1988 Kuwait Airways Hijacking

Posted by Mark

In 1988 a Kuwait Airways Boeing was hijacked and diverted to Algiers while on its way to Kuwait from Bangkok. The hijacking lasted 16 days and ended with a Naval Officer from the Kuwaiti Royal Family being killed along with another Kuwaiti military person. The Algerian authorities allowed the hijackers to escape in exchange for the remainder of the 110 people aboard to be set free. (Wikipedia)

This is a video sporty4ever uploaded on to YouTube which is of the plane returning back to Kuwait after the hijacking.


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Burger Bar

Posted by Mark

Has anyone tried the recently opened Burger Bar in Kuwait City? I haven’t been to it yet but I heard they had a soft opening and the place is located next to Holiday Inn downtown.

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Favorite Watches

Posted by Mark

Here are a couple of cool watches that I like and their prices in Kuwait:

Part of the Bvlgari Ergon line, it comes in two models, with and without the chronograph… but I prefer it with. The case is made of steel, the bracelet is a steel and rubber combo while the dial is made from black carbon fiber. Only the non-chrono version is on display in Kuwait but you can order the chrono version and its priced at around KD1,500.

Location: Salhiya Complex.
Telephone: 2415360

The Panerai Luminor Chrono Daylight is definitely my favorite Panerai watch ever made. Sadly though its no longer available in Kuwait and according to the dealer you can’t even order it. Its a big watch made from steel and the diameter of the dial is 44mm. The price when available was around KD3,300.

Location: Salhiya Complex.
Telephone: 2421907

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore. The most expensive of the three coming in at KD7,000 for the steel version and KD7,500 for the titanium model. This is the ultimate watch to get. Its both classy and sporty at the same time and its distinctive octagon face makes the watch recognizable from a mile away. The dealer does offer a 25% discount which brings the price down to a mid sized car.

Audemars Piguet
Location: Salhiya Complex.
Telephone: 2441716

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All the lip balm flavors

Posted by Mark

lip balm

This is related to Nataly’s post on the new flavored lip balm at Sultan Center. I was there during my lunch break and found the following flavors available:

Jello-O, Crush, Dr Pepper, A&W Root Beer, Starburst (2 flavors), M&M’s

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In-N-Out Burger

Posted by Mark


I have heard a lot about In-N-Out Burger from my friends, everyone who’s tried it tells me that they have the best burgers in the world. I just found this article on Laughing Squid which talks about why it has such a cult following. There is even a picture of their 100 patty, 19,490 calorie burger. We really need more burger places in Kuwait, Wendy’s and A&W should seriously reopen. [Link]

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Most expensive cities in the world (2007)

Posted by Mark

A nice list when planning your vacation:

1. Moscow
2. London
3. Seoul
4. Tokyo
5. Hong Kong
6. Copenhagen
7. Geneva
8. Osaka
9. Zurich
10. Oslo
11. Milan
12. St Petersburg
13. Paris
14. Singapore
15. New York

Kuwait isn’t in the top 50. Actually the only country from the Gulf which is on the list is UAE and it takes two spots, 34 for Dubai and 45 for Abu Dhabi. Here is the top 50 list. [Link]

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Posted by Mark

Michael Moore’s new movie, Sicko is on Google Video. Its the complete movie, over 2 hours long. Sicko is a comedy about 45 million people with no health care in the richest country on earth. [Link]

update: It seems Google took down the video since the link is now dead.

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Villa Moda One Day Sale

Posted by Mark

Today morning I found out from Confashions that Villa Moda was having a one day 50% sale at their Fanar and Mubarikiya branches. So during lunch I went with some friends to the Mubarikiya branch which is extremely close to my office. It was my first time there and was pretty impressed at the size of the branch but kinda shocked at the location since its in a pretty old and beat up neighborhood.

The choice of clothing in the mens section was pretty poor. The stuff on display I would never wear and I can’t imagine anyone else wearing. Now take what I say with a grain of salt since I wouldn’t call myself stylish being that all I wear throughout the summer are Zoo York and Hurley t-shirts with Hurley jeans on the bottom. I did find a pair of Prada sneakers though that were pretty OK but after discount they were KD60 which I would rather put on a pair of Camper’s.

The womens section had a lot more items but the cool stuff (like Juicy Couture) were not on sale and their collection of accessories was pretty weak. Anyway if you have nothing else better to do it might be worth the trip to check it out. The Mubarikiya branch is larger then the Fanar one plus the interior is a lot more interesting.

I caved in and got the shoes after work.

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1st Red Bull Flugtag

Posted by Mark

red bull

Just a reminder, today is the last day to sign up for the Red Bull Flugtag that is going to be held at Marina Waves on November 2nd. I am teaming up with Nibaq and Marzouq on this and our plane will be built using a tried, tested and successful design, the Nintendo DS. Our plane will be a giant Nintendo DS that uses its folding design to flap us towards the winning line.

Check out the Red Bull site for more details. [Link]

update: K.theKuwaiti is now part of the team.

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Six Quick Movie Reviews

Posted by Mark

Blades of Glory
There wasn’t anything else better to watch at the movies so I watched this. It turned out to be cool and funny. Great cast, Will Arnett was the movie.

Ghost Rider
Sucked big time. I couldn’t even finish the movie because it was so bad. Big budget but B-rated acting and story. Nicolas Cage should have retired after Face/Off.

Wild Hogs
Its a cheesy family/children movie. I personally watched this movie because it starred William H. Macy but sadly he wasn’t at his best here. Some funny moments here and there but overall just cheesy humor.

The movie stars Luke Wilson who is incredibly funny, his last movie I watched, Idiocracy was hilarious so watching him being serious in this thriller was weird. The movie was fairly decent, its your everyday cliché slasher put together nicely.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday
I am a huge Mr. Bean fan but this movie was trash. It got so boring that I actually started forwarding the movie until I got to the good parts which was mostly near the end. The movie starts nicely and ends nicely but everything in the middle was just dull. It should have been a short sketch instead of a full length movie.

Perfect Stranger
I never paid attention to Halle Berry’s acting before, but after this movie I realized its not any good. She needs to act topless, thats the only way you won’t notice her acting. Bruce Willis was cool in the movie, he’s always been cool in his movies except in Hudson Hawk. Giovanni Ribisi wasn’t as annoying as he usually is. Sadly since the main star of the movie is Halle Berry, her acting skills killed it.

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