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Home Gym Build: Part 3 – The Squat Rack

For my last post on the home gym build, I’ll be writing about training racks. I needed a compact and versatile set up since I was using only half of one of my rooms for a gym and still wanted to be able to perform a variety of exercises. I decided to get a squat rack because I’d be able to perform chest, shoulder, legs, triceps and back workouts, basically, the whole body using this one set up which made it very versatile.

I found a bunch of local companies that sold racks but I narrowed it down to three options:

Sports World – They had a Torque brand squat rack
Nomad Strength – A very cool local brand that custom-build racks
AFE Fitness – Another local brand that custom-build racks

Sports World sells the Arsenal 7 squat rack by Torque Fitness but it was priced at KD480 and ready-made so you couldn’t customize it if you needed to. Nomad Strength sell their squat rack for KD350 without any attachments. AFE Fitness on the other hand sell their squat rack for KD155. So I decided to go with AFE. Their work looked really solid and they’ve built rigs for commercial gyms so I knew I’d be getting a rack that could take abuse. But, what I also liked about AFE is they had a pretty cool website that allowed you to build and spec the rack as you wanted. This is such a smart idea because I went from a KD155 rack to a fully specced out one for KD242 with just a few clicks.

The way the AFE website works is you pick which piece of equipment you want, you then get to pick if you want it in their signature red color or fully matt black. You then have addons you could get so I got the dips bar attachment (KD30), the safety bar attachment (KD20), Ground Rotational Landmine (KD20), installation (KD10), and delivery (KD2). I also asked for the height of the setup to be reduced by 10cm. It was a super easy process, got everything I wanted, and more for a good price plus I was even was able to customize it for my room.

The rack was built and delivered to me in around a week and I’m loving it so far. As expected it’s really well built but it also has great details like cut out numbers next to the holes so you can keep track of where you’re putting the attachments. In my case, I’ve started sticking labels on the side to help me set up my rack quicker for the various exercises I’ll be performing. The only negative I could think of is that the J-hooks that hold the bar aren’t rubber/plastic protected so they’re already starting to get scratched up. It’s fine for my J-hooks to get scratched (pictured below), but my expensive bar has a black zinc coating and that’s gonna end up getting scratched and not sure I’m going to be too happy about that. If it got scratched over a long period of time that’s fine, makes me feel like I’ve been working out. But, I don’t want the thing to get totally scratched up from the first week, that’s not rewarding.I might find a DIY solution but haven’t really given it much thought yet.

Other than that quibble it’s a great rack. I liked it so much I just placed an order this morning for their dumbbells storage unit (also customized the length for my needs). They have a whole variety of racks and rigs so if you’re looking for anything else from a simple pull up bar to a full-on 2x1m outdoor training rig, check out their website

If you missed my previous build parts here are the links:
Home Gym Build: Part 1 – The Floor
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Home Gym Build: Part 2 – The Equipment

If you missed my Part 1 post on my home gym build, you can check that post here. For the second part, I wanted to talk about some of the equipment I got, where I got it from, and what options you have for getting the same as well. The pandemic started this home gym craze which has left the market bare of decent gym equipment, and when you do find any available, they tend to be overpriced. The quality of some of the equipment being sold is also questionable with lots of clones and overpriced poor quality hardware being imported by people who are looking to make a quick buck.

For my gym needs all I really needed was weight plates, an Olympic bar, a curl bar, and dumbbells. I managed to get everything except for dumbbells. Not sure what pre-corona prices were for dumbbells, but right now they seem incredibly expensive, at least to me. I can’t just get one set of dumbbells either, I’d have to get a whole range since depending on the exercise I might need anything from 10KG up to 36KG. So for now, I’ve put the thought of getting dumbbells aside unless I want to spend over 700KD which I’m not gonna do.

Weight plates aren’t that difficult to find, but finding a whole set of weights is. I was originally planning to get my plates from ProSports, but they had certain weights out of stock when I first checked which meant for example I could get 20KG plates but couldn’t find maybe 5KG or 10KG. I then decided to get bumper plates from Nomad, but they were out of stock. Gym Doctor? Also out of stock. Nobody had a full set of weight plates and I didn’t want to mix and match different brands or looks since my OCD wouldn’t be able to deal with it. I also needed them to be in KG not Lbs since I’ve only ever used KGs at my gym and didn’t want to change that. At one point I found all the weights I needed on the ProSports website but they were out of stock on the 7ft Olympic bar. I decided to wait until they got the bar in stock, but by then some of the weights were out of stock. Waiting until everything you want is available to order isn’t gonna work.

