CBK Terminated All Employee Contracts

Post by Mark

I’ve got a friend who works at the Commercial Bank of Kuwait and according to him CBK terminated the contracts of all their employees. Supposedly they are now going to have to sign new contracts but no one knows yet what to expect. No bonuses? Salary Cuts? No one has been told what the new contracts will state…

Update: Buzberry just posted a letter from a CBK employee which you can read [Here]

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Cast of new Star Trek film in Kuwait!

Post by Mark

A user in the forum just posted that the cast of the new Star Trek film were in Kuwait (includes Sylar from Heroes, Eric Bana and Simon Pegg). I am guessing they’re here to meet the US army or maybe in transit to Iraq? In any case I wish I had spotted them so I could have taken some pictures with them!

Here is the link to the post in the forum. [Link]

Update: I need to move to Camp Arifjan!

About 440 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines will get to see the newest Star Trek movie at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, on Saturday — about a month before its stateside premiere, Army and Air Force Exchange Service officials announced Friday. [Source]

Update 2: Faisal sent me a link to a post on Socialite Life with pictures of the cast in Kuwait. Wish I was in one of those pics! [Link]

Update 3: Here is a video! [YouTube]

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Event: 5.5 Icon meets Icons

Post by Mark

I just got invited to a new exhibition that will be held at the Al Sabah Art & Design Collection next week. For this exhibition they commissioned a bunch of designers and artists to customize a very popular fragrance bottle which they will be displaying and selling at the exhibition. They aren’t revealing what the fragrance is until the actual event but I heard that the fragrance might actually be Chanel No.5 which could be what the “5.5” in the exhibition title stands for. H

Private Viewing / April 12, 2009 (By invitation only)
8:00pm to 10:00pm

Open to Public / April 13 to April 20, 2009
10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Admission: Free

Here is the link to the actual invitation which contains more information. [Invitation]

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Kuwait Extreme Team completes Marathon de Sables.

Post by K.theKuwaiti

The guys from Kuwait Extreme successfully completed in the Marathon Des Sables, a self-reliant 254km footrace through the Sahara desert over the course of one week. This is the first team from the Gulf to participate the 2009 Marathon Des Sables.

The team members are Zed Alrefai, Reyad Malallah, Khalid Alsayer and Ahmad Almajed. Their participation was to raise awareness and, through sponsorship, to fund The Kuwaiti Association for Learning Differences (KALD). The team was sponsored by: ALSAYER GROUP and Eastpak and supported by Extreme Sports, Caribou Coffee, Pro-Vision Sport Management, Artistic View, Dr. Zuhair ALNasar, AMAC, LOfat and Garmin.

The Marathon Des Sables:

This arduous event known as “the toughest footrace on Earth” takes place in the largest desert in the world Sahara desert over seven days covering a distance of 254 km on foot.In addition all athlete must be totally self reliant, carrying their food, water, medical needs and camping equipment for the entire duration of the race in their backpack. The race itself; which is equivalent to a marathon a day, is in fact broken into various stages, the most extreme of which is a distance of 84 km in a 24 hrs period. The real challenge is the weather which all athlete are exposed to sandstorms, high humidity as well the temperature could reaches 50 C during the morning and goes below -0 C at night.

Link to facebook group: [here]

Posted by K.

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Aramex now faster

Post by Mark

I noticed something recently with my Aramex Shop&Ship mailbox which actually pissed me off until I got a phone call awhile ago explaining to me what was going on. For the past two weeks I’ve been buying a lot of stuff from Amazon and eBay. The problem I was facing was that I would have lets say four packages in my US mailbox waiting to be shipped to Kuwait but then Aramex would only ship one of them. This usually happens during periods of time when people shop online a lot like before Christmas or Eid so it didn’t make sense why it was happening now. Now what confused me with all of this is that the rest of the packages ended up shipping the next day but then all four of my packages arrived to Kuwait at the same time. It didn’t really make any sense.

So after a few emails complaining I got a phone call today from Aramex and it turns out they’ve done something new. Basically they only have two cargo flights a week out of the US. This is why they ship the stuff to Kuwait twice a week. Two weeks ago they struck a deal with Kuwait Airways where they are now able to ship some items to Kuwait on their planes which from what I understood are daily flights. Aramex is limited by the kind of mail and the amount of mail they can ship on those flights so thats why they were “choosing” what to send from my packages. Anything that can’t be sent on those daily Kuwait Airways flights remains in the mailbox until a cargo plane is available to take them to Kuwait which is twice a week.

In short, some of the packages from now on will ship the day after they arrive to the box while others will continue to be shipped only twice a week. Thats pretty cool.

Note: For those of you who don’t know what Aramex Shop&Ship is, its a forwarding mailbox which Aramex sets up for you in the US or the UK and any package that gets sent to that mailbox gets forwarded to you here in Kuwait.

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Student found dead on ACK Campus

Post by Mark

A body of a student was found in the parking lot of the Australian College of Kuwait. No cause of death has been disclosed but the following email was sent out to ACK students:

Dear All,

I am sad to inform you that a student was found deceased in his car on campus. It is extremely unfortunate and disheartening to see this incident happen to this young student with a bright future. Appropriate measures were taken including reporting to the police.

Investigators from the Department of Criminal Investigation and the Ambulance Department were notified immediately. The police at this stage could not confirm the nature of death; however, in due course they will inform the college on the details of the investigation.The police were extremely cooperative in attending to this emergency on the campus and worked in conjunction with the ambulance and other members of the college including our security. We extend our deepest condolences and prayers to the grieving family.

Vishy Karri

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Watani Online Tip for NBK Customers

Post by Mark

If you don’t want to answer your secret question every time you log into Watani Online here is how to get rid of it.

Step 1 – Log into your Watani Online account as usual

Step 2 – Once you log in click on Manage my WOL Security Key on the left hand side

Step 3 – Click on Register you computer then on OK

Step 4 – Thats it. Next time you log into Watani Online from the same computer you won’t have to answer your secret question.

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Service getting worse

Post by Mark

I’ve had my Wrangler for 4 years now exactly and I’ve noticed an interesting trend with my dealership after they merged with Al Mulla who are renowned for their terrible service centers.

– An oil and filter change originally used to cost me KD8. I would pop into the quick service center and come out 30 minutes later. It was still called Behbehani Motor Company here.

– An oil and filter change later became KD12. I would pop into the quick service center and come out an hour later. This is after Behbehani Motor Company and Al Mulla merged.

– An oil and filter change now costs me KD16. I now pop into the quick service center and come out two and a half hours later.

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Want a Diablo?

Post by Mark

There is a Lamborghini Diablo for sale on Q8Car for only KD14,500. I think that’s not a bad deal although I am not too fond of the color. [Link]

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Event: Jeep Club Kuwait Mud Festival

Post by Mark

On Friday April 10th the Jeep Club in Kuwait will have an off-road mud festival. Here are some details:

– Location: Subiyah Hights.
– Gathering: 1pm behind Sultan Center, Salmiya.
– Events: Mud Bogging, Mud Drag Racing, Speed Test

For more details please contact the phone numbers below.
All 4X4 vehicles are welcomed.

Jeep Club Kuwait Pictures
Jeep Club Kuwait Videos
Tel: 99504315 and 66533100

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