watch of the two, the Montoya edition. I didn’t even know such a watch existed. I am a great fan of Montoya since his Indy days and I am a bigger fan of Audemars Piguet watches. So combining the two is too extreme. Here is some info I was able to obtain about the Montoya watch:

Juan Pablo Montoya Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph
This watch was released in tribute to Formula 1 race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya. This watch features a 45mm titanium case with carbon fiber inlaid accents all over the top of the bezel and sized of the bezel and sides of the case. Every shape on this watch and every feature is designed to resemble a Formula 1 race car; The chronograph pushers are styled to look like air-intake cooling flaps, the Bezel screws are shaped like cylinder head screws, the winding crown resembles a wheel axle, the winding Rotor of the movement resembles a clutch disk and the strap resembles the racing suits of F1 racers. And of course, the watch is adorned with inlaid carbon fiber on the top and sides of the bezel. This is a very limited and near impossible to find watch, the Titanium model was released in only 1000 individually numbered pieces with current retail price as of March 15, 2005 of $19,500.

Here are some pictures of the Montoya watch.

So how much are they selling for in Kuwait? The Arnold version is going for KD7,000 while the Montoya version for KD12,000.

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A Phenomenon

Today I bought a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit chewing gum and something phenomenon happened. Something that has never happened in all the years I have purchased Wrigley’s chewing gum. One of the gum sticks was double wrapped! Here is a picture.



Starting today I will start posting what I had for lunch. It will go under the Lunch category and it will help me (and anyone else) keep track of how much junk food I am eating. Today I had McDonald’s. 1 Fillet-O-Fish combo supersized, and 1 double cheese burger.

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Rambo 4 – Al-Qaeda’s Blood

Yesterday night on the Conan O’Brien show, Sylvester Stallone was one of the guests. I really like him (Stallone) a lot, he is one of my favorite actors. Not because of his acting abilities but because of his personality as an actor and the fact that he made the movies Rambo and Cobra, both favorites of mine. So yesterdays show was extremely funny, Conan was able to get the best out of Stallone, he joked about Rocky and stuff, plus asked if Rambo would make a come back and surprisingly Stallone suggested he might. Conan made a good point by suggesting Rambo now has a new enemy to fight, Al Qaeda. Stallone joked saying that Rambo is old now and probably won’t travel that far from home, he said Rambo would probably just drive down to Mexico and fight someone there. Stallone is a really funny guy, watching him yesterday made me feel like watching Cobra again. Anyway here is a recent picture of him with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Spell With Amazon

Similar to the flickr site from the other day, this site spells words using thumbnails from It works differently from the flickr one so its interesting to try. Here is the link.

Kuwait Movies


I went for a long walk in Salmiya tonight and found a kid selling some DVDs. I don’t usually buy of these street kids since the quality of the DVD recording is usually terrible. I still decided to check out the dvds though and to my surprise I found Bumfights volume 1. What is Bumfights? Well these guys went around paying homeless people to fight each other and do stupid pranks like set their hair on fire or pull their teeth out using pliers all on film. When the dvd first got released it caused some controversy and thats when I found out about it. Its not a major movie release or anything so I was surprised to find it here on the streets. Its amazing how you can find the strangest stuff in Kuwait sometimes.


Funny Bumper Sticker

Today morning on my way to work I saw a funny bumper sticker on the car infront of me. Click here to see it.

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Pizza Hut Logo & More

Today I found the old Pizza Hut logo and I realized how much I missed it. I don’t like the new logo, never did. I don’t like the new shop designs also. I used to really like the Pizza Hut in the old Salmiya where it was right next to Hungry Bunny. The place had carpet floors which I love in restaurants and it was also dimly lit. Now with the current logo and interior design the place looks really cheap.

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Spell With Flickr

Just found this site via waxy which allows you to spell words using flickr.

If you go to then you will spell the word If you want to spell another word change at the end to whatever you want. Fun!

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I am home alone. Its so quiet here. If I don’t make a sound myself, then its just total silence. Its strange.

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Celebrity Blogs

Rosie O’Donnell now has her own blog:

Other celebrity blogs:

Wil Wheaton

Zach Braff

Any more?

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Who Is Driving What?

Found this cool quiz, try to match the celebrities in the left coloumn to their cars on the right coloumn. I only got 1 right in the first try. [Link]

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Keep Off The Road

Spent the whole afternoon driving on and off the road. If you were driving behind me all you would see is a guy driving a Jeep, one second on the road, the other second on the sidewalk. You have to understand, my other car is a 330ci BMW, I can barely make it over a speed bump without hitting it. With the Wrangler though its begging you to climb over stuff. It makes it soo easy. Me and Nat went to a sandy area and I let her drive the Jeep there. She shifted the jeep to 4 wheel drive and took off flying over sand bumps. Now all we need to do is take the top off but its supposed to rain this weekend so it really sucks. Here are picture of the car.

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We Got The Car

Yesterday night me and nat passed by the Jeep stand at Marina Mall. We saw our salesman and he had some good news for us. Because of the 4×4 thing going on at Marina Mall they are dropping down 200KD off the car. Since me and nat hadn’t picked up our jeep yet they decided to give us the 200KD as cashback. If thats not good service I don’t know what is. We had already paid for the jeep and all and yet they thought it would be fair that we got the extra 200KD back. Amazing service. The guy also told us we could pick up the jeep anytime from 8AM to 11AM the next day. So today we woke up at 7:15AM and got to the dealership and picked up our jeep. First impressions, this is going to be really fun to drive. I am checking the weather forecast for the weekend and it seems its going to rain which means we got to leave the top on for the next few days. Nat is travelling tomorrow also for 2 weeks so its going to be and the car all to ourselves.

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Am I Alone?

Anyone noticed that Nat hasn’t been posting here? I should just kick her out of this blog.