Eventually, while going through my Instagram explore page I noticed Sports World were selling a Torque brand package that included a full set of colored bumper plates (5KG, 10KG, 15KG, 20KG), a 7ft black Olympic bar and 2 collars all for 392KD. They also had a Torque adjustable bench for 220KD. I also bought extra 2.5KG plates from them. It was around 10PM at night, maybe later and the owner quick responded to my questions on Instagram and I managed to place the order and pay for my items all through Instagram DM. It was an impulse buy but it had to be if I wanted to make sure I got what I wanted before they sold out. The prices might sound expensive, but they’re actually acceptable for what you’re getting. For example, the bumper plate package retail cost is around KD340 in the US (pre-corona) so we’re only paying a slight premium here. What I’ve actually noticed is that the no-brand Chinese stuff is being sold for a pretty high price while the premium brands which have proper dealers in Kuwait kept their prices fairly stable.

So the difference in price between the no-brand clones and premium brand items has narrowed to the point you might as well pay a bit more and just get the premium brands. This price discrepancy is more obvious with things like the adjustable bench. At 220KD I think the bench I got is a steal compared to other benches in the market that cost 150-200KD. The Torque bench is commercial grade and pretty much bombproof and so is gonna withstand all the abuse I give it. But I’ve seen no-brand benches sold for just slightly less that look like they’re gonna start wobbling a week into use. The only thing left that I needed to get was a curl bar and Sports World didn’t have any in stock. I saw one on the Wawan website but they were selling it for 50KD which sounded overpriced. I eventually found one for sale on an Instagram account called @gym__home123 (can it get any more generic?) for 30KD and the guy delivered it the same day so not bad.

I really love the stuff I got, the colorful bumper plates look great and so does the black zinc coated Olympic bar. Since these items were going to be mine and used by me hopefully for a very long time, I wanted to get a proper set of gym equipment and so I’m glad I found these by Torque. I also ended up getting a squat rack to use with all the above but I’m leaving that for the final third post since there is a lot to talk about with that. For now I’ll leave you with a bunch of links below to where you could try and find stuff you need for your own home gym:

Sports World
Nomad Strength Co.
Beyond Equipment
Gym Doctor
Perform Athletics
Sports Group

Update: Thanks to a reader ended up finding dumbbells that were priced extremely well, a set from 10KG up to 25KG in 2.5KG increments for just 225KD! Got them from @gymequipmentskwt

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Home Gym Build: Part 1 – The Floor

When gyms reopened a couple of weeks back I was still undecided if I’d go back to mine or I’d continue to workout at home. Well, the choice was made easy when I found out my gym was sold to another gym. At first, I considered signing up to Inspire since all my friends go there, but their Bida’a location was closed for renovation and their second location was just too far away. So I decided I might as well just workout from home.

For the past few months I had been working out at home using some basic gym equipment I had rented. I was really limited with my workouts due to the equipment I had on hand, but I was still disciplined enough to work out 3 times a week keeping with my previous gym schedule. So I decided I’d just put together a proper home gym and continue to work out from home. Due to the high demand for gym equipment because of the pandemic, finding everything I needed for a gym and at a reasonable price was going to be a difficult task. Thats why I decided I would detail my process in three parts. I’m going to mention where I got what from along with the prices I paid so that anybody else looking to set up a home gym can follow my steps if they want to. In this first part I’m going to be talking about the easiest part of this home gym, the floor.

Back in April I posted about a company called Green Rub that used recycled tires to make rubber fitness tiles. The tiles come in 1x1meter sizes and in two thicknesses, 2cm and 4cm. The 2cm thick tiles weigh 16kg while the 4cm tiles weigh 32kg. Going by the photos on their account I had difficulty deciding on the thickness of the tiles. Green Rub had recommended 4cm if I was planning on dropping weights from a height and since I never drop my weights I went with the 2cm. I’m glad I did because after having the tiles installed I realized they were more than enough.

The price of the tiles is 6KD per square meter and the minimum they sell you is 6 meters. I measured my space and ordered 8 meters which turned out to be perfect. Installation is easy, there is no sticking and it’s not permanent, they just lay the tiles on the floor for you wherever you want. In my case since I was covering a whole section of the floor in one of my rooms, I needed the pieces to be cut to fit perfectly edge to edge. They were able to do that for me at no extra cost and the whole thing cost me 48KD.

