Xerox rebrands, becomes Racer X

Post by Mark

Xerox new logo

Xerox launched a new identity and I really don’t like it, the sphere with the web 2.0 glossy effect is never going to be a classic. The only thing I like about the logo is that it reminds me of Racer X (picture below) from the cartoon Speed Racer. [Link]

Racer X

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Has DJ Uruj improved? Nope.

Post by Mark

DJ Uruj from the night ride on FM99.7 just read everyones negative comments about her in an old post and has replied back with the following:

Gee you guys, didnt know I was that bad….. “a voice that cracks and rasps, and pitches up and down all the time, like she has a continual sore throat?Definitely not a voice for radio. She also has a strange sense of humour…..”

My goodness me…..I have tears in my eyes now…….but seriously, i can see that this was two months ago…..what do you guys think of my show now…..please let me know how I can improve it without being insulting… looking forward to your comments…..and the name is Uruj Saeed…..not a pseudonym, its my real name…..!!

She also posted the following:

Hey everyone, listen up, there’s going to be a show tomorrow on hate mail in which i will mention this blog, so do tune in…..and dont take offense, its just for kicks…..:)

So if anyone here has feedback on how DJ Uruj can improve leave a comment below. I personally think she can’t be fixed but since no one listens to 99.7 anyway I don’t think it matters. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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Kuwait, a bustling metropolis

Post by Mark

Kuwait number 32

New York Times must have been on something when they came out with this list of “53 Places to go in 2008” because they’ve placed Kuwait in position number 32! We beat places like Las Vegas, New York and London, thats just insane! [Link]

Thanks S!

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What killed the dinosaurs

Post by Mark

Buckle Up

Thanks Stafa

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Fastest Ever

Post by Mark

U Shop We Ship

I was going to add this note to my Aramex post below as an update but I decided not to hijack it and instead post this separately.

On January 3rd my car amp arrived to my U Shop We Ship address.
On January 4th my car amp was shipped from my mailbox to Kuwait.
Today, January 6th, I just got my car amp delivered to my office.

This has to be the fastest I have EVER received a package.

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Charity Paint Ball Tournament

Post by Mark

AFL Kuwait

On Friday the 25th of January, Animal Friends League in Kuwait will be hosting a paint ball tournament on their farm in Wafra. The tournament will be comprised of five teams of five players each.

The entry fee is 20KD per player which includes:
Gun, face mask, body armor, CO2 canister, 200 paint balls and food.
Each additional 200 paintballs can be purchased for 5KD.
Each additional CO2 canisters can be purchased for 4KD.
Spectators are encouraged to attend for 3KD which includes food.

Teams need to register by January 20th by e-mail with a list of team players and a team name. Players must be over the age of 18.

For more information visit their website. [Link]

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What problems do you have with Aramex?

Post by Mark


Aramex called me up today asking if we could sit down together and discuss the problems I have with their service. I am thinking, why get the opinion of one guy when you can get the opinion of a whole bunch of people?

So if you use Aramex and have problems with them please post it below as a comment so they can read it. It seems they have a genuine interest to improve their service.

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Slider Station new website

Post by Mark

Slider Station

Slider Station finally have a website up and running but when I try to check it on my Mac my browser practically freezes. I tried using both FireFox and Safari and the website seems too graphically heavy to browse properly. From what I managed to see, they have some photos up and the menu but without the prices. [Link]

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Be productive, type faster

Post by Mark


A cool flash based typing app that calculates how fast you type. When I was in university I hit 70wpm in my touch typing class, I wonder how I would compare now. [Link]

typing score

update: I just hit 66wpm but I am lying down on my couch watching Rush Hour 3 (which sucks btw) and typing on my unconventional MacBook keyboard. I am sure I could easily hit 70+ while sitting at my desk typing on a regular keyboard.

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Message from 3 Angels Power: Help bring back wrestling to Kuwait

Post by Mark

This is a message from 3 Angels Power, the group that brought to you “Come to Kuwait and feel the heat of paradise“:

Attention All Fans, Investors & Sponsors OVERSEAS (KUWAIT, Emirates). This is an open invitation. Watch this exclusive footage of Legends, and Superstars from the wrestling world who truly desire to visit Kuwait. Here’s your chance to make history by investing or sponsoring this upcoming tour. Help 3 Angels Power Film Production INC BRING back wrestling to KUWAIT. For more information on booking this tour call/fax: (613) 930-9867 Email: And if you’re a true fan let us hear your thoughts. Leave us a comment or even a question about this possible tour.

Take a look at the promo. [YouTube]

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