Whats going on at the PAWS animal shelter?

Post by Mark


The last time I heard of PAWS was when John of K’S PATH posted about the cruelty investigation that took place there but now it seems an employee of PAWS has taken over the Facebook page and is calling out for help. The message above (plus a few others) were posted a couple of days back on the PAWS page and since then I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me to post about it. The chairperson herself has been denying all the claims and has been asking people to visit the shelter to see for themselves. Whatever happens I just hope the sheltered animals come out of this ok. Check out all the messages on the PAWS Facebook page [Here]

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Inside a Pigeon Auction in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I mean I might be able to understand how a pigeon can sell for KD45,000 but what I can’t understand is why the venue in such poor shape. If I was throwing that much money around I’d expect a 5-star venue and I’d also probably store the pigeon in something fancier than a cardboard box. [YouTube]


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Lion kills Filipina housekeeper

Post by Mark

I was just catching up on the news and found out about this sad incident. Not sure what more has to happen for the authorities to start cracking down on people keeping dangerous wildlife as pets.

A Filipino domestic helper died in Kuwait days after she was attacked by her employer’s pet lion, a report on “24 Oras” said Thursday.

The report said Lourdes Abejuela was brought to a hospital after she was attacked by the lion, which escaped from its cage, but she was immediately discharged.

Quoting Abejuela’s friend, the report said the domestic helper, who had been working with the same employer for years, experienced headaches days after the discharge.

This reportedly prompted Abejuela’s employer to bring her back to the hospital, where she died Wednesday.

The report said investigation is ongoing to determine the Filipino woman’s cause of death.


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Hyena on the 6th Ring Road

Post by Mark


Yesterday a photo of a hyena walking down the 6th Ring Road near 360 Mall went viral. The hyena had escaped from the home of the owner and was wandering around scared before ending up near the 6th Ring Road.


The Kuwait Zoo and the Ministry of Interior sent a team to search and capture the animal which they ended up doing. The hyena is now at the Kuwait Zoo being taken care of.

via @ayman361

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PAWS Cruelty Investigation

Post by John Peaveler

PAWS Cruelty Investigation from john peaveler on Vimeo.

For the past year we have been receiving increasingly alarming reports on the welfare of animals in the Protecting Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) shelter. In the last two weeks, the reports have reached such urgency and frequency that we felt the time had come for us to take action in the interests of the nearly two hundred animals in that facility. We have thoroughly investigated this matter and are prepared to say, without a single doubt, that PAWS has fundamentally failed to meet the needs of the animals in their care in every possible way. Furthermore, PAWS can no longer be said to exist as an organization. Their shelter is now no more than an animal hoarding operation and an unequivocal case of animal cruelty.


The circumstances there are unacceptable. As a government society charged with the welfare of animals in Kuwait, it is our duty to stop this cruelty from happening. The animals in the PAWS shelter deserve better. K’S PATH has offered to take these animals and care for them, but PAWS has refused. The chairperson of PAWS refuses to admit that there is any problem at the shelter, but the time has come for this terrible situation to be made public. We ask you to view the video and decide for yourself.

If you would like to be involved in saving the animals of PAWS from their cruel circumstances, please email info@kspath.org and tell us how you can help. We do not want to overwhelm our phone line.

It will take the entire animal loving community of Kuwait to put an end to the cruelty of PAWS. Thank you for your support.

Post by John Peaveler
Managing Director
Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat (K’S PATH)

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Sign up your dog to Bark in the Park

Post by Mark


K’s PATH are organizing their fourth Bark in the Park event which includes the popular dog show competition and which will be held the beautiful Ahmadi South Public Park.

Date: Saturday 8th November 2014
Location: KOC Ahmadi, South Public Park
Time: 11:00AM to 3:00PM

1. Best Child Handler
2. Best Dressed
3. Best Look Alike
4. Agility Course
5. Best Mixed Breed
6. Best Rescue Story
7. Temptation Alley
8. Most Adorable

Advanced Registration Required:
Adults KD5, Children under 16 KD3, Children under 3 years – free entry
Participating dogs KD6, Non-participating dogs KD3

– Registration closes Thursday, November 6th

Register by clicking [Here]
The online form also guides you to calculate entry fees, which can be paid at the door on the day of the event.

For more information on the event and the original flyer click [Here]

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Emu roaming the streets

Post by Mark

So random. [YouTube]


Thanks Fajer

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Lion Found Near the 7th Ring Road

Post by Mark

Supposedly the video was taken earlier tonight but I can’t confirm it. [YouTube]

Thanks Anes


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Hunting Ducks with a Slingshot in Hyde Park

Post by Mark


According to @KuwaiT_ALYoum, British authorities are looking for a Kuwaiti teenager who was filmed hunting ducks with a slingshot in Hyde Park. I couldn’t find another source for this information but I did find the video that went viral and you can watch it below (its safe).


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Who wants to be a volunteer?

Post by Mark


K’S PATH, the local non-profit animal welfare and environmental protection organization are looking for new volunteers. If you’re interested, they have an orientation taking place this Saturday and to sign up just send an email to volunteers@kspath.org

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