The end result turned out great and the tiles feel premium like they belong in a proper commercial gym. The gym floor isn’t a necessity but it does help me mentally to feel like I’ve got a proper gym. When I work out I’ll be in this newly defined gym zone which should put me in a gym mode whenever I’m in it with an added benefit of not having to worry about setting my weights down gently on my parquet floor. If you want to get this flooring for your place, here is a link to their website.

Update: I noticed they’ve now increased their price from 6KD per square meter to 7KD.


The hunt for the perfect home gym

Weider 4870

I am lazy, super lazy and there is no way I am going to drive all the way to a gym and work out there for an hour or two when I could be home watching my favorite shows on television. Thats why I decided the only way I would consider working out is if I brought the gym to me.

I went to every place in Kuwait which I knew of that sold home gyms and here is what I found:

Go Sport
They have a handful of treadmills, found a very decent Pro-Form treadmill for KD215. They also carried Weider and Vectra brands of multi-gyms. They only had two small Weider’s gyms with the exact same features, one for KD74 and the other for KD115. What I was interested in was the Vectra gym. Vectra make some of the best home gyms in the world but they are expensive. The Vectra gym they had on display costs KD1,300. Overall I thought their prices were pretty decent specially considering the fact that they’re located in the Avenues.

Loads of treadmills (Pro-Form and other brands). They had a good selection of multi-gyms (mostly Weider brand) but all of them except for one worked using resistance instead of weights. The only one that worked with weights was the Nordictrack 360. It looked cool but after watching the demonstration video I realized it was just too complicated to work. I also felt their prices were pretty expensive.

Ace Hardware
Not much selection there. I think they had only two treadmills which were over priced and they had like three multi-gyms made by an unknown Chinese brand and the prices were also expensive.

Nasser Sports
I heard they had a building next to their Avenues branch that was dedicated to home gyms so I was expecting to find the holy grail… I didn’t. They had a bunch of treadmills, nothing that stuck out and they had a few multi-gyms of some unknown cheap brand. I didn’t find anything interesting.

Sports Corner
They’re located in the old Salmiya where Boushahri used to be. I found the best collection of Treadmills there, they carry around three different brands but in the end I went with a Reebok Series 3 treadmill. They had a 20% discount promo going on but I was able to haggle and get a 25% discount which brought the price down to KD285. They only had one multi-gym which was of some unknown brand, looked pretty flimsy and was already sold out.

They have two branches, one next to the old Video Club in Salmiya opposite Zahra Complex while the other is across the street in the building where Hald Rock Cafe used to be next to NBK. They had maybe three treadmills and I found them all too expensive. No multi-gym.

Wataniya Mall
I found two stores in this small mall which is also located in Salmiya but opposite NBK and Eureka. If you go down to the basement there is a store on right corner and one on the left. The one on the right caters mostly to gyms and not homes. The cheapest multi-gym they had was for like 4000KD or something. They also are the dealers for Everlast and CCM brands. The store on the left side had maybe two treadmills, one multi gym and a few other items. They carry the Carl Lewis brand you need to definitely haggle with them. The same Carl Lewis boxing bag available at Go Sport for KD90 they were selling for KD150. I managed to bring them down to KD100 and probably could have brought them down to KD90 to match Go Sport. Same with the home gym, they had it for KD150 and I brought them down to KD100. I was actually going to get it until I spotted the gym I really wanted at Sultan Center.

Sultan Center
I first went to the Sultan Center in Al-Rai and really didn’t find anything there. I don’t remember seeing a treadmill and they had one multi-gym that was in terrible condition from the brand Body Sculpt or something. Then by chance I was at the Souk Sharq branch when I spotted the Weider 4870 (pictured at the top of this post). It was pretty full featured and I right away knew this was the gym I wanted. I asked a salesman there how much the price was and he told me 300KD which is less than I had expected. A couple of days later I went back to buy the gym and I noticed they had a price tag of 230KD stuck on the gym which was even better! I quickly purchased it and they are now actually installing it for me while I am writing this post.

So, in case anyone is looking for a multi-gym my recommendation is to hit Go Sport unless you want the gym I got which is only available at Sultan Center. For treadmills I think the Reebok’s were really good value for money and they’re available at Sports Corner who had a very nice collection and their prices are negotiable. The Pro-Form treadmill at Go Sport for KD215 is also a really good value.


I Miss Gymming

Since I joined my gym (X Athletic) 10 years ago, this is the longest I’ve gone without gymming. With the new government 5 stage plan to normality, it’s also going to be at least 3-4 more months before gyms are allowed to reopen. That’s why this weekend I caved and ended up renting some gym equipment.

A friend had shared a story on their Instagram account about her gym renting out equipment. They had two packages, one that included dumbells, kettlebell, skipping rope, a mat and a cardio machine for 175KD a month, and another which included a bar with weights and a bench for 100KD a month. Both options weren’t cheap, but I was desperate.

I tried finding equipment to buy but everything was just absurdly overpriced. For example, I found a pair of 22.5KG dumbbells for 90KD, an adjustable bench for 320KD and a barbell without any weights for 90KD. None of it made any sense financially, so I decided I’d just rent for now. I figured I’d try the home workout thing without investing too much money, and if I liked it, I could then take my time looking for gym equipment.

So if you’re looking for a place to rent equipment from, I got mine from Elite Fitness. You can DM them on Instagram @elitefitnesskw or Whatsapp Anthony directly on 60603720.

Gym 37 also have rentals but they only have heavy equipment remaining and so I didn’t ask about their prices. You could DM them @gym37kw to check. Let me know if there are any other places renting and I’ll also list them below.

Coronavirus Sports

Hot Quarantine Commodity: Gym Equipment

Along with hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes, one of the hardest things to find right now is gym equipment. Everyone is stuck at home and looking for ways to stay fit so most sports shops are sold out on items like dumbells and yoga mats. But, even larger more expensive gym equipment is impossible to come by nowadays. When the lockdown happened I started considering different options to staying fit, I even considered the possibility of shipping a Peloton bike all the way from the States but in the end, I decided to get a rower since they burn the most amount of calories compared to other gym equipment.

Before the whole Corona thing hit my gym had gotten new equipment and so wanted to sell a few of their beautiful looking WaterRowers (similar to the one on House of Cards) to make more room. Nobody was interested in them and they were just sitting there gathering dust. When the lockdown happened I got in touch with my gym thinking I was clever to have remembered the rowers, to my surprise I was too late. Other gym members had got in touch first and they ended up selling all of them. I then decided I wanted to get a Concept2 rower since they’re considered to be the best rowers you can get (you’ve probably used one at your gym). They’re pretty expensive costing anywhere between KD400-470 in the local market but I figured it would be a good long term investment since they last a lifetime. But, I couldn’t find any for sale. All the local suppliers had not only completely sold out their Concept2 inventory, but some had even sold all the rowers they had coming on their way still to Kuwait. To add to the issue, Concept2 shut down their factory in the States because of the pandemic so they’re not producing any more rowers for the time being making it even hard to find anywhere in the world. They even had to post the notice below on top of their website because of the number of inquiries they were getting:

4/3/20: We are currently out of stock of all Model Ds, all Model Es, the Dynamic RowErg, BikeErgs, SkiErgs and the SkiErg Floor Stand due to high demand and temporary production stoppage to fight the spread of the Covid-19 virus. US and Canadian customers can fill out the wait list form so we can keep you informed as we get more information in this rapidly changing situation. If you need to speak to us, please contact us during regular business hours (M–F, 7:30 a.m.–5 p.m. EDT) or email [email protected]. We are doing our best to respond to after-hours inquiries within 1–2 business days. Thank you for your patience.

Luckily through a friend, I ended up finding a gym that had one lying around not being used that they wanted to get rid of. I ended up getting it and it’s now sitting right next to my TV so I can Netflix and row.

One cool thing I’ve noticed recently is some gyms now are renting out their equipment since they’re not being used. One of those gyms is Gym37, they posted on their story yesterday they had equipment for rent which is pretty smart. This is a good alternative to buying and in some cases could be your only option. You can contact them on 90911733 to enquire. Another gym that’s also renting equipment is The Burrow. They are renting out spinning bikes and rowers and their prices are as follows:

2 weeks – 100 KWD
3 weeks – 125 KWD
4 weeks – 150 KWD

You can get in touch with them on instagram @theburrowlife if you’re interested.

Finally, if you want to buy any sports equipment (or at least see what’s still available), here are some links you can check out as well:

AlNasser Sports
Explorers Base
Extreme Sports
Gym Doctor
Kuwait Watersports
Rent a Gym
Sports World (Instagram)

Healthier Lifestyle Kuwait Personal

Thank you Fahad

This is going to be a bit of a long post and it will sound like an advertisement but I don’t care since it’s something that’s very important to me.

I’ve never thanked Fahad for changing my lifestyle and I figured the best way to do it is by dedicating a post to him. For those of you who’ve been checking the blog from the start you might remember the amount of junk food I used to eat. Just check these old posts [Click Here] and check the dates underneath those posts. That’s basically what I used to eat on a daily basis and it wasn’t just a phase, it was my lifestyle from the day I left to college up until over a year ago when I signed up to Fahad’s gym Core Fitness.

I remember when I found out I had acid reflux the Dr told me I had to change my eating habits and start exercising I literally laughed at him. Told him no way that was going to happen since I’m just too lazy. Then one day I decided to try this exercise thing, I had a home gym which I had only used once before and figured maybe if a trainer came over to my place and trained me at home I wouldn’t be too lazy about it. I posted on the blog asking people if they knew any trainers and that’s when Fahad emailed me. I had met him previously on an offroading trip and so I kinda knew who he was, he told me he had a gym and I could sign up there. I was replying back telling him thanks but no thanks when I decided to check his website and that’s where I read “20 minutes just 2 times a week”. 20 minutes? That’s nothing, no matter how busy I am with work and my blog, fitting 20 minutes into my day just twice a week would be doable. So I signed up and ever since I’ve changed into a completely new person.

I’m so into the Core Fitness lifestyle I’ve become a traveling salesman for them. Everyone I know who tells me “Mark you’ve lost a lot of weight, you look really fit” I shift into Core Fitness sales pitch mode. Their first excuse when I tell them to sign up at the gym is “I wish I could but I don’t have time”. I hit back with “dude it’s just 20 minutes twice a week!” And that grabs their attention just like it grabbed mine the first time I heard it.

Thing is you start off twice a week for 20 minutes but after awhile you end up wanting more. I’m not going to post Fahad’s secret to how he hooks you in (yes I’ve figured out the formula!) but lets just say it works really well. I went from a junk food addict who hadn’t done any kind of exercise for over a decade into the fitness/health obsessed freak I am today. I started with 20 minute sessions twice a week and then it became three times a week and then four. Now it’s 1 hour sessions three times a week and if I could fit in more sessions into my busy life I would. I’ve been going to the gym steady for nearly a year and a half now. I don’t miss sessions and if I do it’s usually because of an emergency or I’m stuck at work. Food wise I’m eating incredibly healthy now and I don’t even find it tough anymore when Fahad assigns a new routine for me. He could tell me to eat beans and spinach three times a day for a whole month and I would do it without any issues or complaints.

Now what made me want to write this post today is the following comment a reader left under the “My Bike Ride” post:

I have 30% body fat. I smoke like a chimney. I eat whatever I want. I drink like a fish. The most exercise I get is working the gas and brake pedals. I’m so happy with my lifestyle choice, not having to do crazy things like walking home to achieve a target.

It made me realize that I don’t have to eat healthy, I don’t have to exercise, I don’t have to hit 12% body fat and I don’t have to walk home. I WANT TO do all the above. I like doing them and I want to do more and the reason for this drastic lifestyle change was Fahad. So for this reason I want to say THANK YOU FAHAD. Thank you for changing my lifestyle and I hope you manage to change a lot more people as well. And of course a huge thank to all the trainers at the gym who kept pushing me even when I was begging them to be easy on me.

Make sure you guys visit Fahad’s blog [Here]
And here is a link to the Core Fitness [Website]

Kuwait Personal Sports

Hello Core Fitness

Two days back I posted about how I was looking for a personal fitness trainer to come over to my place and give me a work out in my home gym. Surprisingly only two people emailed me recommending me a trainer, the rest of the emails were gym owners asking me to try out their gym. I don’t have time for a gym, I work till 7 and once I get home I start working on posts for my blog. I have two full time jobs basically with no time to waste at a gym. That’s why I declined all the offers.. except for one. The owner of Core Fitness emailed me. It turns out we had met via a friend last year when we went offroading and he promised to transform me from top to bottom for free if in return I reviewed his gym. As I was typing my thanks but I have to decline your offer email I decided to check out his website. There wasn’t anything there except for the logo and the line “Only 20 minutes Twice a week”.

20 minutes? Twice a week? I thought that was interesting. So I emailed the guy back asking if that was true. He told me to pass by the gym and he would explain everything which I did earlier tonight. So this is the deal. I’ve signed up for a 7 week course at Core Fitness and I will be going 3 times a week instead of 2. The gym is located opposite Al Massalah building on the Gulf Road which is the road I take back home after work making it very convenient. At any time there are a maximum of only 3 guests working out at the same time at the gym and each guest will have a personal trainer through out the whole 20 minute session.

I told him I found it very hard to believe that three 20 minute sessions a week would do anything. He told me to try it out and just share with you guys my experience and my honest opinion which is what I am going to do. Tomorrow I have an assessment session where I will get all my body stats, find out what weights I will be using and have my diet plan finalized. Once I do all that I will post everything here (including my diet plan) and we’ll see how things develop from there. I’m strangely excited to try this.

Update: Found this on their Facebook page

1) Every workout is 20 minutes, provided a scheduled appointment and personal trainer.

2) Each membership is based on the client’s specific needs. We do not have a set membership because people do not have common requirements and goals.

3) We aren’t a spa, we don’t have a jacuzzi, a steam room or a swimming pool; as far as we are concerned, those things are only for pussies and deliver no significant results.

4) We are a facility that delivers results. We provide the necessary tools to promote healthy lifestyles to our clients.

5) Failure to witness results will be strictly held against a client, since he was too busy eating his hamburgers and nesting on some couch rather than busting ass at Core Fitness.

In short, we own you for 20 minutes of your life (be it 2,3, or 4 times per week) and push you to the point of no return till you go home and cry like a baby.

Personal diet and demoralizing dietician included.

Contact us on 22520407 and find out 101 ways on how we can make your life a living hell.


Looking for a Personal Fitness Trainer

I am looking for a personal fitness trainer that will coach me in my home gym. If you know anyone or if you are a trainer please [Contact Me]

Note: I am not looking to lose weight, I am looking to improve my cardio and do a bit of weight lifting.


Promoted: Chopsters – Your Everyday Steak Shop

I’m a fan of restaurants that are very focused with a small simple menu, and Chopsters is one of those places.

Chopsters is a locally created concept that is committed to making premium steak affordable without compromising on quality. They’re your everyday casual steak shop and they’re all about keeping things simple.

Their menu is composed of a handful of dishes so they can ensure excellent consistency and flavor every single time. Their most popular dish is their chopped steak served with their secret sauce, signature salad, home-baked bread and hand-cut fries. But, they also offer chicken, salmon and a very juicy beef brisket cheeseburger, so there’s something for everyone.

Another cool thing is that they’re located in Al Andalus, one of my favorite outdoor spaces especially with this cooler weather. You have a cinema there, a VR experience, a kids gym, and a bunch of retail shops, so they’re the perfect place to grab a bite before or after whatever activity you end up choosing.

No need for reservations, and no fancy dress codes, just come as you are. They’re open from 1PM to 11PM daily and you can check their instagram and here is their location on Google Maps.


PROMOTED: Al Maha Tower Residential Apartments

Kuwait City’s impressive skyline has welcomed a new skyscraper that sets a new benchmark for high-end urban living. Located in Bneid Al Gar and rising a stunning 22 stories above the city, Al Maha Tower offers a new definition of contemporary apartment living complete with breathtaking panoramic views and provides its residents with subtle but exclusive luxury.

Al Maha Tower’s strategic location near the city centers, trade zones and famous shopping centers enhances convenience and provides the perfect home next to workplace and modern lifestyle experiences.

Adding to that, Al Maha features superior amenities including a rooftop infinity pool, fully equipped gym, rooftop barbeque area, high-speed internet, 24/7 security service, landscaped gardens, and outdoor and indoor children’s play areas that enable kids to safely enjoy. These amenities offer endless possibilities for comfort, security, independent lifestyle and enhanced quality of life.

To learn more about all that Al Maha Tower has to offer, please call 5173 5543


PROMOTED: Al Nada Tower Residential Apartments

Situated at a scenic and strategic location near the Arabian Gulf coast, Al Nada Tower now introduces a new concept to contemporary living by combining modern lifestyle experiences with design, luxury and comfort.

This premium residential building located in Dasman offers everything that makes up the perfect home. Its elegantly designed apartment units housed over 25 floors offer breathtaking views of the city and sea, and is located in close proximity to Kuwait City, the financial district, and numerous shopping centers.

Al Nada Tower provides a range of amenities and facilities designed for your utmost comfort and convenience, including:

• Rooftop infinity pool
• Large lap pool on the ground floor
• Fully equipped gym
• Outdoor and indoor kids play area
• Barbeque area
• Security personnel, CCTV, and entry/exit access controls
• Underground car parking
• Large built-in closets/wardrobes and cabinets
• Appliances provided for all flats
• Flexibility in renting furnished or unfurnished flats

To learn more about what Al Nada Tower offers, please call 90030901 or visit our Instagram @alnadatower

Geek Music Reviews

KEF LSX Wireless Speakers are on Sale

Back in 2019, I posted a review of the KEF LSX Wireless Speakers which I fell in love with. Since that review, I had been using them with my record player and a few weeks ago I bought an SVS SB-2000 Pro subwoofer to pair with them. For some reason, my record player and the sub didn’t get along really well, when I’d stream music onto the speakers from my phone they sounded incredible with the sub, but when I played any record, I’d get a really low deep humming bass note that was just awful.

I couldn’t return the subwoofer (and didn’t want to honestly) so I decided to get a second pair of LSX speakers to connect to my main computer and the sub. I had been using my old Onkyo home theater amp connected to a pair of Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III speakers with my Mac and although they sounded a bit boomy sometimes, they weren’t bad at all, I was just looking for an excuse to get new KEF LSX speakers after seeing them on sale. When I posted about the KEF LSX back in 2019 they were selling for 340KD but, Xcite have been heavily discounting their speakers (I got my KEF R7’s for 50% off) and the LSX were now on sale for KD250, so I picked up a pair of white ones.

These are probably the best speakers you can get for your computer. You can read my original review where I discuss why they are so good, but the experience of using them with my Mac is so unreal. Although the speakers are located on the corners of my desk, the sound feels like it comes straight out of my iMac in front of me. On more than one occasion I’d bring my ear up to my Mac to make sure the sound wasn’t really coming from there. I think it has to do with KEF’s phase correction or DSP but you really need to hear it to believe it, I love it. Also just to add, the LSX alone already sounded great but paired up with the SVS sub and I started to semi regret not getting this combo for my gym instead of the R7 and saving a ton of money (but not really cuz I also love my R7’s a lot).

If you were interested in the LSX speakers previously but thought they were too expensive, check them out now. They don’t have many in stock right now and I think I got the last boxed white pair but worst case you could pick up a display model. Also, the Xcite website says they’re all out of stock but they aren’t really, my white ones were out of stock online but they still had stock in-store in addition to the display models. Just make sure you go to the large Xcite on the 4th Ring Road in Al-Rai or the Avenues location next to IKEA since these are the only two locations that carry them.

Update: 6 months later I have to say, my LSX 50 paired up with the SVS SB-2000 is such a great combo and can easily hold its own versus my much more expensive KEF R7 speakers. When it comes to bass, there is no competition, the LSX SVS combo beats the R7 easily so if you’re into electronic music, this is the setup to have.

Apple Fitness Sports

I Love Apple Fitness+

Since the gyms are closed I figured I’d post about Apple Fitness+ and how much I like it. Last month I decided I’d get back into yoga, I used to do it frequently a few years ago and then just stopped and never got back into it. Last year I tried doing yoga while watching a YouTube video and didn’t like the experience, but in September Apple released Fitness+ so I decided to try it out and see if it was any better. To use it you need to have an Apple Watch set up on your phone, I didn’t have an Apple Watch but I had borrowed one from a friend last year to try it out and I guess my phone still thought I had it. I couldn’t get Fitness+ working on Apple TV or my iPad but it was fine on my phone which was ok for now since I could stream from it to my TV. I decided to try a yoga exercise and to my surprise, my experience was great!

I started doing yoga with an instructor called Dustin and I just clicked with his style right away. I liked his pace, I liked his soothing voice and very chill demeanor and I’ve now started doing yoga with him practically on a daily basis. Apple Fitness+ is basically the same thing as watching an exercise video on YouTube except for the fact that it’s organized really well in the app and if you have an Apple Watch, the app connects your heart rate monitor to Fitness+ and you get a data exchange between the two (you can see your data on the TV as well). I really didn’t care for the Apple Watch, not really a fan of it nor do I like collecting data while working out since I tend to become data-obsessed and it ruins things for me (it why I stopped rowing for cardio and why I had stopped riding my bike for a long time). But I really am enjoying Fitness+ a lot. It’s become my go-to now after finishing up my weight lifting at home.

I mentioned at the start how Fitness+ was somehow working for me on my phone because at one point I had an Apple Watch set up on it? Well, that didn’t last long and it started giving me errors and not letting me stream onto my TV. I didn’t want to stop using Fitness+ so I decided to buy an Apple Watch so I could set up Fitness+ properly. Fitness+ requires an Apple Watch Series 3 or above to work so I looked around for a cheap second hand Apple Watch or a cheap brand new one since all I needed it for was Fitness+. In the end, I found out that Xcite in Jleeb had a Series 3 Apple Watch in stock, size 38mm, and selling for KD64.5 with a free additional strap. This was the cheapest new Apple Watch I could find so I ended up picking that up and setting it up with my phone. Now Fitness+ works on all my devices including Apple TV and my iPad. I also picked up a couple of Manduka yoga blocks from Ananda since I’m currently as flexible as a concrete brick.

Fitness+ has a bunch of workouts you can pick from other than yoga including Hiit, core, strength, treadmill, cycling, rowing, dance, and mindful cooldown. You need an Apple Watch to be able to set up Fitness+ the first time but after that, you don’t really need to wear the watch unless you want to know how many calories or monitor other data. In addition to an Apple Watch, Fitness+ costs $9.99 a month but it came included for me with my Apple One premier plan. Yes, you can use YouTube but I tend to like services focused on one thing and Fitness+ makes finding a workout, bookmarking and following a specific trainer all very easy. Plus if you want to track your heart rate and calorie count then the combination of the Apple Watch and Fitness+ works great and you can also get various notifications on your watch like when you’re past the halfway point of the workout or when you’ve achieved a new record.

Since gyms are closed, Fitness+ could be a great alternative especially if you already have an iOS device and an Apple Watch. They have a free trial period so you don’t need to commit to a membership unless you think you’d use the service.


New Curfew Phase Information Just Announced

Around 30 minutes ago there was a conference where they announced the next steps to opening up after the lockdown. For those of you who can’t read Arabic, I’ve tried my best to summarize things until the official English text is published. There might be mistakes below, nbut it should be helpful until the official English comes out.

Basically what the government has done is gamified things, which I like. Imagine the lockdown we just completed as Level 0, we did it for 3 weeks and we passed. Now we move to Level 1 where we get more privileges and a partial curfew. In three weeks we will be evaluated, if we do well we move to Level 2, if we do bad we go back to Level 0 and start all over again. The better we do the more stuff we get. Here is how they’ve divided things to the best of my ability to translate:

Level 0 – Full Lockdown
What we just completed.

Level 1 – Free from 6AM to 6PM
We get mosques, restaurants (delivery and drive-thru), courier and delivery services, laundromats, fuel stations, private clinics, garages, car washes and car dealerships.

Level 2 – Free from 6AM to 9PM
We get banks, malls (10AM to 6PM), 30% of government and private sector, retail stores, restaurants takeaway, parks.

Level 3 – No curfew
We get 50% of the government and private sector back to work, hotels and resorts, Taxis with 1 passenger, Friday prayer at mosques.

Level 4 – No curfew
We get more than 50% of the government and private sector back to work, dine in at restaurants with social distancing, public transportation with social distancing.

Level 5 – No curfew
We get diwaniyas, social gatherings, weddings, events, gyms, conferences, hairdressers, spas, sports and cinemas.

In addition, I read that Farwaniya, Hawalli, and Khaitan will remain in lockdown. But, there is a bit of lack in clarity because I’ve heard it’s just some blocks that will be locked down, and I’ve heard that whole areas will be locked down.

Once an official English version of the above comes out I’ll update the post. If you read Arabic here is the PDF they presented during the conference.

Update: According to Kuna, Level 1 starts on Saturday

Update2: Arabic Kuna seems to contradict English Kuna. Arabic Kuna says Level 1 starts Sunday (31), English says Saturday (30). Great…

Update3: Ignore the KUNA links, according to @CGCKuwait, it’s starting on May 31st. Here is their official graphic in English with more details on what’s included under Level 1. Link

Update4: I updated the post to make it clear the hours I’ve listed are when we’re are free to go out and not the hours we have to be stuck at home.